10 Insane Facts About Sean Parker’s Enchanted Forest Wedding

by Simone Hill

We've already heard plenty of rumors about Sean Parker's over-the-top wedding in Big Sur, but the truth is even more jaw-dropping than we could have imagined. All the details photographed by Christian Oth are featured in the newest issue of Vanity Fair so you can finally see for yourself what it was really like. Here's the ten most important things you need to know about the social media mogul's multi-million dollar wedding!

1. The ceremony took place in ancient redwood tree forest.

Sean Parker's Wedding Photos by Christian Oth

2. This is what the sister-of-the-bride wore (that's the mother of the bride zipping her up).


3. Bunnies were handed out for guests to cuddle.


4. To create the entrance, a 20-foot-tall gate was erected in the middle of the forest.

Sean Parker's Wedding Photos by Christian Oth

5. Dinner involved pigs on a spit.


6. Instead of lounge chairs, there were large beds covered in animal fur.


7. All 364 guests wore custom-designed costumes made by Lord Of The Rings costume designer, Ngila Dickson.


8. Every reception chair was topped with a white fur rug.


No seriously…


9. Sting was there.


10. The wedding cake was nine feet tall.


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