25 Beautiful and Creative Wedding Arch Ideas

A picture perfect wedding needs the perfect frame, and there is no better frame than a wedding arch. Take some inspiration from our favorite indoor and outdoor wedding arches to create the best one for you and your wedding aesthetic.
by Jen Leahy

Already found the perfect venue? Check. Now it’s time to personalize the space and make it totally your own. Whether you’re getting married in a beautiful indoor venue, or taking advantage of a gorgeous outdoor location, a custom arbor is a great way to flawlessly blend your ceremony with the rest of your wedding day décor. It’s not only beautiful, but an incredible symbol of your entry into a new life and home together. 

A wedding arch is also a stunning way to bring the outdoors in, particularly if you’re getting married during one of the colder months. Exchange vows under an arch that is as unique as you are, using your color palette, wedding theme or even a cultural tradition for inspiration—tThere are no limits to what you can do. Some wedding arch ideas are ideal for both the indoors and outdoors, but some are better suited to one location. Make sure you consider whether you’ll need electricity or a place to anchor any parts of your wedding arch, and take into account the weather and elements. There’s a way to make almost anything work for your wedding location—it may just require some slight adjustments. 

No matter what time of year your wedding takes place, consider adding an arch to your décor. Check out some of our favorite wedding arch ideas to inspire your own look. 

  1. 1. Hanging Lanterns with Greenery Indoor Wedding Arch

    Blend the aisle into the ceremony space by using the same inspiration in your wedding arch
    Emily Wren Photography
  2. 2. String Lights Wrapped in Translucent White Fabric Indoor Wedding Arch

    Light up your ceremony by wrapping string lights in a bright translucent fabric
    Logan Walker Photography
  3. 3. Whimsical Wood Arch With Ivy and Flowers Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch

    A simple vintage exposed wood wedding arch with flower and greenery garland
    Massart Photography
  4. 4. Natural Birch and Willow Branch Arch with Hanging Floral Garland Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch

    A beautiful birch and willow branch wedding arch draped in flower garlands
    Kelly Sweet Photography
  5. 5. Rustic Wooden Double Doors With Flowers Indoor Wedding Arch

    Think outside the arch, pull inspiration from your wedding theme like using stunning vintage doors to frame the ceremony
    Lauren Gabrielle Photography
  6. 6. Romantic Birch Chuppah With Roses and Peonies Indoor Wedding Arch

    A birch huppah decorated with peonies and fresh foliage garlands
    Kristen Marie Photography
  7. 7. Seashell Wind Chimes and Sheer Fabric Draping Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch

    A stunning chandelier complimented by seashell wind chimes and a simple sheer fabric draped across the ceremony
    Emma Cleary Photography
  8. 8. Romantic Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch With Greenery and Hydrangea

    A romantic flower wedding arch wrapped in garlands of greenery and pink hydrangeas
    Amy Arrington Photography
  9. 9. Sheer Draped Curtain Indoor Wedding Arch With a String Light Backdrop

    Inspiration to brighten up any indoor ceremony with string lights and translucent draped curtains
    Casey Fatchett Photography
  10. 10. Rustic Garden Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch With Draped Fabric

    Rustic indoor ceremony with wide, draped white fabric and greenery backdrop
    Rae Marshall Photography
  11. 11. Repurposed Rustic Garden-Themed Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch

    Repurpose the wedding arch after the ceremony to create a stunning cake display
    Paige Eden
  12. 12. Gossamer White Curtains Indoor Wedding Arch with Crystal Chandelier

    Hang a crystal chandelier from a sheer fabric curtain for an elegant wedding arch
    Bradley Images, inc.
  13. 13. Whimsical Draped Fabric Chuppah Indoor Wedding Arch With White Orchids

    A whimsical white orchid and draped fabric wedding arch
    Person Killian Photography
  14. 14. Fall Flower and Greenery Church Ceremony Outdoor Wedding Arch

    Spruce up your church ceremony with a flower and fall inspired arch
    Jill Devries Photography
  15. 15. Flowing Sheer Fabric Draped Chuppah Indoor Wedding Arch with Flower Accents

    A dreamy chuppah with sheer white fabric draping and blush bloom accents
    Sharon Theresa Wharton
  16. 16. DIY Chuppah Indoor Wedding Arch With Colorful Ribbons

    A simple DIY huppah brightens up the ceremony with colorful ribbons
    The Brauns
  17. 17. Willow Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch with Purple Roses and White Hydrangeas

    Make a statement with a romantic willow arch with flower columns
    Joie Elie Photography & Cinematography
  18. 18. Enchanted Forest Outdoor Wedding Arch with Found Greenery

  19. 19. DIY Beach Driftwood Outdoor Wedding Arch

  20. 20. Simple Rustic Wooden Outdoor Wedding Arch

  21. 21. Fragrant Eucalyptus Outdoor Wedding Arch

  22. 22. Climbing Flowering Vine Outdoor Wedding Arch

  23. 23. Grapevine Outdoor Wedding Arch for a Winery Wedding

  24. 24. Crafted and Crocheted Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch

  25. 25. Celebratory Balloon and Streamer Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Arch

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