The 70 Best Wedding Bouquet Ideas of All Time

Go ahead and swoon, these are the very best wedding bouquet ideas ever.
Couple holding bouquet and sharing kiss
Gabriel Conover
Floral Design: Cultivated By Faith
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
Hannah Nowack
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
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Updated Jul 22, 2021

Gathering floral design inspiration is one of the most fun wedding tasks out there. It's hard to peel yourself away from scrolling through bouquet after bouquet packed with lush garden roses and peonies or eclectic bunches of pampas grass and protea. We're not here to judge if you find yourself peeking at dreamy wedding bouquet inspiration at lunch, while walking down the street and even as you're waiting for the elevator. In fact, we're here to say "go for it!" We've rounded up the very best of the best wedding bouquet ideas so that all the flower inspiration you could need is in one convenient place: right here. Go ahead: Drool over these awe-inspiring wedding bouquets.

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Wedding Bouquet Top Tips

Decide on Your Overall Wedding Vision First

Alyssa Abshier and Victoria Nadler, co-founders of Amber Sol Collective, encourage to-be-weds to "figure out what the overall style of your wedding is before you discuss your flowers. With so many varying styles of flowers and flower arranging, the aesthetic of your blooms can and will help dictate the style of your whole day. If you're the chic and minimal type of to-be-wed, you may be looking for tighter arrangements with more traditional colors. Whereas if you're the whimsical and free-spirited to-be-wed, you may be looking for wispier, more organic types of flowers."

Keep Scale in Mind

Bron Hansboro, the owner of The Flower Guy Bron, stresses the importance of "considering your height if you're opting for a cascading bouquet with an overgrown look. The arrangement should be a statement piece, not something you're hiding behind!"

Complement the Wedding-Day Attire

CeCe Todd, the owner of CeCe Designs, says that the first thing she does with clients is to inquire about their fashion. "If you have a ton of beadwork or a very elaborate bodice, I want to try to make you a simpler bouquet. On the other hand, if you have a very simple dress, I want to try to make your bouquet a little bit more extravagant to stand out against it."

Soft-and-Romantic Wedding Bouquets

There's something so calming about looking at a pastel- or neutral-hued arrangement of lush roses, lisianthus and ranunculus. Soft-and-romantic wedding bouquets are both totally of-the-moment, yet equally timeless, meaning you can't go wrong with a dreamy, elegant flower arrangement for your big day.

1. Coral Charm Peony Bouquet

Trailing vines of spirea added fullness to this bouquet of vibrant pink Coral Charm peonies.

2. Petite White Anemone Bouquet

The eye-catching black centers of these anemone blooms added dramatic contrast to this gorgeous bouquet.

3. Peony and Cosmo Bouquet

This romantic bouquet would be perfect for a spring wedding.

4. Anemone, Peony and Rose Bouquet

Dried silver brunia berries added a fun wintry touch to this bouquet, perfect for a winter wedding.

5. Snowflake Flower, Garden Rose and Butterfly Ranunculus Bouquet

The peach hues of this gorgeous bouquet popped again the bride's white wedding dress.

6. White Wedding Bouquet With Olive Leaves

While eucalyptus is commonly used as filler foliage, this floral designer went a unique route and chose stunning olive branches to complement the white roses in the arrangement.

7. Pink-and-White Rose Bouquet

An assortment of wildflower-inspired filler accented the soft roses in this romantic wedding bouquet for a summer wedding.

8. Ranunculus, Rose and Scabiosa Bouquet

Dried ferns and olive leaves added a boho feel to this otherwise romantic bouquet, which fit the couple's desert wedding locale perfectly.

9. Peach-Hued Orchid and Rose Bouquet

Peachy dendrobium orchids were the star of this bridal bouquet.

10. Hyacinth, Ranunculus, Rose and Sweet Pea Bouquet

For this fall wedding bouquet, the floral designer used an assortment of flowers in a tawny colorway.

11. Fringe Tulip, Peony and Rose Bouquet

Bride holding romantic blush bouquet
Amanda Watson Photography
Twisted Willow Weddings

Ruscus and eucalyptus completed this soft bouquet filled for a spring wedding.

12. White Bouquet With Lisianthus and Rose

Pro tip: If you're having a hard time differentiating lisianthus from rose, look at the stamen. Lisianthus blooms have tell-tale green middles.

13. Purple Bouquet With Lilac and Sweet Pea

bride holding lilac bouquet
Luna de Mare Photography
Floral Design: Chloe Mint

To complement the purple flowers in this gorgeous wedding bouquet, the floral designer added in a few stems of ranunculus and rose.

Dark-and-Moody Wedding Bouquets

From the rise in popularity of Dark-Academia-themed weddings to the continued prominence of dramatic wedding photography that features heavy post-production filtering, it's clear that to-be-weds are only growing in their obsession with dark-and-moody wedding trends. To bring a dramatic wedding aesthetic into your flower bouquet, consider including amaranthus, cosmos or scabiosa in the design.

14. Burgundy Bouquet With Amaranthus, Astilbe, Peony and Scabiosa

Trailing tendrils of burgundy amaranthus added eye-catching texture to this fall wedding bouquet.

15. Berry Bouquet With Fringe Tulip, Scabiosa and Sweet Pea

Bouquet with berries
Tailor James

Fringe tulips, named for the textured edge their petals bear, are a fun way to upgrade the classic plant.

16. Bouquet With Amaranthus, Peony, Protea and Thistle

Bride holding cascading burgundy bouquet
Love and Covenant Photography
Floral Design: Flowers by Lesley

Blue thistles complemented the wine-hued peony blooms and strands of amaranthus in this large arrangement.

17. Dramatic Bouquet With Burgundy Peony and Protea

This monochromatic burgundy bouquet is all about drama, and we're here for it.

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18. Burgundy Bouquet With Eucalyptus Accents

The movement that springs of eucalyptus created in this bouquet filled with burgundy peonies would've looked beautiful as a reception table centerpiece as well. Pro tip: Talk with your florist about ways to potentially repurpose your bouquet or even bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces at the reception to help stretch your floral budget.

Modern-and-Eclectic Wedding Bouquets

Tying the knot at a retro resort in Palm Springs or atop an urban rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline? Then a modern and eclectic look will complement your sleek wedding theme perfectly. Not only does flower variety matter with modern bouquets, though we suggest you look into anthurium, Icelandic poppies and protea, shape is über important here too. Think outside the box and have your florist create an angular clutch instead of a classic round arrangement. For the really bold to-be-wed, think about carrying a hoop bouquet, garland bouquet or even a potted plant.

19. Chrysanthemum, Dahlia and Rose Bouquet

Bride holding pink-and-red bouquet
Gabriel Conover
Floral Design: Cultivated by Faith

Talk about stunning. We can't imagine any to-be-wed that wouldn't want a clutch like this at their own wedding.

20. Bouquet With Peony, Protea, Ranunculus and Zinnia

bride holding bright protea bouquet
Sera Petras Photography
Floral Design: The Arrangement Company

The vibrancy of this bouquet would be perfect for a tropical summer wedding.

21. Anthurium and Veronica Bouquet With Blue Rose Accents

To add a modern feel to this design, the bride (who was also the floral designer) included dyed blue roses.

22. Orange Bouquet With Blue Fern Accents

Orange bouquet with blue accents
You Look Lovely
Floral Design: Best Day Ever Floral

Dyed blue ferns added contrast to this otherwise monochromatic orange design which included anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Icelandic poppy, ranunculus and rose.

23. Hoop Bouquet With Larkspur

Instead of traditional bouquets, this to-be-wed had her floral designer craft hoop arrangements as bridesmaid bouquets.

Colorful Wedding Bouquets

Color lovers are in luck, there's no shortage of eye-catching hues when it comes to the world of wedding flowers. Before settling on varieties to use in your floral arrangements, make sure you've honed in on a wedding color palette that will guide the design of your wedding. From there, you can start to research flower varieties that will work with your of-the-moment color scheme. If you're drawn to oranges and yellows, consider utilizing craspedia, goldenrod, Icelandic poppies, ranunculus and zinnias. For those that gravitate toward reds and pinks, ask your floral designer to include varieties like anemones, astilbe, bougainvillea, carnations, Coral Charm peonies, cosmos and garden roses. And if you're a to-be-wed that absolutely loves blues and purples, think about including some of the following fresh flowers: astilbe, clematis, delphinium, hyacinth, hydrangea, lilac, lupine, muscari, larkspur, tweedia and veronica.

24. Fall Wedding Bouquet With Rose and Sweet Pea

Peach-hued bouquet with yellow ribbon
Catherine Ann Photography
Floral Design: Margaret Kelly Weddings

Keeping seasonality in mind when selecting colorways for your bouquet is a great way to ensure the design feels connected to your celebration instead of looking out of place.

25. Purple Dahlia-Centric Bouquet

Dahlias were the star of the show here, but clematis and larkspur added to the stunning design.

26. Pink Rose and Zinnia Bouquet

For couples planning a DIY wedding, zinnias are a great flower since the wildflower is hearty and grows prolifically almost anywhere.

27. Red-and-White Bouquet With Rose and Scabiosa

Red-and-white bouquet
Lauren Galloway Photography
Floral Design: Kaleidescope

This clutch included both white and burgundy varieties of scabiosa.

28. Orange Bouquet With Peony and Ranunculus

This peachy-hued arrangement is perfect for a lakeside summer wedding.

29. Bougainvillea, Nerine and Protea Bouquet

We're simply swooning over all the texture and color in this vibrant pink bouquet.

30. Red Bridal Bouquet Duo

While these two dahlia clutches weren't exact replicas, the mostly-red designs paired beautifully together.

31. Colorful Lilac, Peony and Rose Bouquet

red-and-yellow wedding bouquet
Kaity Brawley Photography
Floral Design: Kaleidescope

If you're drawn to multiple colors then don't limit yourself to just one colorway. Have some fun with a prismatic design like this one.

32. Colorful Bouquet With Oranges and Vines

Bouquets don't have to be totally floral, this design included petite oranges.

33. Bouquet With Varied Shades of Pink

While this entire bouquet was pink, the floral designer had some fun playing with various shades when selecting the floral varieties, which included cosmo, ranunculus, rose and scabiosa.

34. Pink Bouquet Packed With Garden Roses

pink rose wedding bouquet
Dana Fernandez Photography
Floral Design: Flower Vibes

A few anemone and peony blooms snuck into this design, however, the main botanical was rose.

35. Purple Anemone, Dahlia and Orchid Bouquet

purple orchid bouquet
Kelly Hornberger Photography
Floral Design: Carolyn's Flowers

Anemones are a great bouquet flower because they come in multiple colorways, such as white and purple which are both seen here.

Boho Wedding Bouquets

Bohemian weddings are all about texture. In terms of wedding decor that can look like leather, macrame and rattan. But, when it comes to boho wedding flower ideas, foliage–especially pampas grass and dried palm leaves or ferns—are your friend. Layer in wildflower-like blooms such as baby's breath, hellebore, tweedia and waxflower for a fresh-from-the-field vibe.

36. Clematis, Dahlia, and Thistle Bouquet

There's so much to love about this lush, jewel-tone bouquet, we can't decide what element is out favorite.

37. Rust-and-White Rose Bouquet

For a rustic fall wedding, consider selecting blooms in shades of burnt orange or rust.

38. Dahlia, Pampas Grass and Protea Bouquet

Pampas grass added a bohemian feel to this bouquet filled with orange dahlia blooms.

39. Rose Bouquet With Fall Leaves

Both green and brown leaves added depth to this rose arrangement.

40. White Rose Bouquet With Brown Foliage

Bride wearing cape and holding bouquet
Monika Gauthier Photography
Daughters Flower Shop

To soften the starkness of white roses for this fall wedding, the floral designer layered in foliage in a warm chocolate hue.

41. Boho Anthurium, Orchid and Pampas Grass Bouquet

Since orchid and anthurium blooms are fairly small, pampas grass added great movement to this look.

42. All-White Bouquet

Bride holding white bouquet
Sposto Photography
Floral Design: Layered Vintage

White orchid, pampas grass, ranunculus and rose were all included in this monochromatic wedding bouquet.

Rustic Wedding Bouquets

Rustic weddings center around bucolic locations (think a mountain ranch) and woodsy, country-inspired wedding decorations. For your floral arrangements, blend fresh-cut flowers with ample greenery (think: dusty Miller and succulents) and wildflowers like thistle or Queen Anne's lace. While not a must, many couples planning rustic-themed weddings will layer in twine and wood to the decor to add warmth.

43. Tightly Packed Pink Bouquet

While loose and flowy bouquets are rising in popularity, we'll always have a soft spot for more tightly packed bouquets.

44. Bouquet With Yellow Ranunculus

Bride holding yellow wildflower-inspired bouquet
Sloane Photo
Floral Design: Flower Power Productions

This rustic arrangement had a just-picked-from-the-field vibe.

45. Dahlia Bouquet With Rustic Maple Leaves

Normally foliage takes a back seat to fresh-cut flowers in a bouquet, but not in this design. We love how stunning and prominent the maple leaves are.

46. White Bouquet With Stock

Stock added height to this classic ranunculus and rose wedding bouquet.

47. Peach-Hued Wildflower Bouquet

White butterfly ranunculus blooms and sprigs of dried ruscus were among the ingredients in this design.

48. Fall Wedding Bouquet With White Ranunculus

The contrast between crisp white and deep burgundy seen in this clutch is stunning.

49. Rustic Wedding Bouquet With Astrantia and Bunny's Tail

For rustic weddings, bunny's tail, the plump white grass that resembles a rabbit's tail, is a great addition to the floral design plans.

50. Cascading Bouquet With Autumnal Color Palette

Reds, browns and purples worked together seamlessly in this design for a mountaintop wedding in Colorado.

51. Brown Bouquet With Touches of Delphinium

While this clutch predominantly featured brown flowers (rose and protea are both seen here), subtle hints of blue delphinium added softness and contrast.

Classic Wedding Bouquets

There's a reason certain wedding color palettes and flower combinations are classics—these timeless, tried-and-true looks feel refined and simply never go out of style. Three flower varieties that top the list for classic blooms: roses, peonies and dahlias. You can't go wrong with a clutch made of white roses and soft pink peonies accented by eucalyptus. Ultimately, both white-and-green and white-and-pink bouquets aren't going to go out of style anytime soon. Other classic fresh-cut flowers include: anemone, freesia (though Miranda Priestly may beg to differ), gardenia, lisianthus and ranunculus.

52. White-and-Green Bouquet With Rose and Sweet Pea

The combination of green and white is an absolute classic that will never go out of style.

53. Rustic All-White Bouquet

Bride holding white bouquet
Feather & Twine Photography
Floral Design: Color Theory Collective

If you're looking for a white flower but want to achieve a wildflower-like vibe, consider spirea, heath rice flower or waxflower.

54. Coral Charm Peony and Fringe Tulip Bouquet

We're obsessed with the subtle texture that fringe tulips bring to an arrangement.

55. Eucalyptus and Garden Rose Bouquet

What's not to love about garden roses? Their ample petal structure is simply divine.

56. Classic Bouquet With Chamomile

Not only does chamomile make great tea, but the plant's delicate yellow-centered blooms also add a whimsical touch to bouquets.

Cascading Wedding Bouquets

Cascading bouquets are not only super elegant, but they also have the added benefit of hiding the stems of the bouquet so the flowers can take center stage. There are certain botanicals that lend themselves well to cascading bouquets: Calla lilies, Dendrobium orchid, delphinium, muscari, sweet pea and tulips, for example. Foliage and vines are another key consideration with cascading bouquets as they can help add shape to the arrangement.

57. Cosmo, Rose and Poppy Bouquet

The white cosmo bloom seen here that looks almost like its petals have fan folds is called a "Cupcakes White" cosmo bipinnatus.

58. Muscari, Peony, Scabiosa and Sweet Pea Bouquet

The petite bell-shaped blooms of muscari make it a great candidate for lush cascading bouquets.

59. Anemone and Fern Bouquet

Ferns and other pieces of trailing greenery gave this bouquet its cascading look.

60. Rose and Sweet Pea Bouquet

Rose and sweet pea bouquet
Perpixel Photography
Floral Design: Flowers by Yoori

Apricot-hued sweet peas took this bouquet from beautiful to absolutely stunning.

61. Tropical Orchid Bouquet

Because of the long stems that orchids have, they're a great candidate for inclusion in cascading bouquets.

62. Rustic Bouquet With Larkspur

Blue larkspur and green vines worked harmoniously in this design.

63. Cascading Orchid and Rose Bouquet

This bouquet didn't include a single piece of greenery and we're not mad about that decision, the glam look is breathtaking.

Bouquets With Lots of Greenery

As beautiful as all-floral bouquets are, the reality is that fresh-cut flowers are pricey. Adding in ample greenery to your designs is a great way to stretch the budget without sacrificing style. Consider adding in dusty miller, eucalyptus, Ruscus or smilax.

64. Dahlia Bouquet With Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

When it comes to eucalyptus, there are a lot of varieties to be aware of. While silver dollar eucalyptus was used here, baby blue, seeded and willow are also popular varieties.

65. Dahlia and Rose Bouquet With Various Greenery

Seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus and smilax were all used here.

66. Lisianthus and Rose Bouquet With Greenery

Trailing loose greenery brought a garden-inspired feel to this romantic clutch.

67. Boho Bouquet With Olive Branch and Smilax

In addition to sprigs of olive and smilax, astilbe and baby's breath were used here as filler to add to the design's bohemian aesthetic.

68. Peach Garden Rose Bouquet With Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded eucalyptus completed this arrangement which predominantly included peach-hued garden roses.

69. Ranunculus Bouquet With Baby Blue Eucalyptus

The strong stem structure of baby blue eucalyptus is a great way to add volume to a wedding bouquet.

70. Garden Rose and Peony Bouquet With Smilax

The waxy look of smilax leaves gives them a vibrant green color that makes any arrangement feel fresh.

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