13 Memorial Wedding Gifts to Honor a Loved One They've Lost

Honor those who won't be in attendance with one of these wedding remembrance gifts for a bride, groom or couple.
Memorial Wedding Gifts to Honor a Loved One
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Updated Apr 12, 2024
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Losing a loved one is always difficult, but that's even more the case if their passing occurs in the weeks or months before you walk down the aisle. As you wed, you want to be surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones. So when someone's missing, it's only natural to want to pay tribute to them on your big day.

Whether you're planning a wedding or looking to give a soon-to-be wed person a gift that serves as a tribute, it's appropriate to look for memorial wedding gift ideas. These are items that can be worn, used or displayed that serve to honor a deceased loved one on a wedding day.

In this article, we've rounded up 13 wedding remembrance gifts you can buy for yourself, your partner or a to-be-wed couple. These memorial ideas for a wedding are sure to bring happy tears and warm hearts as they conjure precious memories of those who won't be in attendance as vows are exchanged.

Where to Buy Memorial Wedding Gifts

Sometimes, the best ideas for memorial gifts occur when you're not even looking for them. You'll simply be browsing (online or in person!) and you'll come across something that really speaks to your heart. And that's great! That said, we did find a few retailers that always deliver when it comes to finding the best memorial wedding gifts.

  • Etsy: A great source for thoughtful gifts of all kinds, Etsy is a go-to for handmade memorial gifts. So if you're hoping to have your gift personalized or customized in any way, start here. We found several shops that allow you to send in a photo or a fabric sample to have a special memorial gift made.
  • Amazon: A one-stop shop for wedding decor, Amazon delivers when it comes to memorial wedding gifts as well. We found lots of items specifically designed for honoring a lost loved one at a wedding.
  • Things Remembered: This retailer offers a variety of personalized wedding gifts, including many meant to memorialize loved ones.

    Thoughtful Memorial Wedding Gift Ideas

    Whether you're looking to buy a wedding gift for a bride with a deceased mother or father, or a memorial gift for a groom on his wedding day, we've got what you need here in our round up of the best memorial wedding gifts.

    Flower Memorial Cufflinks

    Flower memorial cufflinks
    Photo: MyMemoriesInBloom

    Many times, people will save flowers that have been used as part of a funeral, pressing them or drying them in order to preserve precious memories of the day. If you have access to dried flowers, this Etsy site will incorporate them into a pair of cufflinks that can pair with a suit or tuxedo on your wedding day. Send in your flowers and this artisan will carefully craft a beautiful set of oval or circular cufflinks with your choice of base color, surrounded by a delicate band of silver around the edge. They're a beautiful memorial wedding gift for a groom to wear.

    Shirt Memory Necklace

    Four necklaces made with fabric pieces
    Photo: TreeTownPaper

    If your recently passed loved one had a favorite shirt they wore all the time, chances are you think of them each time you see it. As your wedding day approaches, you can preserve a tiny piece of their special shirt in a necklace. This way, you can keep them close to your heart on your big day. Etsy shop TreeTownPaper will use a tiny fabric sample you send and craft it into a beautiful necklace in your choice of 5 metal finishes.

    Memorial Glass Candle Holder

    Glass candle holder with writing
    Photo: BlessedBirdyBoutique

    This beautiful 4x8-inch glass candle holder is a beautiful way to memorialize a recently deceased loved one. It's a perfect memorial gift for a wedding, or something a couple can choose to purchase and display on their big day. Many couples who wed in a church or religious building will opt to have candles on the altar (like a unity candle), and this one would make a great addition there. Or, place it near your guest book or gift table so guests are sure to see this sweet gesture.

    Memorial Lapel Pin

    Memorial pin with a picture of a loved one
    Photo: Amazon

    Looking for a memorial gift for a groom on his wedding day? We love this custom lapel pin, which proudly displays a photo of a loved one who's recently passed. Resize a photo of the groom's loved one with the included, easy-to-use software, then pop a photo into this pin for a wonderful way to pay homage on his big day.

    Handkerchief With Inscription

    Handkerchief with embroidery writing
    Photo: llemio

    "Of all the walks we've taken together, this one is my favorite." These words take on new meaning if your dad has passed recently and you're able to walk down the aisle. Originally meant as a gift to give your dad before your big walk down the aisle, this inscribed handkerchief can just as easily be an ode to the walk he will tragically miss. It's a wonderful addition to your wedding day attire—even checking the something blue box with its inscription - if you're looking for a way to honor your dad on your big day.

    Bouquet Charm

    Bouquet charm with picture of loved one and engraved writing
    Photo: Amazon

    Barely visible but steeped in meaning, this pretty silver bridal bouquet charm is a perfect wedding gift for a bride with a deceased mother or father. A tiny frame holds a photo of her loved one, and a blue bead means she can use this as her something blue as she walks down the aisle with her loved one's memory clasped in her hands.

    Memorial Table Sign

    Engraved candle holder sign
    Photo: Amazon

    If you're looking for wedding remembrance gifts to honor a recently deceased loved one at a wedding, this 8x22-inch sign is the perfect way to do it. A beautiful poem pays homage to the person who has passed, set against a rustic wooden background. Place it anywhere you feel is appropriate, perhaps surrounded by candles, flowers or greenery.

    Keepsake Photo Pin

    Metal photo pin with angel charm
    Photo: Amazon

    This pretty pin is a beautiful homage to a very special loved one who's passed in the days, weeks or months leading up to your wedding. Featuring a tiny, oval-shaped photo of your loved one surrounded by shimmering rhinestones, this pin includes a silver angel suspended from the bottom, and a functional safety pin closure. We love the idea of pinning this to your slip on your big day as a private way to honor your loved one.

    Backlit Candle Memorial Sign

    Backlit candle sign with writing
    Photo: Amazon

    This memorial sign is the perfect memorial wedding gift for a religious ceremony. With a saying that makes it clear your loved ones are looking down on you from heaven, this set features a wooden base with a circular acrylic sign. A lit candle shines beautifully from behind, giving it an ethereal look.

    Blue Rose Petals

    Single blue rose petals
    Photo: RosePetalsEverywhere

    Sometimes the best way to honor a loved one is to cleverly incorporate a particular item that gives a subtle nod to their passing. Take these blue freeze dried rose petals, for instance. If you'll have flower girls tossing petals as they walk down the aisle, consider incorporating a splash of blue petals into their arrangement of petals as an homage to how "blue" you're feeling over the loss of your loved one. Add a small note in your wedding program to let guests in on this special tribute

    Memorial Lantern

    Black and white memorial lantern with writing on the glass
    Photo: EvermoreMemorial

    One of our favorite memorial wedding gifts, this beautiful lantern is a piece of minimalist wedding decor they're sure to cherish for years. Featuring a rustic wooden body and a black metal top, this lantern has a glass front that displays a sweet homage to a loved one who's passed. Customize it with their name and years of life for a wedding remembrance gift that will bring happy tears to their eyes.

    Personalized Bracelet

    Engraved silver bracelet
    Photo: IdealCreationsStore

    This sterling silver bracelet makes a wonderful personalized wedding gift for a bride with a deceased parent. The inside of the bracelet is inscribed with the saying, "I will carry you with me until I see you again," while the outside is customizable with a name and a shape of your choice. Choose from a smooth or hammered finish.

    Photo Projection Bracelet

    Silver chain bracelet with a small photo projection bead
    Photo: AhmadCraftsCo

    If it's the groom who's recently lost someone close to him, a photo projection bracelet makes a great groom memorial wedding gift. While these popular bracelets can be used for lots of different events, or just for fun, we love the idea of using it to honor a deceased loved one. Submit a photo of his loved one to have it set into the centerpiece of this unique bracelet. It will then project a photo of his loved one, for a subtle way of paying homage on his wedding day. Choose from four different metal finishes for a distinguished look.

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