Simple (Yet Beautiful) Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Your tabletops don’t need to be over the top to look lovely and feel special.
by Maggie Seaver
simple single-stem centerpieces ideas colorful

Over-the-top centerpieces (like sky-high arrangements, hanging florals and towering chandeliers) are fun to look at, but they’re not for everyone. If you’d define your taste for tabletops as effortless and understated, this is the roundup of simple centerpiece ideas you’ve been waiting for. By the way, simple doesn’t need to mean boring or one dimensional—and everyone has a different style and interpretation of “simple.” Consider compact bouquets, scattered votive candles, driftwood branches, single-stem vases or even balloons (really!). Below, some of our favorite simple centerpiece ideas.

  1. Bouquets and Balloons​​

  2. Gorgeous Greens

  3. Simple Stacks

  4. Festive Fruit

  5. Geometric Glass

  6. Framed Phrases

  7. Matte Mason Jars

    painted mason jar vases gold
  8. Rustic Runners

  9. Lantern Light

  10. Trim Tapers

    dark taper candles wedding centerpiece
  11. Botanical Bottles

    wildflowers in bottles centerpieces vintage
  12. Neat and Nautical

  13. Punchy Patterns

  14. Woodland Whimsy

  15. Maybe big and bold is more your style—check out the most insane wedding flower ideas​ we've ever seen.

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