19 Winter Engagement Photos to Show Your Engagement Photographer

From sitting on a ski lift to standing on moss rocks, we've got you covered.
19 Festive Winter Engagement Photos That'll Inspire You
Photo: Matt + Jess
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Updated Jun 15, 2023

If you got engaged during the winter, AKA proposal season, you should consider taking some winter engagement photos during the holiday season. Although you may have had an engagement photographer capture your proposal in real time, participating in a separate engagement photo shoot that both you and your partner are ready for is special. What's great about an engagement photo shoot is that you can plan out all of the details. We know that finalizing all of these details from your poses to the location can be overwhelming which is why we've tapped expert engagement photographers Joliette Mandel who is the owner of Joliette Mandel Photography in New York City and Idaho-based Isabelle Weber who owns Isabelle Weber Photography to provide some insight on frequently asked questions. Read on for some of our favorite winter engagement photo ideas to show your engagement photographer.

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Where to Take Engagement Photos in the Winter

It's a best practice to do your research and visit (if possible) the places you plan on taking your winter engagement photos ahead of time to ensure they are what you're expecting. You should plan out exact locations if the place is a large one, so you can spend less of your photoshoot time planning out where you're going to take your photos and more time snapping them. From winter beach engagement photos to those on ski slopes, the location is up to you.

"They can be taken in the mountains with snow-capped trees for an earthy neutral feel. They can be taken in a field, which can come across as romantic and minimal. For couples that are not wanting to brave the cold, an in-home or studio shoot can be so homey and cozy," says Weber.

Winter Engagement Photo Attire Considerations

Although your winter engagement photo outfit choice is completely up to you, we recommend dressing warmly as the weather is more than likely going to be chilly (and there may even be some snow involved) on the day of your engagement photoshoot. "If you are going to be outside, you can absolutely wear nice more formal clothes but expect to have your coat on for some of your photos, too. Try to make sure that your outerwear is just as nice as your other clothes," suggests Mandel.

Concerning the colors of your attire, "It is best to make sure that your clothes have more neutral colors, nothing super vibrant like bright green or neon -- unless that is the vibe you are going for (in which case, I would say find a cool mural with bright colors to match or a white wall to make them pop). In terms of colors, I would also say that you and your partner should coordinate or match to make sure that the photos look cohesive," explains Mandel.

Weber adds that flannels and crew necks are great options she recommends to couples.

Whether you're going to stick with one outfit or do a couple of changes throughout the photo shoot, make sure to chat with your photographer ahead of time to see if they have any specific attire recommendations for you.

Photographers' Winter Engagement Photo Tips

Although we could share some general photography tips with you, we're leaving the winter engagement photo tips to our experts. If you're still looking for an expert wedding photographer, you can utilize The Knot Marketplace to find other great engagement and wedding photographers nearby in the area you plan on taking your winter engagement photos.

Tips for Winter Engagement Photo Poses

When it comes to posing for winter engagement photos, it is important to remember that posing isn't as much of your responsibility as it is your photographer's. However, if you go into your session with pose inspiration to show your photographer, that is even better. "Many photographers also use prompts, like "Whisper something silly in her ear!" instead of simply telling you exactly how to pose," explains Mandel.

Tips for Winter Engagement Photo Props

Props can be a wonderful addition to any winter engagement photo shoot. Mandel explains that props can help achieve that playful movement that is seen in many engagement photos. "For winter engagement sessions, you can drink hot cocoa from cute mugs together, have a snowball fight (if there's snow!), wrap yourselves in a big blanket, or bring out the candy canes!" suggests Mandel. And, don't forget one of winter's natural props – snow. I like to throw snow in front of my couple to get them smiling," shares Weber.

Tips for Winter Engagement Photo Weather

Although it is typically colder in the winter depending on where you are located, Weber suggests opting for sunny days and/or days when it is snowing (especially if snow is a must-have part of your photos). "Check in with your photographer during the week leading up to your session to confirm that your plan works with the weather. And again, always have a backup location for photos if it is too cold or it's a day of icy rain!"

Tips for Winter Engagement Photo TIming

Both of our photographer experts agree that the early morning and golden hour are some of the best times to take winter engagement photos. "I prefer engagement sessions that are within the hour after sunrise. During the winter, I usually start these sessions around 8 am to get the soft, glowy light. Many people love the golden hour look as well, which is somewhere between 4-6 pm depending on what winter month it is," says Mandel.

Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

Now that you know the basics of what should be considered and solidified in advance of your winter engagement photoshoot, it's time to start bookmarking those September photoshoot ideas and other fall ideas to share with your photographer to create the best possible photos that will uphold your vision.

1. Smiling Nose Kiss Winter Engagement Photo

Two grooms lean in for a kiss in their engagement photo
Photo: Erin Wilson Photography

Show off your smiles and ask your engagement photographer to take a close-up shot of you and your partner kissing with your noses. This playful shot will make a lovely addition to your engagement photo album.

2. Winter Engagement Photo of Couple Against a Wall

Two grooms pose against a white wall with large windows
Photo: Erin Wilson Photography

Take advantage of any nearby walls during your engagement photo shoot to compose some intimate shots. Lean your hand against a wall while your partner leans into you for a gentle side hug. It might feel awkward, but we think you'll love the turnout. If your attire is darker in color (like the velvet suits this couple donned for their formal winter engagement photos), taking these photos against a white or lighter-colored wall will make your winter engagement photo outfits pop.

3. Candid Coat Snow Engagement Photo

A bride and groom pose in the snow for their engagement photo
Photo: Matt + Jess

If you love the snow or had your proposal outside while it was snowing, it is hard to go wrong with candid snow engagement photos of you and your partner smiling at each other amid some snowflakes. Feel free to keep your coats on for an even cozier and more authentic look.

4. No Coat Snow Engagement Photo

The happy couple lean in for a kiss for their engagement photo
Photo: Matt + Jess

If you're able to withstand the cold for a couple of minutes, we'd say it's worth it to take off your coats to create some romantic outdoor winter engagement photos in the snow. If you're worried about being too cold, a light jacket will do the trick to keep you warm and create some more casual-looking but still romantic photos.

5. Formal Winter Engagement Photo

A woman and man walk in profile for their engagement photo
Photo: Amber Gress Photography

For a more elegant winter engagement photo, put on those suits and dresses. This couple opted for a white dress with a black jacket and a suit for this engagement photo. Consider holding one of each other's hands while walking for a more dynamic shot.

6. Mountain Engagement Photo

A happy couple smile together in the mountains for their engagement photo
Photo: Rachel Nielsen Photography

Take your engagement photo shoot to the mountains for a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor winter engagement photos. We love how although the focus is on you and your partner, the mountains and their snow covering are still able to be seen. Don't forget to add in those smiles—the bigger the better.

7. Fun Standing on Moss Rocks Winter Engagement Photo

A couple smile during their engagement photoshoot among mossy rocks
Photo: Rachel Nielsen Photography

This couple chose to take this winter engagement photo to another level (literally) by standing on top of a field of moss rocks. If you don't happen to be near a field of moss rocks, another textured rock or natural surface can provide the photo with some extra dimension.

8. Fun Holding Champagne Winter Engagement Photo

A couple kiss while holding two bottles of champagne in the woods
Photo: Red Gallery Photography

Step into the woods for some rustic winter engagement photos. This couple added an element of fun to these photos by each holding out a bottle of champagne while they engaged in a passionate kiss. If you're not into PDA, simply gazing into each other's eyes can serve as an alternative.

9. Romantic Winter Engagement Photo With a Passionate Kiss

A couple lean in for a kiss in front of a castle in the snow
Photo: Nathan English Photography

Share a passionate kiss with your partner and ask your photographer to capture it as an elegant winter engagement photo option. For an even more intense feel, grab onto each other's coat while you share that moment. We like the up-close shot, but one from further away would also work wonderfully if you're looking to capture even more of the background or are aiming for a more whimsical look.

10. Indoor Casual Winter Engagement Photo

Two men pose in front of a round mirror for their casual engagement photoshoot
Photo: Ryan Greenleaf Photography

If you and your partner are looking to keep your engagement photo shoot both casual and intimate, staying inside your home is a great idea. Standing isn't a requirement for great engagement photos. Feel free to sit on the floor (or a rug) next to your partner in a living room or relaxed space for your casual winter engagement photos. Instead of looking directly at the camera, try looking at each other and smiling. This photo is a perfect example of how you can take cute winter engagement photos indoors and stay out of the cold.

11. Unique Outdoor Winter Engagement Photo

A man and woman smile against a mirrored wall to capture this unique engagement photo
Photo: Steven Michael Photography

These to-be-weds boosted their engagement photoshoot with this unique photo. If there is a reflective wall you know of in your area, ask your photographer to add that to your list of shooting spots. We love the double image that is reflected off the wall for this formal winter engagement photo and think you will, too.

12. Nighttime Kiss Engagement Photo in the Snow

A woman and man kiss one another against the backdrop of fairy lights and the night sky
Photo: Maura Jane Photography

This couple took the opportunity to step outside after sunset for a nighttime kiss as an elegant winter engagement photo. Ask your photographer to position you in front of any props that enhance the romantic feel you're going for. This couple chose to wear heels and more formal shoes. If you opt to do the same, make sure you have some kind of path to aid with walking so you don't get your shoes (and feet) covered in snow.

13. Winter Engagement Photo of Couple Sitting on a Sleigh

A festive gentleman drives a sleigh for the happy engaged couple
Photo: Jessie Casey

Want your winter engagement photos to look like a shot from a wintertime holiday movie? If you answered yes and are near some snow, go on a sleigh ride with your partner and bring your photographer along.

14. Sweet Winter Engagement Photo of Couple Sitting Next to Each Other

A man and woman smile for the camera against a snowy forest backdrop
Photo: Jessie Casey

Take a seat next to each other outside, whether it be on a sleigh or ski lift for a sweet photo. Lean your heads into each other and throw on those big smiles. For an even more wintery look, head to an area with snow on the ground so your backdrop has an icy look.

15. Cheek Kiss Winter Engagement Photo on a Sleigh

The bride leans over to kiss her fiancé on the cheek
Photo: Jessie Casey

This winter engagement photo idea is great for couples who aren't completely comfortable with PDA, but still want to connect physically for their photos. A gentle kiss on the cheek can add some romance to your photo without going outside of your comfort zone.

16. Sitting Outdoors Formal Winter Engagement Photo

Two dapper men share a romantic moment for this outdoor engagement photoshoot
Photo: EarthMark Photography

Take your engagement photo shoot outside for some sweet sitting photos. This couple opted to wear their matching vests. If you don't want to wear the same outfit as your partner for these photos, try wearing outfits that complement each other with similar colors and styles.

17. Sweet Winter Engagement Photo of Couple Touching Foreheads

Two women share a romantic moment in the snow for their engagement photoshoot
Photo: Indigo Lace Collective

The snow didn't stop these to-be-weds from looking fashionable for their engagement photo shoot. We love the contrast between the long oversized coat and the white suit – both look beautiful against the white snow in the background.

18. Fun Skiing Winter Engagement Photo

The happy couple ski towards the camera in this fun winter engagement photoshoot
Photo: Rodeo & Co. Photography

What's not to love about snow engagement photos? If you and your partner are always on the slopes, take a couple of shots on your favorite slope. This couple had their engagement photographer snap pictures of them in their skiing attire for a more authentic and dynamic look.

19. Winter Engagement Photo on a Ski Lift

The engaged couple sit on a ski lift with their backs to the camera
Photo: Rodeo & Co. Photography

This couple incorporated their passion for skiing into their engagement photos by taking some shots on a ski lift. Since you'll both be sitting facing forward, put your arm around your partner's shoulders for some added romance.

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