15 Autumnal Wedding Color Schemes for Fall Nuptials

These colors scream pumpkin spice and everything nice.
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sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Jul 07, 2021

There's an undeniable sense of magic that accompanies fall weddings. With crisp temperatures, colorful leaves and golden sunsets, autumn makes for a lovely season to exchange vows. And, while you'll have access to gorgeous seasonal blooms and delicious food offerings, one of the best parts of hosting a fall wedding is selecting your color palette. After you've secured your wedding venue and date, choosing a fall-inspired color scheme will help you style your nuptials so that it complements the season you'll say "I do." While having a wedding theme isn't always necessary, a color palette is—your wedding colors will be present in just about every element, from your invitations to your escort cards and floral arrangements, and even your wedding cake. And, if you happen to be planning your big day during the fall season, there are plenty of autumnal color scheme ideas that'll work for weddings taking place from September to November.

But, while fall wedding color schemes are often associated with rich shades of reds, purples, pinks and yellows, these classic hues aren't your only options. If you're looking for fall wedding colors that'll truly wow your guests, we've rounded up inspiration from real couples. Below, you'll find 15 seasonal fall wedding color scheme ideas that perfectly fit the season. And, whether you're planning a classic rustic wedding or a sleek and modern affair, these color combinations will fit any location or style. Browse our favorite ideas below to make your wedding day a harmonious celebration of all things autumn.

Vibrant Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are a no-fail color option for a fall wedding. We love how this couple opted for bright shades of pink, orange and yellow, offset by dark purple. While you can use deep, rich jewel tones, brighter hues can serve as transitional hues as the seasons change from summer to autumn, making them ideal for your September wedding colors.

Muted Neutrals

Calling all boho couples: Muted neutrals would make for a laid-back, no-fuss wedding color palette. Keep it simple with shades of brown, tan, ivory and blush for a seamless combination of autumnal colors that aren't too bold or flashy.

Marigold and Burnt Orange

Model your October wedding colors after vibrant leaves by using shades of yellow and burnt orange. Equal parts bold and trendy, this bright fall wedding color scheme will make your nuptials feel like a celebration of all the best things autumn has to offer.

Dark Purple and Dusty Rose

Looking for unique wedding ideas? Don't be afraid to go dark with your palette. While deep shades of purple, navy blue and black are often associated with winter weddings, they can definitely be incorporated into your fall wedding color scheme too. To prevent your palette from looking too moody, choose one dark shade as your base and offset it with lighter shades in similar colors, as seen here with this purple bloom surrounded by greenery and pink and white florals.

Orange, Pink and Deep Purple

These autumnal bouquets scream pumpkin spice, and we couldn't be more obsessed. You can't go wrong with classic fall wedding colors like orange, pink, brown, ivory and deep shades of purple. When paired together, these gorgeous hues look like a rich fall sunset—or the inside of your PSL.

Emerald Green and Gold

Emerald green is having a moment, and we recommend incorporating this elegant hue (or a similar shade of sage green) in your fall wedding colors. With emerald as your base, experiment with lighter accent shades of pink, tangerine, marigold or even metallic gold for a regal look.

Blush Pink and Red

Pink and red create a fall wedding color combo that can work for any time and any place. This bouquet of light pink and dark red blooms is simple, yet totally effective for evoking all the early fall vibes.

Dusty Blue and Lilac

Looking for a fall wedding color scheme that breaks the mold? You're not tied to a palette with shades of orange and yellow for your big day. Instead, try something softer, like dusty blue and lilac. These wedding invitations are proof that your fall wedding colors can be seasonally appropriate without being predictable.

Black and White

Fact: Black and white is one of the most classic wedding color combinations of all time. You can use these sleek shades for any season, but especially for an elegant, black-tie autumn wedding.

Deep Red and Ivory

We've got all the heart eyes for this classic fall wedding color palette. You can't go wrong with rich colors of red for your big day. And, when paired with romantic hues of ivory, your color scheme will look like a crisp fall day in color form.

Merlot, Pink and Ivory

Did you know your can incorporate your favorite wine in your wedding colors? Merlot fans, you'll adore this autumnal color palette, which highlights a deep purple that's reminiscent of your favorite wine blend. To lighten up your palette, weave in lighter shades of pink and ivory for a pretty combination that'll leave your guests in awe.

Rust Yellow and Burgundy

Consider this one of our favorite fall wedding color palettes. Autumn is the best time of year to incorporate rusty yellow in your wedding, and we love the look of this unique shade with deep tones of burgundy and muted pink.

Vibrant Maroon

One way to enhance your wedding tablescapes is with statement centerpieces, like this vibrant maroon arrangement. If decorating with multiple colors doesn't feel right for you, instead focus on one main shade and add accents of white or ivory whenever necessary.

Mauve and Teal

You might associate teal with spring weddings, but that's not the only time of year you can decorate with this bright shade. When paired with a light shade of purple, like mauve or lilac, together these colors will create a soft fall wedding color scheme that'll set your nuptials apart.

Deep Purple with Hues of Lilac and Blush

Fall is the perfect season to get moody with your wedding decor. We can't help but swoon over these rich shades of purple and pink, which are perfect November wedding colors.

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