Real Bridezilla Horror Stories

Whether it's stressing out about unimportant details or making the bridal party miserable, these brides have pushed their power to the limits. Check out these scary-but-true bridezilla horror stories.
amy eisinger the knot contributor
by Amy Eisinger
amy eisinger the knot contributor
Amy Eisinger
The Knot Contributor
  • Amy Eisinger is SELF Magazine’s Director of Special Projects.
  • Amy is an A.C.E.-certified personal trainer, and PROnatal prenatal and postpartum specialist.
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Tight Squeeze

"I was a bridesmaid for a high school friend's wedding. As we were looking for bridesmaid dresses, I explained that I'd need a certain size (plus, please!). When she picked them out, they didn't come in my size. When I confronted the bride about it, she said: 'Guess that's an incentive to lose weight!'" -- akrysl22

Shoes to Dye For

"A few weeks before the wedding day, the bridezilla decided that all of the bridesmaids shouldn't wear the shoes we'd purchased for the wedding and instead needed to wear dyed shoes (so the shoes we'd bought specifically for the wedding and were breaking in weren't going to be used at all). The dye in the shoes we ended up wearing turned my feet purple!" -- ambern

Pins and Needles

"The bride had someone make us the bridesmaid dresses from scratch, and all we had to do was send in our measurements. The dresses came in two weeks before the wedding. Mine was 10 inches too long, the bust was completely misshapen, and the beadwork was just hanging off. We had a seamstress fix my dress in less than a week, but lots of the other bridesmaids simply used safety pins to hold their dresses up as they walked down the aisle. It was a nightmare!" -- AmandaB

Twice as Nice

"We threw this bride an amazing destination bachelorette party in the Caribbean over a long weekend. She was a little thankful, but since we're from the Northeast, the bride complained that some girls were unable to make it and said we should have another party closer to home. So we threw her a second spa bachelorette party with a really nice luncheon. The bridal party footed the bill for everything (we were all broke!), and at the end, all the bride could say was, 'I'm so sad that my second bachelorette party is over now.'" -- SBlondie529

Overly Prepared

"This bridezilla was way too compulsive about getting everything done way ahead of time. She talked to each of us in the bridal party at least 16 months in advance, even though we'd all been in weddings previously and knew the usual timeline for things. She wanted one bridesmaid to reschedule her law exams and fly in so she could watch the bride try on dresses 14 months before the wedding. And when we didn't respond to her phone calls or emails fast enough, she sent us FedEx letters overnight with her requests instead." -- WhatawagSBNy

Head to Toe

"Sometimes I really wonder if brides want their bridal parties to look bad! In one wedding I was in, the bride insisted that we all get French manicures on our toenails -- with acrylics! Our toenails! Who'd even notice them in our long dresses?!" -- JDDJ74

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