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Wedding Etiquette

From how to address wedding invitations to figuring out who pays for what, we have the definitive guidelines on wedding etiquette to answer all your questions.

Even if you've only just begun your wedding planning, you've probably already realized that weddings provide a lot of opportunities for drama. Whether you're dealing with tricky family issues, spats with your bridesmaids, cold feet, or other relationship problems, sometimes weddings can bring out rude behavior in even the most courteous friend or family member. Fortunately, we have plenty of helpful tips to get you through the trickiest wedding issues. One of the most common wedding fights has to do with family. For example, maybe his family keeps adding to the guest list -- without offering to chip in to cover the costs. Rather than let an issue like this spin out of control, talk to your fiance. It's his responsibility to communicate your concerns to his family, and the two of you should be a team. Another common wedding problem? Religious beliefs. If you both come from different backgrounds with different wedding traditions, the best first step is simply explaining what is expected of each other. This can be a great opportunity to learn more about each other and grow closer in the long run. A third common wedding problem is friends. Maybe you hate his best man, or he can't stand one of your bridesmaids. In this case, it would be better to be supportive -- but also sensible. Instead of telling him he can't have his best friend in the wedding, just make sure there are plenty of responsible groomsmen and family members around to make sure nothing gets out of hand. The best course of action whenever any wedding issues arise is to be open with your fiance about your concerns but also willing to compromise yourself. With this attitude, you will get from the engagement to the reception with as little wedding drama as possible.