Kids Gone Crazy at Weddings

by Miles Stiverson

Children can add some memorable moments to a wedding, but sometimes kids make a scene that the bride and groom would rather forget. Here are true tales of kids behaving badly at weddings. Names have been removed to protect the innocent (and the guilty!).

"I went to my friend's wedding where, while everyone was sitting down for the reception, one of the kids pulled the fire alarm. It took the firemen 15 minutes to shut it off."

"I was at a wedding where the bride was a teacher and asked her entire first grade class to participate as flower girls and boys. During the ceremony, one of the girls ran back down the aisle, stole the registry pen, and wrote her name all over her body and dress while screaming at the top of her lungs. It took five of us to catch her and bring her to her mother, who had not left her seat for the ordeal."

"I was at a friend's wedding recently, and during the first dance, five kids began running circles around the bride and groom. One of the girls fell on her face and the happy couple had to stop and ask the child's parents to come get her."

"My brother-in-law's nephew covered my sister's wedding getaway car with anything he could find. He took salad dressing, mayo, soap from the bathroom, and dirt and smeared them all over the windows and into the vents. The wedding was in December, so as one would guess, it all froze to the car -- the bridal party spent the better half of the reception cleaning up his mess."

"At my friend's wedding, there was a large punch fountain at the reception. Three kids were standing with their hands in the fountain letting the punch run through their fingers! "

"During a wedding I attended, one of the flower girls threw a hysterical fit right before walking down the aisle because she didn't want the gum that she had in her mouth anymore. But after her mother took the gum away, she continued to throw a fit because she wanted it back."

"At a family wedding, the flower girl thought that standing in her place during the ceremony wasn't any fun. Instead, she decided to see how loud she could make her new shoes click against the wooden benches in the church. No one could hear what the officiant -- or the bride and groom -- were saying over her clomping."

"While everyone was on the dance floor, a child ran up to the bride and, with a frustrated look on his face, pushed her. The bride completely lost her balance and fell over! She was mortified."

"There was a kid running around with a cup of red punch at one wedding I went to. He ran smack into the bride and the red punch went all over her dress. Needless to say, there was no getting that stain out."

"I watched in horror as the flower girl and another little guest played tag all through the room, running under tables and knocking the elderly guests over. Guess what they used as their base? You got it. The tiny table with the tall and beautiful wedding cake on it. Can you imagine what happened?"

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