Gay Wedding Cake Topper Ideas?

Same-sex cake topper
Miki Vargas Photography


We like the idea of adding something cute to top off our wedding cake. Any creative ideas?


More and more wedding cake and favor vendors are catching on and creating gay wedding cake toppers. Websites like and offer a number of gay wedding toppers. If the standard toppers don't grab your attention, you might choose to go custom and have one designed specifically for you -- think two groom lovebirds or two vintage-style bride figurines. Get creative and use something meaningful to you and your partner to top the cake. Tie the topper into the theme of your day by using seashells at a beach wedding or a snowflake to celebrate a winter wedding. Another option is to skip the topper altogether. Leave the top tier blank so as not to distract from a pretty or funky cake pattern, or have your florist add a cluster of flowers to the top for a punch of color.

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