15 Must-Have Midnight Wedding Snacks

Sweet or salty, your guests will flip over these late-night munchies.
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parker butler the knot bridal style expert
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Wedding receptions are a party after all, especially if you've booked a good band or DJ but despite the fun, late-night weddings can leave guests exhausted. Surprise your family and friends with delicious treats toward the end of your reception that will have them back on their feet and ready to hit the dance floor. Check out our favorite trendsetting late-night snack ideas.

1. Doughnut Holes

Cinnamon doughnut holes with a sugary dipping sauce
The Brauns

These bite-size treats are a crowd favorite that are perfect for any guest with a sweet tooth. Add a sugary glaze for a dipping sauce for an even tastier snack.

From: A Bright, Modern Wedding at Pallet23 in Cincinnati, Ohio

2. Asian Takeout

Individual servings of lo mein in carry-out boxes

Your guests will love a hearty helping of lo mein at the end of the reception and the take-out boxes lets your guests save any left-overs for later.

From: A Jewish Winter Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

3. Milk and Cookies

Glasses of milk with chocolate chip cookies for a wedding reception food idea
Rachel Pearlman Photography

Cap the night with a chilled glass of milk paired with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Your guests will love the sweet, simple treat that leaves them with a bit of nostalgia.

From: A Classic Wedding With a Historic Twist at Union Trust in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. Pizza Slices

Slices of pizza for a late-night wedding reception snack
Bonnie & Lauren

Give your guests a slice of heaven with a hand-tossed pizza. Or better yet, set up a make-your-own pizza bar where guests can create a mini masterpiece with the toppings of their choice.

From: A Whimsical Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

5. Food Truck

 Donut food truck idea for a wedding reception
William Walker

If a heavier sit-down dinner was served earlier in the night, opt for a lighter dessert option. Sweet treats like different flavored doughnuts are sure to please every guest.

From: A Rustic, Spring Wedding at Castle Hill Cider in Keswick, Virginia

6. Fast Food Bites

In-N-Out catering idea for a late-night wedding snack
Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

Have a guilty-pleasure food? Serve up your fave sweet or salty treat from your go-to fast-food spot.

From: An Elegant Wedding at San Francisco City Hall in San Francisco, California

7. Soft Pretzels

Sigmund's Pretzels cart for a wedding reception idea
Cassi Claire Photography

Offer a variety of pretzels (we're talking cinnamon, salty and cheese-filled) with some tasty dipping sauces so your guests can enjoy a twist before doing the Twist on the dance floor.

From: An Industrial-Chic Garden Wedding at the Foundry in Long Island City, New York

8. Shots of Espresso

 Mini espresso for a wedding reception idea
Paige Eden Photography

A bold espresso will get guests out of their food coma and back out on the dance floor.

From: Angellique & Adrian: A Modern Wedding in New York, New York

9. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies for a late-night wedding snack
Tanveer Badal Photography

Nothing says summer quite like ice cream sandwiches. Your guests will be lining up for a taste of these frozen desserts smushed between two chocolate chip cookies.

From: A Green Building Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

10. Chocolate-Covered Bacon Strips

Servings of strips of bacon drizzled in chocolate at a wedding reception
Elevate Photography

It sounds so wrong, but tastes so right. This combination of sweet and salty will send your guests' tastebuds on a foodie journey.

From: A Bold Purple and Orange Wedding at The Cable Center in Denver, Colorado

11. Sliders

Mini sliders for a wedding reception snack
Jen Yuson Photography

These bite-sized burgers are a simple but tasty snack that will be great at any outdoor BBQ reception.

From: A Relaxed Fall Celebration at The Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, South Carolina

12. Popcorn

To-go boxes of popcorn for a wedding reception snack
Kelly Vasami Photography

Serve up the snack of all snacks with a helping of buttery and salty goodness. And monogrammed to-go boxes will your guests to snack while still grooving on the dance floor.

From: A Vintage-Inspired, Industrial Wedding at the Roundhouse in Beacon, New York

13. Gourmet French Fries

French fries with a tasty sauce for a wedding reception snack
Logan Walker Photography

Just because you're serving up snack food doesn't mean the presentation can't be fancy. Individual French fry servings portioned into cups with dipping sauce is equal parts tasty and easy to enjoy.

From: A Modern Mountain Wedding at La Caille in Sandy, Utah

14. Jarred Dessert with Fresh Fruit

Wedding desserts in Mason Jars with fresh strawberries and a custard
Alexandra Wallace

Custard desserts in Mason jars are the perfect complement to an intimate down-home reception. Add fresh fruit for a sweet, summery taste.

From: A Fourth of July Wedding at Dana Powers House in Nipomo, California

15. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Mini grilled cheese slices with shots of tomato soup for a wedding reception snack
Harrison Studio

Serving up mini food pairings is trending. Go for something playful like tomato soup and grilled cheese, or more gourmet like almonds and dark chocolate.

From: An At-Home Wedding in Grand Haven, Michigan

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