Wedding Reception Etiquette: Wedding Favors for Kids?


We're planning to give out tulle-wrapped Jordan almonds as wedding favors, but we are also going to be having a fair number of kids at our wedding. Should they receive separate favors?


Kids might be okay with the sweet, but might not be thrilled once they bite down to the bitter -- almonds aren't for everyone! You're probably better off doing something different for the kids. If you want all of your favors to look similar, why not give the kids jelly beans or foil-wrapped chocolates that are in the same color as your candied almonds? Another option is to forego the separate kid's favors and instead have a kid's table. Cover the linens with butcher paper and put crayons at each place setting, and add a few toys or travel games (you can also let guests who are parents know your plan and that if their child has a favorite toy she wants to bring, it's okay for them to have it at the reception). Gestures like these will help keep the little ones entertained (at least for the part of the reception that's before their bedtimes!), something all of your guests, young and old, can appreciate.

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I am giving our wedding guests traditional tulle-wrapped candied almonds. We also have a lot of children attending the wedding. Should we give them these wedding favors too?

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