A Complete Guide to the Best Wedding Favors for Kids

From personalized coloring books to mini DIY kits, these kid-friendly favors are destined to delight.
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Dec 18, 2023
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Planning a wedding is like creating a beautiful symphony of love and happiness, but amidst all the chaos, we can't forget to make the little ones feel special, too. So, let's talk about wedding favors for kids. These little treasures are perfect for keeping little ones, big kids and even tweens entertained during the ceremony or speeches at the reception—the poignant moments when we all need a bit of peace and quiet.

We're certainly not suggesting extravagant gifts here (those can be reserved for the flower girl and ring bearer), but simple, thoughtful favors are bound to bring big smiles to their faces. Moreover, we all know that a happy child equals happy parents, so providing some engaging favors to keep them occupied will help create a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

To guide you in your kid-friendly favor search, we caught up with a seasoned wedding planner who knows all the ins and outs of keeping kiddos in good spirits from a wedding's start to a wedding's end. According to Rebecca Weber, Founder and Planner at Rebecca Grace Events, figuring out wedding favor ideas for the younger guest set should be clear and straightforward: find neat (in more ways than one) keepsakes or playthings that will make the young ones gush with joy without creating a messy aftermath. And when it comes to actually doling out the surprise-and-delights, Weber is a firm believer that food should pretty much always precede the fun—because hangry children do not a happy reception make!

Do Children Get Special Wedding Favors?

While it's not a requirement to have separate children's wedding favors, considering their presence and including them in the celebration can be truly meaningful—for the below reasons, especially:

Little guests of honor. By providing special favors just for the children, you're showing them that they're important and valued guests at your wedding. These gestures of thoughtfulness guarantee that even the tiniest guests feel seen and loved.

Fun and entertainment. Kids can sometimes get restless during events. By having dedicated favors, such as small toys, coloring books or activity kits, you're indulging them with a source of entertainment and keeping them involved throughout your celebration. This lets their parents fully enjoy the festivities without worrying that their petite plus-ones are getting bored.

Happy Parents. When parents see that their kids are being considered and catered to at your wedding, the peace of mind that follows allows them to relax and enjoy the day with family and friends can not be overstated. Furthermore, creating a delightful experience for the children that doesn't invite any chaotic aftermath for the parents, for you or for your event staff to handle is everything.

We can totally understand if ideating separate, tangible favors for the kids is a bit too much, particularly when financial and logistical considerations are concerned. But creating that special "just-for-you" experience can be achieved just as easily by setting up a designated kid area with age-appropriate games and activities. Set up a craft station where the kids can tap into their creative sides. Provide small kits with materials for making friendship bracelets, paper airplanes or even simple origami. The wedding activities for kids won't just entertain them, they'll also give the smallest partygoers a sweet souvenir, aka a favor, to bring home!

When Should You Give Kids Their Wedding Favors?

As for when it's most appropriate to distribute the kids' wedding favors, Weber recommends: "feeding the younger kids first to keep them full and happy, and then having the favors handed out to their tables." This means that once dinner is served, the favors should fall into their hands to keep them busy during speeches, special dances and other reception activities.

It's important to remember that, while occupying the kids at the wedding is wise, you don't want to provide too much stimulation—to the point that your diversions become distractions. Toy favors or anything that makes noise or draws attention warrant a bit more consideration on when to dole them out.

Where Can You Find Good Wedding Favors for Kids?

There are actually tons of places where you can uncover some real kid-favor gems! If you're working with a wedding planner, don't shy away from asking for help. These pros have years of experience and, chances are, they've perfected kids wedding favors a time or two before. But for now, here are our favorite spots to shop that delivery on quality, selection and price:

Known for its unique and handmade items, Etsy is an excellent choice for custom-made wedding favors for kids. You can find a wide range of options crafted by independent artisans and you can personalize the majority of the items you find. Weber tells us she "loves sourcing unique favors from different Etsy shops, because they have the most creative options." From personalized crayons shaped like dinosaurs to bespoke wooden puzzles, the marketplace offers a sheer treasure trove of handcrafted goodies. Plus, by supporting small businesses on Etsy, you're spreading joy not just to the kids, but to the talented makers as well.

Melissa & Doug

The name might not be top of mind when you start thinking of favors for your wedding, but Melissa & Doug is well known for producing high-quality, safe and durable toys. Plus, the versatility on the site allows you to choose wedding favors that align with the preferences of the children attending your wedding. Whether it's arts and crafts, stamp kits, puzzles, stickers or small games, you can find options to please even the most discerning little guests. It's worth mentioning that the brand frequently offers the option to purchase items in bulk; great for weddings, especially if you have a larger number of young guests. Bulk ordering can be cost effective and ensure that when you're deciding how many favors to order, you'll have enough for all the children attending.

While Minted is renowned for its elegant and customizable stationery, the site also offers a selection of expertly curated party favors, including options suitable for children like mini craft kits (giving major group activity vibes right here), pencil cases, coloring pages etc. The site's focus on design and quality can provide you with sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing favors that align with the overall tone of your wedding.

You may also want to think about the local vendor favors that make your wedding destination so special. Shopping local can mean discovering hidden gems that showcase the charm of your wedding destination. Consider handmade toys crafted by local artisans, small trinkets that represent local landmarks or traditions, or even mini books that tell tales of the area's legends or history.

What Are Some Great Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors?

Remember, it's not about the price tag, it's about the thought and effort you put into these favors. By providing simple, thoughtful gifts for your tiny attendees, you're not only making them feel valued and included, but also preventing any potential tantrums or meltdowns. A win-win situation, if you ask us!

Don't forget to consider the kid's ages before you shop. For toddlers, Weber loves interactive gifts like coloring books or plastic toy instruments that they can dance around with, but won't interfere with the actual music. She mentions, too, that if the energy levels are high, sensory items offer "a great way to tire them out." Fidget poppers are a total secret weapon for slightly older children—"there are these new push-bubble games that we've been seeing all over the internet and they keep the kids entertained for a long time, in one area, together." And for tweens and teens, instant cameras are a major win, but they can get expensive. That's why Weber suggests "setting aside a couple of cameras for these young guests to use and having mini scrapbooks with colorful tape .and markers for them to fill and decorate during the reception."

As far as no-gos go, candy and slime aren't among Weber's favorite favor ideas. Having witnessed the effects of sugar highs and crashes IRL, she "tends to steer clear of candies, unless there is permission from the kids' parents beforehand." On the other hand, slime can stain clothing, ruin table linens and/or end up being consumed accidentally—so, choosing it as a favor is ill-advised.

Now that we've covered what you should be looking for, here are some of the best wedding favors for kids:

1. Kids Printable Wedding Activity Book

coloring book for kids at a wedding
Photo: Etsy

If you have a few kids tables at your wedding, then you might want to have a secret weapon (or two) to keep their attention as your celebration carries on into the night. That's why we love treating the younger set with activity packs full of coloring pages, mazes, word scrambles, tic-tac-toe and "I spy" challenges. The less-expensive, digital illustration is a cinch to download, print and assemble yourselves. But you can also enlist your wedding party to help.

2. Bubble Bottles

Bubbles aren't just fun for kids, they're a source of joy for all ages. We can picture the delight on every kid's face as they watch the rainbow, iridescent bubbles floating through the air. Plus, even if they go through their entire bottle, these aren't plastic, they're aluminum and refillable—perfect for bubble fun beyond your wedding day. The buy-in-bulk feature (it's a four-pack) is clutch as well.

3. Insta-Print Point-and-Click Cameras

Fuji instamax polaroid camera
Photo: Amazon

Cameras like these make great thank-you gifts for junior bridesmaids or groomsmen, but they can also make fun kids favors, too. Of course, since they're big-ticket items, it might make more sense to purchase a few of them and set them up at the kids table. Like Weber suggested earlier, you can purchase film, miniature scrapbooks and washi tape to have your tween and teen guests play paparazzi for the night. It's just as much a gift for you as it is for them!

4. Water Paint Set

water paint set
Photo: Melissa & Doug

If you'll be having a bunch of toddlers at your wedding, the tedium can kick in really quickly. That's why Weber and her team are big fans of water "paints" that only produce color with water. These cute, spiral-bound booklets come in a variety of themes and dry fast, so when each child finishes splashing around on the pages (with the included just-add-water pen), they'll be able to start all over again. We like how portable these all-in-one flip pads are, but Weber also likes separate watercolor sheets that can be "painted" and then brought home afterwards to remember the wedding.

5. Stylish Sunnies

sunglass wedding favors for kids
Photo: Etsy

Personalized sunglasses are favors Weber has gifted to kiddies plenty of times at her couples' weddings. And these handcrafted sunglasses, featuring stylish frames and snazzy, customizable baubles are next-level cute. If you'll be getting married at the beach or under a sailcloth tent in the summer, these shades are a perfect nod to your outdoor nuptials.

6. Personalized Puzzles

Personalized puzzle
Photo: Minted

Are you only expecting a few children at your wedding? Minted makes 12-piece puzzles in countless adorable themes (with delightful Disney characters, even) and you can have them personalized with each kiddo's name. If you need something a bit more "advanced" for older kids, you can go with the 60-piece iterations.

7. Custom Children's Coloring Book

Custom Children's Color Book
Photo: Etsy

"Kids are always very excited to see favors customized to them, with their names—their eyes light up and you just know how excited they truly are," Weber says. With 11 styles to choose from and the added personalization of each child's name on the front cover, this custom coloring book will be cherished at your wedding day and well beyond. It's an opportunity to celebrate your little guests' interests and ignite their imaginations, while also giving them something to do.

8. Mini Temporary Tattoos

mini temporary tattoos for kids
Photo: Maisonette

Temporary tattoos always make a big splash. We love these packs because they're affordable and fun. Each comes with three tattoo sheets that feature a variety of designs. If you're having a beach or summer wedding, go with the Beach Days pack that perfectly captures the essence of easy and breezy. From whimsical sea creatures to silly sayings, the shore vibes will be in full effect any time they apply one in the future.

9. Felt Dolls

felt doll set
Photo: Minted

With vibrant colors and a delightful selection of felt pieces, these kits allow your visitors to become mini fashion designers. They can create their very own doll friends, designing fashionable outfits and expressing their unique sense of style. You can buy one for each child or you can set up an inspiring design studio for the squad—and all the kids can play pretend together.

10. Mix & Match Cupcakes

Wicked good cupcakes in a jar
Photo: Wicked Good Cupcakes

We all know that kids can be picky eaters, especially when it comes to fancy-schmancy wedding cake. But here's the secret sauce: When you present them with these frosted cupcakes sealed in a jar, it's like you've handed them an entirely different experience—something they've never seen before. We recommend the vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

11. Personalized Name Crayons

Personalized Crayon Names
Photo: Etsy

Scoop up one of these packs of name letter crayons for each little guest. The technicolor design is so cool. We recommend covering one table with a paper tablecloth so the little artists can doodle away in peace.

12. Unicorn Jewelry-Making Kit

Unicorn Jewelry-Making Kit
Photo: Etsy

This cute kit will let little hands make their own wedding bling. The set comes with string, beads, charms and other sparkly goodies to make a sweet wearable memento. Buy a few for a table or one for each child.

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