25 LGBTQIA+ Wedding Cake Toppers to Celebrate Your Marriage With Pride

Give your cake a personalized finishing touch.
Same-sex cake topper
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Updated Oct 10, 2023
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Serving a cake at your nuptial celebration is one of the sweetest wedding traditions around. While designs over the decades have been adorned with adorable miniatures of brides and grooms, there are now LGBTQ+ wedding cake toppers available that celebrate newlyweds of all genders. From custom figurines to fun signage, these wedding cake toppers can add that special something to your cake cutting. After you hire the perfect baker to craft your confection (hint: check out The Knot Vendor Marketplace to get a head start), you can peruse this selection of shoppable cake toppers for your wedding.

All About LGBTQIA+ Cake Toppers

While cake toppers aren't necessary at weddings, they definitely add a sense of fun to the sweet treat. Those designed specifically for queer couples will often have fun plays on your new titles like "Mr. and Mr." or highlight the diversity of styles each marrier might wear on their wedding day. Some talented makers can even create customized cake toppers to look exactly like you and your special someone to lend a personalized touch to your wedding. Another pro of getting a gay cake topper for your reception dessert? Many are sold by LGBTQIA+-owned businesses on Etsy and beyond that you can support on your special day.

Here Come the Brides

Mrs & Mrs Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

After being pronounced wife and wife, it'll be so fun to celebrate your new monikers with this gilded "Mrs. and Mrs." lesbian wedding cake topper on your reception dessert.

Go for Glitter With This Cake Topper

Mrs and Mrs Cake Topper, Glitter
Photo: Amazon

Hosting a glam wedding? Add some sparkle to your cake topper with this glittering design.

Wedding Cake Topper With Sleek Silhouettes

Gay Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

For a modern affair, this laser-cut silhouette of two dressed-up newlyweds is the perfect pick. We love that this gay wedding cake topper could work for many couples who both love to don a suit.

Don't Forget the Pup

Gay Wedding Cake Topper With Dog
Photo: Amazon

If you and your spouse-to-be share a dog together, why not highlight your entire family on top of your wedding cake with this sweet design? It's a great way to incorporate your furry friend into your celebration.

The Cat's Meow

Gay Wedding Cake Topper With Cat
Photo: Amazon

Are you both cat dads? You'll want to put this minimalist design atop your multi-tiered reception confection.

Wedding Cake Topper With a Vintage Feel

Gay Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

Love the look of a vintage figurine adorning a wedding cake? This lesbian wedding cake topper is such a sweet slice of nostalgia for your post-ceremony treat.

LGBTQIA+ Cake Topper to Celebrate the Perfect Match

Lesbian wedding cake topper
Photo: SellerOnlineWedding

Not every couple getting married looks the same. That's why we love the expansive options available from Etsy, like this design featuring newlywed brides, to top your wedding cake.

Dapper Duo Wedding Cake Topper

Gay Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: SophiesFavors

Can you get over how adorable these two grooms are? We think they could add such a charming feel to your dessert table.

Mark the Date With This Cake Topper

Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper With Date
Photo: PearlPrestigePlanner

Have your wedding date designed into your cake topper so you'll always have a special reminder of your new anniversary in photos. We love how this queer cake topper also has a natural motif framing the brides.

Pick Your Palette With This Customizable Topper

Lesbian cake topper
Photo: CakeToppersByNadia

Want your cake topper to fit in with your wedding color scheme? This lesbian cake topper from Etsy allows you to choose a design in colors ranging from green to navy, as well as materials like wood and acrylic.

Cake Topper for the Minimalist Couple

Wedding Cake Topper for Two Grooms
Photo: TaylorStreetFavors

If you have a more modern feel to your celebration, choose this customizable cake topper featuring the important details of your wedding in a minimalist design.

What a Pair

Lesbian wedding cake topper- Gay wedding topper clay miniature Anime cute style
Photo: WorldCakeTopper

Since not all to-be-weds look alike, this Etsy vendor allows you to customize this whimsical polymer clay cake topper with different hair colors like red, blond, or gray.

Mini Grooms Wedding Cake Topper

Gay Wedding Toppers , 2 grooms cake topper,Custom bobblehead
Photo: AlaleiCrafts

If you really want to personalize your cake toppers, we suggest checking out the designs from this Etsy seller. You can reach out to the artist with your photos and details of your attire so she can create exact replicas of your wedding day looks.

Cake Topper to Show Off Your Personalities

Wedding Cake Topper - Custom Same Sex Couple
Photo: BelahBiscuit

Want to create the cartoon versions of your and your spouse-to-be? You can have this artist add in some of your favorite accessories, play with your positions, and even create a bouquet that perfectly matches your own. We bet it will be a keepsake you can keep in your home for years to come.

Doll It Up

 Peg doll cake topper, lesbian cake topper
Photo: LumberJillToys

For a sweet and nostalgic touch to your wedding cake, pick out these painted wood toppers. The maker can customize them to have your features and even offers smaller peg dolls if you want to include your children on the cake.

Show Your Pride With a Rainbow Cake Topper

Hello Rainbow - Dessert Cupcake Toppers
Photo: Target

Want to celebrate your queer identity on your wedding cake? Top it off with a beautiful rainbow. Since these toppers are on the smaller side, you can also place them on cupcakes you may be serving on your dessert table.

Pretty in Pastel

Wooden Boho Rainbow Cake Topper Neutral Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

If you are hosting a celebration with a more pastel palette and want your cake topper to fit in with your aesthetic, consider using this light berry-toned rainbow design.

Heart It

Custom Gay Wedding Cake Topper With Heart
Photo: Amazon

How sweet is this queer cake topper with romantic hearts? We love how you can customize it with both of your names, too.

Wifed Up

Bride Two Girl Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

This lesbian wedding cake topper comes in nine different style options to perfectly fit how you and your wife-to-be present. It's even customizable with color options in both wood and acrylic.

Keep It Classic

Cake Topper for Weddings,Wedding cake topper with a heart and a date
Photo: BlissfulWondersCo

If you don't want your topper to have too many frills, we suggest this classic style from Etsy. Your names, wedding date, and, of course, a heart are all you need to take your cake to the next level.

Bobblehead Family Wedding Cake Topper

Gay Wedding Cake Topper With Pets
Photo: livelybobble

Did you know that you could have custom bobbleheads made to place on top of your wedding cake? This Etsy seller offers exactly that. You can also have versions of your pets made to join your tiny selves for an additional fee.

Support the Community With This Cake Topper

Personalized Retro Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: TheLDR

Purchasing this customizable cake topper will not only give your wedding cake a retro feel thanks to its groovy font, but it would also allow you to support a woman- and LGBTQ+-owned small business in the process.

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