10 Ideas to Steal From the Royal Wedding

From the bouquet to the dress, the best details from the royal wedding.
by Anne Roderique-Jones
  1. 1. The Modernized Vows

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    Kate chose not to use the word "obey" in her own wedding vows, but she did promise to love, comfort, honor, and keep her husband...you might know who he is. So while they did keep it pretty traditional, we applaud them for taking a more personalized approach. It's a move that any engaged couple can take a cue from.

  2. 2. The Wedding Website

    officialroyalwedding2011.org / The Knot

    Kate and William kept everyone up-to-date with their wedding website (Official
    ). The website featured everything from their wedding day timeline to photos of a young Kate and even a live Twitter feed. The ultra-modern royal couple scored bonus points for streaming their nuptials on YouTube -- also a great idea for any couple throwing a destination wedding.

  3. 3. The "Something Blue"

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    Jewelry like Kate's 18-carat sapphire ring is the perfect "something blue." Even if you don't opt for a colored gemstone on your wedding day, don't rule out rocking a gorgeous pair of blue chandelier earrings. (Kate also had a blue ribbon sewn into the inside of her wedding dress to count as her official "something blue.")

  4. 4. The Updated Traditions

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    William opted for military attire but wore the scarlet tunic of the Irish Guards instead of his blue RAF uniform. The couple shared the obligatory kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of millions, but much to the surprise (and delight) of the crowd, they managed to sneak in a second smooch. And the guest list? They opted to leave off the Obamas and a few state officials, but included the Beckhams and Elton John. Honoring tradition doesn't mean that you can't give it your own twist.

  5. 5. The Ultimate Weather Plan

    Lindsay Flanagan Photography / The Knot

    Even Kate and Wills know that you can't control the weather. In fact, 26,000 droopy tulips were beheaded because of the early spring heat wave that hit the Queen Victoria Memorial Gardens (also the backdrop to Wills and Kate's first kiss). We know chopping up tulips is a little extreme, but it's important to have a weather plan. Schedule a backup ceremony spot if you're planning an outdoor wedding, and for a summer reception, have heat lamps on hand in case of unseasonably cool temps.

  6. 6. The Survivors' Brunch

    Naolmi Williams Photography / The Knot

    Beyond the royal reception brunch, the second evening reception, and the after-party, Kate and William will celebrate with their closest family and friends tomorrow with a brunch (hosted by Prince Harry). These days, when all of your friends and family are flying in to attend the wedding, a postwedding brunch is a genius idea -- and one last chance to thank guests for coming. Nice move, Will and Kate.

  7. 7. The Grand Exit

    K & C Photography / The Knot

    Kate and William left in a horse-drawn carriage for their processional. If a horse-drawn carriage feels too traditional, wave good-bye to your friends and family from a car decked out with a sweet "Just Married" sign, or have your guests line up with lit sparklers. Either way, having a planned exit can make for a great photo op at the end of the night.

  8. 8. Traditional All-White Flowers

    Associated Press / The Knot

    Westminster Abbey was transformed into an enchanted English garden with lush green trees and all-white flowers. Kate's bouquet looked the part too -- all-white flowers (appropriately named sweet Williams!) with sprigs of myrtle (Queen Victoria started the royal tradition of carrying myrtle at her wedding in 1840). While we don't expect most brides to request myrtle in their bouquets, we love the idea of bouquets and wedding flower arrangements that tie in meaningful blooms (like a stem that your mother or grandmother carried).

  9. 9. A Wedding Dress With Sleeves

    Clark+Walker Studio / The Knot

    Kate's sartorial style gave tradition a vintage twist. The sheer lace sleeves on her Grace Kelly–like dress and her almost nine-foot-long train have brought back a '50s style. And while the number-one wedding dress neckline in the US is still strapless, we'd expect to see brides across the country copying Kate and opting for a little more coverage this coming year.

  10. 10. The All-Day Party

    Thorsen Photography / The Knot

    Kate and William had not one, but two official parties following their wedding. Host your ceremony early so that you can have a postparty breakfast (and serve champagne cocktails like mimosas and Bellinis) and a rocking after-party in the evening, complete with dinner and dancing. It's the perfect excuse for a dress change.

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