25 Thoughtful 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Here's to five fabulous decades!
Four 50th birthday gifts for husband: barbecue spice set, engraved whiskey glass, custom birthday print, whiskey barrel watch
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Updated Apr 09, 2024
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Is your husband turning 50 this year? Whether you're throwing a big party for him or planning a low-key celebration, he deserves to feel special on this milestone birthday. If you're looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for your husband, we've got you covered with our list of fun and thoughtful picks.

Here, you'll find meaningful gifts for your special guy that will make him feel celebrated as he hits the half-century mark. From practical presents he can use daily to wearable symbols of the milestone, these are the best birthday gifts for a husband turning 50. (Yes, even the husband who doesn't want anything.)

1. The New York Times Custom Birthday Book

nyt birthday book 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

We're kicking things off with one of the most unique 50th birthday gifts for him we could find: This beautifully bound book is filled with covers of The New York Times from every one of your husband's birthdays from the last half-century. With 50 pages of historic news headlines to dive into, he'll enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing on all he has lived through.

2. Leather Smart Wallet

smart wallet 50th birthday gifts for husband
Photo: Ekster

If your husband is more of a pragmatic type, he'll appreciate a practical gift on his 50th birthday. This smart wallet from Ekster is made of leather and features an aluminum panel to protect his cards from skimming and wireless theft. When he needs to access his funds, he can simply click a button to fan out the cards. Want to make the gift more personal? Add a custom engraving to include his name or a short birthday message for your husband.

3. Engraved Bottle of Wine

engraved wine bottle 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Mano's Wine

Even if your husband insists he doesn't want anything for his 50th birthday, you'll still want to get him something small to honor the occasion. A fancy bottle of wine could be the answer. Not only does this full-bodied cabernet sauvignon taste great, but it comes in a unique bottle etched with a "Happy Birthday" message. Once he's finished the vino, he can keep the bottle as a treasured reminder of his special day.

4. Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Multi-fuel pizza oven 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Ooni

If your husband counts pizza as one of his favorite foods, he'll be thrilled with this 50th birthday gift idea. Ooni's multi-fuel oven may be a splurge, but it's worth every cent when you see all it can do. In as little as 60 seconds, it can cook pizza in two different ways—with charcoal and wood or an add-on gas burner. It's a winning 50th birthday gift for a husband who enjoys cooking outdoors and hosting casual gatherings at home.

5. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

leather vanity bag 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: MirageLeather

Whether he's a world traveler or simply likes to keep his grooming items organized, this leather toiletry bag is a great 50th birthday gift for your husband. It comes in five colors, including black, olive green and cinnamon, and can be personalized with his initials for a thoughtful touch. Choose from a medium- or large-sized bag and fill it with his favorite grooming products to surprise him.

6. Custom Song Wall Art

custom song art 50th birthday gifts for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Wondering what to get your husband for his 50th birthday? Consider something inspired by a hobby he enjoys. This unique wall art is perfect for music lovers as it's modeled off the soundwaves of a snippet or chorus from his favorite tune. Can't decide what song he loves the most? Choose the Happy Birthday song instead as a cute nod to his special day.

7. MasterClass Subscription

MasterClass subscription 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: MasterClass

Here's a 50th birthday gift idea for your husband that'll open his mind to new experiences: An annual MasterClass subscription. This online streaming platform offers hundreds of classes—from cooking and sports to meditation and music—hosted by famous experts like Gordon Ramsey, Serena Williams and Timbaland. Whether he wants to improve his existing skills or venture out of his comfort zone, this thoughtful gift will help him learn something new.

8. Whiskey Barrel Watch

Whiskey barrel watch 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Original Grain

Wearable gifts are always a good idea, especially if your husband is hard to shop for. This made-to-order watch is crafted from reclaimed whiskey barrels and can be engraved on the back for a personal touch. The combination of metal and wood makes this stylish accessory stand out and is sure to draw plenty of compliments. It's a unique 50th birthday gift for your husband he'll want to wear everywhere.

9. Fancy Sheet Set

Fancy sheet set 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Brooklinen

Elevate his sleeping space when you gift him Brooklinen's "hardcore" bedding bundle. This luxurious set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, pillowcases and even a duvet cover with two pillow shams—all in high-quality cotton for a super comfy night's sleep. Choose from a variety of classic colors and patterns (we love the simplicity of window pane) to suit his tastes and bedroom decor scheme.

10. Personalized Leather Bracelet

Personalized leather bracelet 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: MYKA

Still trying to choose a birthday present for your husband's 50th? A personalized jewelry gift could be the perfect way to mark the milestone. MYKA's braided leather bracelets feature customizable metallic beads that can be engraved with a romantic message or your kids' names for a sentimental (and stylish) gift. They're available in two colors (brown or black) and three metal finishes for the beads.

11. Monthly History Subscription

Monthly history subscription 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This cool subscription gift is one of the best 50th birthday ideas for a husband who loves history. With each monthly delivery, he'll receive replicas of famous documents from recent historical events, like Einstein's letters to FDR and Rosa Parks' police report. Supporting documents and notes will also be included for additional context so he can deepen his understanding of how these important moments shaped the world today.

12. Indoor Smart Garden

Indoor smart garden 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Click & Grow

Inspire your husband to level up those healthy eating habits as he approaches the 50-year mark with this innovative indoor garden from Click & Grow. This cool gadget creates the perfect environment for herbs and veggies to thrive—equipped with grow lights, automatic watering capabilities and ideal oxygen levels. It comes with a starter set of three basil seed pods, but there are 75 plant varieties available, so he won't get bored.

13. Barbecue Spice Rubs

Barbecue spice rubs 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: The Spice House

If honing his BBQ skills is one of his biggest achievements so far, he'll love this set of delicious spice rubs. It includes four different flavors—Jamaican jerk seasoning, barbecue brisket, Southern rib rub and chipotle garlic—that he can add to meats and veggies to enhance the taste. Simple yet creative, it's one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for a husband who likes firing up the grill.

14. Luxury Cologne

Bleu de Chanel cologne 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Chanel

What better time to get a luxury gift for your husband than his 50th birthday? This Chanel cologne blends sandalwood with citrus notes for a fresh, woody scent and is one of the most popular fragrances for men. It's elegantly packaged in a display-worthy bottle that'll look great on any bathroom vanity or nightstand. We suggest giving it to him early so he can wear it out to his special birthday dinner.

15. Trendy Travel Mug

yeti rambler birthday gift for husband
Photo: YETI

We couldn't write a list of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for husbands without including something for coffee lovers. If you're married to a guy who rarely leaves the house without his favorite rocket fuel, a trendy travel mug is a must. YETI's 20-ounce rambler is made from stainless steel and features double-walled vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot for ages. Choose from numerous colors for a stylish (and practical) accessory he can take anywhere.

16. Personalized Snack Gift Set

Personalized snack gift set 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Personalization Mall

Here's a winning 50th birthday gift for a husband who loves to snack. This edible gift set is chock full of delicious goodies, including beer nuts, salt and pepper pork rinds, BBQ chips, a pepperoni meat stick, caramel popcorn, pretzels and chocolate brittle. Everything comes in a recycled military can engraved with his name or a short phrase.

17. Comfy Running Sneakers

Running sneakers from On Running 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: On Running

Whether you're married to a long-distance runner or someone who enjoys jogging in the park, you'll want to check out On Running's Cloud sneakers. They're made from recycled materials and feature advanced cushioning for maximum comfort, so he can clock up the miles without feeling the burn. Plus, they're stylish, lightweight and waterproof—what's not to love?

18. Movie Scratch-Off Book

movie bucket list book birthday gifts for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Is your husband a film buff? If so, he'll get a kick out of this movie bucket list book. Inside, he'll find 100 of the most iconic films of all time, with space to add photos, ticket stubs and even his very own star rating. Once he crosses another movie off the list, he can scratch off a foil panel to reveal a hidden illustration. Now, all that's left to do is grab some popcorn and a blanket and join him on the sofa.

19. Custom Whiskey Glass

Custom engraved whiskey glass 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: DeDrinkie

Bring out his softer side with a romantic gift that nods to your special bond as a couple. This custom whiskey glass can be engraved with a sweet love note in your very own handwriting, which will give him all the feels when he unwraps it. Keep things simple with "Happy 50th Birthday," or up the ante with a more personal message—either way, he'll love this thoughtful (and practical) birthday present.

20. Stylish Joggers

Mack Weldon joggers 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Mack Weldon

If your husband prefers casual clothing over formal attire, he'll appreciate some fancy loungewear as a 50th birthday gift. These stylish joggers have a modern, tailored fit that's super comfy and come in classic black, navy and grey. They're also weather-resistant and have belt loops, so he can dress them up for weekend outings or relaxed days at the office. Trust us, he'll be asking for another pair on his next birthday, (and maybe even the one after that).

21. Funny Golf Sweatshirt

Funny golf sweatshirt 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Married to a goofy golfer? This novelty sweatshirt is sure to appeal to your fun-loving guy. It's made from a cozy cotton and polyester blend and screen printed with a humorous phrase describing golf as "an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle." It's a playful way to poke fun at this favorite hobby (and ongoing quest for perfection) that will make him chuckle the next time he puts the ball in the rough.

22. Personalized Birthday Print

Personalized birthday print 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: HarmonyPaperDesign

If you're up for a little DIY, we've found one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for your husband. This digital file is designed to look like the front page of a newspaper and features details from the day he was born, like popular songs, fashion trends and cost of living info. You can even upload a photo of your husband and add custom text to make the finished design completely unique. When the file is ready, simply print it off yourself and have it framed before handing it over.

23. Self-Care Gift Set

50th birthday gifts for husband spa gift box
Photo: DancingTurtleShop

Looking for the best birthday gift for a husband turning 50? This premium gift set from Etsy certainly makes the cut. It comes with everything he'll need for his morning routine, including a shower steamer, a shaving bar, aftershave, body butter and lip balm. He'll even receive a hand towel and a nail brush. Now, he can face the next decade feeling fresh.

24. Birthday Brownie Gift Box

Birthday brownie gift box 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Goldbelly

Birthdays equal cake, or, in this case, delicious chocolate brownies. This gift set from Brownie Points is filled with sweet treats, including 10 mini brownies and 10 birthday cake brownies, assorted cookies, hand-dipped pretzels and so much more. Each item is individually wrapped, and everything comes in an elegant box with a hand-tied ribbon. It's one of the best 50th birthday gifts for him, as he can share the goodies with party guests.

25. Fun Wooden Puzzle

3D wooden pinball machine 50th birthday gift for husband
Photo: Amazon

Just because your husband's turning 50 doesn't mean he's too old for a toy. If he's still a big kid at heart, he'll love putting this fun wooden puzzle together. It includes over 400 pieces to make a pinball game machine, including dynamic light and sound effects for a retro finish. Note: It's a challenging project that's great for advanced builders, so it may not suit a beginner.

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