25 Spring Engagement Photos to Sprout the Best Photo Shoot Ideas

From perfect poses to ideal outfits, here's the inspiration you need.
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Updated Jan 26, 2024

With many couples getting engaged around the holidays (November through February is aptly named engagement season), spring engagement photos are a great way to celebrate the new season. While you may have some photos from the proposal, those were likely a surprise, and you may have felt caught off guard. As such, it's nice to get separate engagement photos taken to commemorate your upcoming wedding. Since you can plan for your engagement pictures, we've gathered some of our top spring engagement photo ideas to encourage your photo shoot. As a bonus, we've received vital tips from wedding photographers so you know what to wear, where to go, how to prepare and much more.

Spring Engagement Photo Ideas in This Story:

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Engagement Photo Ideas for Spring

As you and your partner plan your spring engagement photo session, let the pics below inspire your photo shoot. From what to wear to how to pose, these spring engagement photo ideas are what you need to make the most of your time in front of the camera.

Spring Engagement Photo in Formal Wear

You can never go wrong with elegant, formal attire. This couple wore a vibrant red cocktail dress and a crisp suit for their prewedding photos.

Nose-to-Nose Spring Engagement Photo Idea

Your spring engagement photos don't have to be serious. Have making cutesy faces at one another so your photographer can capture some fun moments.

Casual Spring Engagement Photo on Horseback

This spring engagement session involved some four-legged friends. If you and your partner have a hobby you love, like horseback riding, consider incorporating that into your spring engagement photo shoot. Since your wedding photos will likely err on the formal side, it can be a nice change of pace to opt for a more casual approach to your engagement photography.

Lush Greenery Spring Engagement Photo

Engagement photo ideas for spring are all about highlighting the budding nature around you. We love how this couple posed amongst walls of beautiful greenery and florals for their photo session.

Early Spring Engagement Photos in Central Park

If one of your and your partner's daily activities is walking through the park, use that for your engagement photo idea. A park photo shoot is a great option for every season.

Engagement Photo Idea for Spring in a Greenhouse

Too cold to brave the elements for your engagement photos? Try finding a greenhouse that'll give you the best of both worlds––shelter from the weather and bountiful surroundings.

Vibrant Spring Engagement Photo

Spring engagement photo outfits are all about floral prints, like this bride's blue-and-white maxi dress. To complement her look, her partner wore blue slacks and a casual white button-down.

Intimate Spring Engagement Photo Idea

Whisper sweet nothings to each other so your engagement photographer can snap the personal times. We love how this picture looks like the photographer caught the happy couple in a loving moment with one another.

Joyful Spring Engagement Photo

The love these two have is absolutely palpable in this image. If you're worried you won't feel comfortable in front of the camera, take a moment to dance and spin around with your partner while the photographer looks on.

Cuddly Engagement Photo Idea for Spring

Snuggle up to your boo during your spring engagement photos. If staring into your partner's eyes makes you more relaxed in front of the camera, go for it.

April Engagement Photo With Laughing Couple

Don't forget to let loose during your engagement photos. For their spring pics, the couple laughed while wearing a pastel mint suit for the groom-to-be and a strapless white jumpsuit for the soon-to-be bride.

Rainy May Engagement Photo

Don't let rain steal your shine. Bring your favorite umbrella and have a "Singin' in the Rain" moment with your partner.

Shoulder-Ride Spring Engagement Photo

This couple got creative and had one partner ride on the other's shoulders for some of their photos. Their session was in Georgia with Spanish moss and oak trees galore.

Tulip-Filled Engagement Photo for Spring

Put on your beloved spring colors and prints and enjoy the tulip season. You have between mid-March and mid-May to get a photo like these to-be-weds.

March Engagement Photo in a Vast Field

A field in Iowa set the stage for this couple's portraits. To add something extra, the bride-to-be decided to don a flower crown as part of her outfit.

Sweet Spring Engagement Photo of Couple Kissing

Don't be shy. Sneak in a little peck during your spring engagement photo shoot. Here are the best long-lasting, kiss-proof lipsticks for you.

Sail Boat Spring Engagement Photo Idea

Taking engagement photos on a boat is a fun option. A boat session allows for multiple backgrounds as you sail around without trekking or working up a sweat walking in your curated engagement photo outfit.

Cherry Blossom Casual Spring Engagement Photo

You can't have a spring photo for your engagement without having fresh flowers in the picture. Steal this couple's idea by going to a park with cherry blossom trees. Cherry blossom season is from March to April.

Romantic Waterfall Spring Engagement Photo

Try to find the most scenic spot for your engagement photos. This gorgeous waterfall background is everything.

Movie-Like Spring Engagement Photo Idea

Live out your romantic dreams like this couple did. This pose looks like the perfect ending scene for a rom-com movie.

Dancing Spring Engagement Photo

Go for a twirl and dance with your partner in front of the camera. To get yourself in the mood, play your favorite tunes during the photo shoot.

Celebratory Engagement Photo for Spring

Cheers to your engagement by bringing a bottle of bubbly to the session. We love how merry this couple is sipping champagne while sitting in a bed of flower petals.

Park Stroll Spring Engagement Photo

Make the most of your time with your engagement photographer and schedule your photo shoot before a nice dinner. Take a page out of this couple's book by wearing dressy casual attire and eating out at your favorite restaurant.

Unique Engagement Photo Idea for Spring

Engagement photo of couple kissing behind red car
Photo: Ioana Porav Photographer

Hop into a vehicle of your choice and share a kiss with your partner. This picturesque scene is like something out of a movie.

Fashionable Spring Engagement Photo

Show off your fashion sense during your engagement photo. These fits by Suitsupply and Cult Gaia are striking and make a statement.

How to Prepare for Spring Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a fun way to showcase your love story and impending wedding, especially on social media. However, they're also incredibly practical for wedding planning and save-the-dates. Here are expert tips for getting the best spring engagement photos.

Figure out the best time to take your photos.

Elena Gera, professional wedding photographer and Owner of Focus on the Moment, believes spring is a magical time because "nature's awakening aligns perfectly with the birth of new love." Gera breaks down the best months to get the most out of your spring engagement photography. "March and April, when trees such as dogwood, cherry and myrtle bloom, are the best times for engagement photography in almost every place in the Northern Hemisphere. For those who love pictures with flowers, April and May are the time for tulips, peonies, irises, forsythia or azaleas. Unlike foliage time, a particular plant's blooming time is hard to predict, as it may shift 2-3 weeks back and forth each year. Nevertheless, something is still blossoming, resulting in photos radiating joy and youthfulness."

Coordinate with your photographer ahead of time.

"More locations now require permits for engagement and drone photography. Coordinate with your photographer so you don't run into challenges on the day of your session. Remember, your spring engagement session is more than just taking photos. It's about building a connection with your wedding photographer and capturing those candid, in-between moments that truly tell your love story," Nichole Heid, experienced wedding photographer and Owner of Studio Nichole Photography, says.

Enjoy yourself.

"Just have fun with it. Spring is all about new beginnings and everything coming back to life. It's a great time for engagement photos. If you get a sunny day, that's great. If it rains, roll with it––those shots can be really cool too," Megan Breukelman, professional wedding photographer and Co-Lead of Photo and Video Megan & Kenneth, advises.

What to Wear for Spring Engagement Photos

"Spring is a wonderful time to express bright and light colors that reflect the blooming of nature. Skip the darker shades and go for a medium to light shade of your favorite colors. Don't worry about matching too much; just have fun being casual if it is your style. I love it when couples express themselves in more warm tones for the new season coming. Depending on where you live, you can still wear fun jackets, hats and more," Jen Sulak, expert wedding photographer and Lead Wedding Photographer of Weirdo Weddings, suggests.

Remember, no matter what spring engagement photo outfit you choose, if you feel good it will translate to the camera for great photos. If you're wondering about an outfit change, chat with your photographer about timing to see whether you should plan to have a second outfit on deck to add variety and a different look to the images you take.

Where to Take Spring Engagement Photos

"Think about places that scream springtime romance! Blooming gardens, parks with cherry blossoms, or even a countryside filled with wildflowers. Nature's beauty can truly enhance the love-filled atmosphere," Victoria Boustani, wedding photography specialist and Owner of Stories by Victoria, tells us.

Whether you have access to iconic flower fields and spring botanical displays, like the cherry blossoms on the National Mall in Washington, DC, or simply fresh blooms sprouting up around a park in your neighborhood, spring is a great time to showcase flowers in your engagement photos. Ahead of your photo shoot, it's a great idea to scout locations before you finalize where you'll take pictures. Flowers won't necessarily bloom on your schedule that's why scoping out the best spots is a must to ensure your photos have the picturesque backdrop you want.

Hannah Nowack contributed to the reporting of this piece.

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