17 of the Sweetest Flower Girls and Ring Bearers We've Ever Seen

Who can resist these little guys and gals?

Sometimes it's hard for the kids at a wedding not to steal the show—especially in the pictures. They just know the perfect pouty face to put on for the camera, or they're simply wearing the cutest tutu of all time. Find all the inspiration you need for flower girl and ring bearer outfits, signs to carry down the aisle and ways to make their petal throwing more fun below!

  1. 1. This glam pair who know how to share the love

    Flower girl and ring bearer dressed in formalwear
    Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

    Plus, we can't get over her sequin and floral crown get up!

    From the album: A Classic English Wedding at Fulham Palace in London, England

  2. 2. This flower girl and ring bearer dressed up in traditional red

    Ring bearer and flower girl dressed in red
    Photo by Simon Yao Studio

    We love that this pair walked down the aisle in tandem—so cute!

    From the album: A Vivid Modern Wedding in Columbus, Ohio

  3. 3. This little fairy, who's happy to also be a flower girl

    Flower girl dressed in a pink dress and green fairy wings
    Photo by Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

    Um, okay. We need to take a second to stop grinning from ear to ear.

    From the album: A Charming Rustic Wedding in Austin, Texas

  4. 4. This cowboy and his tutu-clad flower girl decked out in all their ranch finery

    Cowboy and cow girl flower girl and ring bearer at outdoor wedding
    Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography

    The bride's son was the ring bearer and wore a brown, teal and ivory plaid button-up with brown cowboy boots and leather suspenders. The flower girl (her son's best friend) wore a jean jacket with a huge ivory tutu made by the bride herself for the occasion.

    From the album: A Casual, Rustic Wedding at Timber Line Barn in Buffalo, Missouri

  5. 5. This dapper trio, who took sophistication to the next level

    Formally dressed ring bearers and flower girl at a wedding
    Photo by Inspiration and Design Photography

    Can you say three-piece suits and blue steel stares? We hope these guys have agents.

    From the album: An Elegant Mountainside Wedding at Hawkesdene House in Andrews, North Carolina

  6. 6. This little girl, whose dress couldn’t be any puffier

    Flower girl in puffy tutu
    Photo by Autumn Twilight Photography

    She's basically a walking cloud, and we adore it.

    From the album: A Victorian Western-Inspired Wedding at Mount Princeton Hot Springs in Nathrop, Colorado

  7. 7. This guy, who always rides in style

    Ring bearer in a battery operated car
    Photo by Stackwood Studios

    Tara and Ryan's nephew (1-year-old Braxton) went down the aisle in a sweet black car.

    From the album: A Henry Ford Museum Wedding in Dearborn, Michigan

  8. 8. These twinning gents in their preppy suspenders

    Preppy ring bearers in khaki pants and suspenders
    Photo by T & S Hughes Photography

    The groom's two nephews wore navy and white polka dot bow ties to serve as the couple's ring bearers. "They held hands walking down the aisle and carried a small pillow with faux rings," his bride tells us. "We didn't want to risk losing the real ones!"

    From the album: An Elegant, DIY Wedding in Lake Forest, Illinois

  9. 9. These ring bearers, who shared their load while walking down the aisle

    Ring bearers in a Jewish ceremony
    Photo by Zev Fisher Photography

    In matching bow ties and dress shirts rolled up to the elbow, and laid-back converse sneakers, these two arrived at the altar in style.

    From the album: A Romantic, Traditional Jewish Wedding at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston, Masachusetts

  10. 10. This ring bearer, who’s on a “need to know” basis

    Secret service ring bearer
    Photo by Melissa Kelly Photography

    Dressed to look like a secret service agent, this guy wore aviators, an ear piece and a silver briefcase to keep the rings classified.

    From the album: A Bohemian, Nautical Wedding at Port Annapolis marina in Annapolis, Maryland

  11. 11. This preppy pair, who weren’t too interested in each other

    Flower girl and ring bearer in purple and white outfits
    Photo by Just a Dream Photography

    But that didn't stop them from doing the best job they could!

    From the album: A Sophisticated Rustic Wedding at the Fair Barn in Pinehurst North Carolina

  12. 12. This ring bearer, who was dressed in old-fashioned knickers

    Ring bearer in old-fashioned knicker outfit
    Photo by Two One Photography

    He really makes us wonder why we can't bring back this look.

    From the album: An Eclectic DIY Floral Wedding at Lionscrest Manor in Lyons, Colorado

  13. 13. This shy guy, who almost hid behind the ring cushion

    Ring bearer carrying ring pillow at an outdoor wedding ceremony
    Photo by Thirteenth Moon Photography

    But he looked fabulous in his charcoal pants and suspenders!

    From the album: A Bright Vintage Wedding at Metrowest Golf Club in Orlando, Florida

  14. 14. This fashionista flower girl who knows how to dress for winter

    Fashionista flower girl in fur vest
    Photo by Tony Gambino Photography

    In her chic faux fur vest, she was dressed appropriately for a wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    From the album: A Traditional Mormon Wedding at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, Utah

  15. 15. This matching flower girl trio

    Hindu wedding trio of flower girls
    Photo by Photographick Studios

    These little girls took their job very seriously, mindfully placing the petals where they thought they should go.

    From the album: A Luxurious Hindu Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton in McLean, Virginia

  16. 16. This puppy love pair

    Flower girl hugging puppy
    Photo by Karlisch Studio

    If flower girl duties now include puppy cuddling, you can sign us up.

  17. 17. The best sport of them all

    Groomsmen holding the ring bearer
    Photo by Willow Noavi Photography

    His face says it all—but man, is that one dapper suit or what?

    From the album: A Modern, Colorful Backyard Wedding in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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