15 "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Boxes You Can Deliver to Their Door

Time to pop the question to your besties—these shippable treats should do the trick.
by The Knot
Bridesmaid proposal boxes

There's a certain childlike excitement that takes over when someone receives an unexpected package in the mail. When the members of your crew realize it's a super-sweet bridesmaid proposal box, expect full-on giddiness to kick in. Treat your loved ones to one of these amazing delivery-ready gifts that double as the perfect way to ask, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Talk about an offer they can't refuse. And while these curated sets work for any kind of 'maid, they're especially great gifts for long-distance besties you can't pop the question to in person. 

  1. 1. Gold Goodies

    Pink and gold bridesmaid proposal box

    Searching for something super cute? Try this pink and gold "will you be my bridesmaid?" box. Each girl will get a heart-shaped picture frame, thematic magnets, a watercolor mug, "bridesmaid" sunglasses and an "XOXO" trinket dish.

    Kate Aspen Will You Be My Bridesmaid wedding kit in Gold, $38, Target.com

  2. 2. Tropical Treats

    Tropical bridesmaid proposal box

    This seller makes a curated bridesmaid proposal box for practically any style. Take this tropical option, ideal to prelude a destination wedding on the beach. (There's also an animal print set we're eyeing, plus a floral design too.) They all come stuffed with items like personalized compact mirrors and candles with matching matchboxes. 

    ModParty tropical bridesmaid proposal box, from $34, Etsy.com

  3. 3. Pampering Picks

    Bridesmaid proposal gift box

    Sometimes the best gift you can give is a nudge to engage in some self-care. This bridesmaid proposal box is stocked with rose-flavored gummies, a face mask and a "minimergency" kit that's sure to come in handy on the big day. 

    Box Fox Bridesmaid gift box, $36, Nordstrom.com

  4. 4. A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Photo bridesmaid proposal box

    Go ahead and get creative! This genius bridesmaid proposal box unfolds to display cherished photos of you and each lady. Interspersed between the snapshots are loving messages that all lead up to: "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

    Lovin' Box bridesmaid proposal box, from $40, Etsy.com

  5. 5. A Magical Assortment

    Unicorn bridesmaid proposal box

    Love is magic… and you know what else is? Unicorns. This bridesmaid proposal box is perfect for anyone obsessed with all things whimsical (and sparkly). Each "will you be my bridesmaid?" gift box includes a customized clutch, a hand mirror, the sweets of your choice, a moisturizer and a candle. Bonus: The candle is vanilla-scented so that when they open up their boxes, they'll be greeted by a lovely aroma.

    Amy Lucy Designs personalized unicorn bridesmaid proposal gift box, $21, Etsy.com

  6. 6. An Ultra-Festive Splurge

    Etsy bridesmaid proposal box

    Ready to pull out all the stops? This "be my bridesmaid" box is pricey, but it's chock-full of cute presents. There's a robe, a glittery picture frame, a makeup bag, a mirrored compact, a "bride tribe" temporary tattoo and a confetti popper just for fun. Oh… and also a little favor box you can fill with anything you choose (or even save for another occasion). 

    Justine Denea Designs bridesmaid proposal gift box, from $95, Etsy.com

  7. 7. Party Attire

    Bridesmaid attire proposal gift box

    Get them prepped for the bachelorette party with "bridesmaid" tee shirts, personalized stemless wine glasses and hair ties that adorably say, "will you help me tie the knot?"

    Donuts and Calligraphy bridesmaid/maid of honor proposal box, $36, Etsy.com

  8. 8. Personalized Mugs

    Personalized mug bridesmaid proposal box

    You don't have to go wild with your bridesmaid boxes. A simple, personalized mug in a "will you be my bridesmaid?" box is a perfectly thoughtful and appreciated gift—especially when it's this pretty.

    Faded Gardenias bridesmaid proposal box set, $15, Etsy.com

  9. 9. Mini Succulents

    Succulent bridesmaid proposal box

    These tiny plants are beautifully packaged and a totally unique way to ask your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids. Customize the bridesmaid boxes with each person's name.

    Bloomers Nursery Inc succulent bridesmaid proposal box, $18, Etsy.com

  10. 10. Glitter and Bubbles

    Wine bridesmaid proposal box

    This box of bubbly isn't just fun—it's charitable too. For every crate sold, ONEHOPE donates 20 meals to children in need. In addition to the mini bottle of sparkling wine, each bridesmaid will receive a scented candle, a bridesmaid emergency kit and a "will you be my bridesmaid?" card.

    ONEHOPE Will You Be My Bridesmaid mini gift crate, from $60, ONEHOPEWine.com

  11. 11. Par-tea Supplies

    Festive bridesmaid proposal box

    This bridesmaid gift is literally a box full of fun. Recipients get a pack of confetti and a balloon (printed with your choice of sweet saying) to celebrate with you in spirit if they can't in person. Pick an edible or drinkable treat (like tea!) to include in each box too. 

    The Confetti Post Teeny Bridesmaid proposal box, $22, TheConfettiPost.com 

  12. 12. Pashminas and Punny Studs

    Elegant bridesmaid proposal box

    Looking for a luxe bridesmaid proposal gift? This is it. The box is packed with a super-soft pashmina, thematic knot studs and other treat-yourself-worthy items. Plus, the linen exterior, satin bow and calligraphed gift tag all feel ultra-fancy.

    Foxblossom Co. Bridesmaid gift box, $85, Foxblossom.com

  13. 13. Flowers and Fragrances

    Flower, chocolate and candle bridesmaid proposal box

    Impress your future 'maids with a preserved rose placed in a "will you be my bridesmaid?" votive. The flower lasts for a year or more—aka during the entirety of wedding planning. They'll also get a trendy Nest candle and a Godiva chocolate bar for good measure.

    Eternal Fleur Bridesmaid box, $100, EternalFleur.com

  14. 14. Sweets Sets

    Sugarfina bridesmaid proposal box of candy

    This bridesmaid proposal box is seriously sweet. Send each of your future wedding attendees a three-piece set of celebratory treats in fun flavors (champagne!) and shapes (diamonds!). 

    Sugarfina Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 3pc candy bento box, $28, Sugarfina.com

  15. 15. Cookie Dough Cups

    Cookie DO Will You Be My Bridesmaid box

    Ask them to help you say "I dough" with cookie dough delivered right to their door. Honestly, what sounds more amazing than that? Choose six different flavors for your crew to savor—there are even gluten-free and vegan options.

    Cookie DŌ bridesmaid proposal cookie dough, $75 for pack of 6, GoldBely.com

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    Updated December 2019

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