23 Spring Engagement Photos to Inspire Your Photo Shoot

From perfect poses to ideal outfits, here's the inspiration you need for your own pictures.
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
Hannah Nowack
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
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Updated Mar 28, 2022

With many couples getting engaged around the holidays (November through February is aptly named proposal season!), spring is a great time of year to take engagement photos to celebrate the new season you and your partner have entered into. While you may have some photos from the actual proposal, those were likely a surprise and you may have felt caught off guard. As such, it's nice to also get separate engagement photos taken to commemorate your upcoming wedding. Since you're able to plan for your engagement photos, we've gathered some of our very favorite spring engagement photo ideas to help inspire the photo shoot you're dreaming up.

Engagement photos are also a nice chance to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. Wedding photography expert Bo Shim of Bo Shim Photography emphasizes that engagement photos are great because they allow couples to "practice and interact with your photographer before the wedding day." The wedding photographer goes on to note that, "if you are worried that you might feel awkward in front of the camera, don't let that discourage you. It's totally normal to feel uneasy at first. Come open-minded and follow the photographer's guidance. Most importantly, have fun and stay in the moment!"

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Spring Engagement Photo FAQs

In order to make sure your springtime engagement photo session is a success, there are a few things you need to do ahead of time in preparation, like understanding where to take photos and what to wear for the occasion. We're answering your most-pressing frequently asked questions about spring engagement photos so you can be as prepared as possible.

Where should you take spring engagement photos?

Whether you have access to iconic flower fields and spring botanical displays, like the cherry blossoms on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., or simply fresh blooms sprouting up around a park in your neighborhood, spring is a great time to showcase flowers in your engagement photos. Ahead of your photo shoot, it's a great idea to do some location scouting before you finalize where you'll take pictures. Flowers won't necessarily bloom on your schedule so scoping out the best spots is a must to ensure your photos have the picturesque backdrop you want.

What should you wear for spring engagement photos?

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to spring engagement outfit ideas, solid colors and large-scale patterns photograph best. Small patterns in your spring engagement photo outfit, on the other hand, may not register well on camera. Ultimately though, it's important that you wear an outfit you're comfortable in. Some couples opt for a formal look for their engagement photos while others don jeans for a laid-back approach. Either way, if you feel good that will translate to the camera and you'll look great in your photos. If you're wondering about an outfit change, chat with your photographer about timing to see whether you should plan to have a second outfit on deck to add variety and a different look to the images you take.

What should you do with your engagement photos?

Engagement photos are a fun way to showcase your love story and impending wedding, especially on social media. However, they're also incredibly practical when it comes to wedding planning and save-the-dates. Putting a picture of you and your partner on the save-the-dates you mail out will make the wedding announcements feel more personal while getting guests excited about the prospect of celebrating at your wedding venue for your big day.

Spring Engagement Photo Ideas

As you and your partner start to plan your spring engagement photo session, let these pics inform your photo shoot. From what to wear to where to go and how to pose, these engagement photo ideas are the inspiration you need to make the most of your time in front of the camera.

1. Formal Engagement Photo With Cocktail Attire


You can never go wrong with elegant, formal attire. This couple opted for a vibrant red cocktail dress and a crisp suit for their prewedding photos.

2. Casual Horseback Riding Engagement Photo

This spring engagement session involved some four-legged friends. If you and your partner have a hobby you love, like horseback riding, consider incorporating that into your spring engagement photo shoot. Since your wedding photos will likely err on the formal side, it can be a nice change of pace to opt for a more casual approach to your engagement photography.

3. Couple in Suits for Formal Engagement Photos


Instead of choosing engagement photo outfits that felt too matchy-matchy, this couple opted for coordinating colors for their suits. While subtle pastels are always a solid choice for spring, we love how this couple went bold with burgundy and mustard.

4. Engagement Session on New York City Subway

This couple chose to show off an iconic part of their hometown with their photo shoot—the New York City subway. Engagement photos will be cherished for years to come, so think of how you can select a venue that means a lot to you at this moment in time.

5. Rustic Engagement Photo With Sun Hats

This couple understood the memo—relax and have fun. Sun hats and cold beers helped them do just that.

6. Couple in Long Dresses in Central Park


A stroll through the park, for this couple that meant Central Park in New York City, is a fun option not just for spring, but for fall and summer engagement photos as well.

7. Relaxed Home Engagement Photo on Couch

Your engagement photos don't have to be anything wild or fancy. For this couple, the perfect way to spend their time in front of the camera involved lounging around and relaxing.

8. Engagement Photo at Hotel

For their spring wedding engagement photos, this couple took a stroll through the iconic lobby of The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

9. Fashionable Spring Engagement Photo


It's important that you don't overlook accessories when curating your engagement photo outfit. One of these to-be-weds donned a dapper hat for pics to tie together his look.

10. Blue-and-White Engagement Photo Outfits


Floral prints, like this bride's blue-and-white maxi dress, work well for both spring and summer wedding engagement photos. To complement her look, her partner wore blue slacks and a casual white button-down.

11. Joyful Engagement Photo in Field


The love of these two was absolutely palpable in the image their photographer captured. If you're worried you won't feel comfortable in front of the camera, take a moment to dance and spin around with your partner while the photographer looks on.

12. Pastel Spring Engagement Photo Outfit


For their spring pics, this groom chose a pastel mint suit while his partner rocked a strapless white jumpsuit.

13. Couple Hugging During Engagement Session


For this shot, the groom lovingly lifted up his partner, dressed in a springy floral dress and wedges. Finding ways to add movement to your engagement photos is a great way to ensure they feel natural, as opposed to stiff and forced.

14. Brooklyn Engagement Photo by Manhattan Bridge


This couple posed in front of one of New York City's iconic bridges for their Brooklyn engagement session along the East River.

15. Couple Walking During Engagement Session


This duo, dressed in semi-formal attire, took a stroll through a local park for their engagement photo shoot. Greenery and botanicals always make a nice backdrop.

16. City Engagement Session


While parks and nature preserves work for engagement sessions, strolling past the restaurants in your neighborhood is also an option for engagement pics. This couple walked together down the street for their photos.

17. Fun Shoulder-Ride Engagement Photo


This couple let loose and had one partner ride on the other's shoulders for some photos during their session in Georgia with Spanish moss and oak trees in the background.

18. Boat Dock Engagement Photo


If you love the water or bonded over time spend sailing early in your love story, celebrate that with a boat engagement session.

19. Field Engagement Photo With Windmills

A field in Iowa set the stage for this couple's portraits. To add a little something extra, the bride decided to don a flower crown as part of her outfit.

20. Beach Engagement Photo


Even though the beach might still be a little chilly during the spring, throw on a jacket and head to the sand for your photos like this couple.

21. Engagement Photo of Couple Sitting on Steps


Not all of your engagement photos need to be standing action shots. This couple took a break and sat down on some steps for a cozy, casual photo of them embracing.

22. Llama Engagement Photo


Animal lovers, this one's for you. If you're partial to four-legged creatures, head to an animal sanctuary to pose with a creature or two as this couple did.

23. Sail Boat Engagement Photo

Taking engagement photos on a boat is a fun option because it affords you a multitude of backgrounds as you sail around without actually having to trek or work up a sweat walking in your curated engagement photo outfit.

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