Wedding Vendors: Can I Have Two Wedding Florists?


I've found a wedding florist whose work I absolutely love and I definitely want to book her for my wedding. However, I'm worried she won't be able to make it to the church on time for my noon wedding ceremony -- she's in the city, and my wedding is going to be at the beach right in the thick of tourist season. Is it okay if I hire her only for my wedding reception decor and find a local florist to do the wedding bouquets?


It's totally fine to hire a florist to do one part of the wedding or the other -- we've heard of plenty of brides who chose DIY decorations for their receptions and had their florist simply create the bouquets and boutonnieres -- and there are certainly brides out there who've created their own bouquets and hired a pro to do the rest. You should talk with your florist to see what she thinks of your timeline. While you're right to be concerned about traffic and timing (especially since florists usually work with fresh flowers that very morning), maybe there's a way that she can work around it, whether it's bringing in additional assistants to help complete the work on time or simply choosing a simpler design.

If she can't execute your vision in time, or if you're just too worried it'll be a crunch, there's no reason you can't have someone else arrange the personal flowers. Just make sure both florists are on the same page with respect to your palette and preferences so that all the flowers still gel together. You'll probably do best to have either your centerpieces or your bouquets be kind of on the simple side -- perhaps you can choose one bloom that you absolutely love for the bouquets, then just make certain that a bit of it is included in the centerpieces. Either way, you should wind up with flowers you love.

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