13 Father-Daughter Wedding Pictures That Perfectly Explain Why We Love Our Dads

Because seeing them get emotional is basically why you’re having your wedding. (We’re kidding.)
by Rachel Torgerson
A bride and her father laughing just before the wedding ceremony
Todd Studios

You've probably noticed that you're getting a little sentimental about your dad now that you're engaged. Trust us, that's normal, and he's probably feeling all the same feelings. Around here, we think weddings are a pretty good excuse to shed some happy tears. So, just in time for Father's Day, here are our absolute favorite Father-focused wedding pictures, simply because we love our dads too.

This dad, who is absolutely beaming at his daughter

A bride hugging her father for the first time on her wedding day
Megan Manus Photography

This is definitely the face you'd want to be looking back at you when your dad sees your dress for the first time.

This father, who is just as emotional as his daughter's bridesmaids to see the bride in her dress

Bridesmaids and the bride's father's reaction to seeing her for the first time
Evie & Jr. Photography

Is this not one of the cutest photo ops ever? Seeing everyone's reaction to your wedding look captured in a picture like this is priceless.

This pop, who's peeking around the corner before the walk down the aisle

A bride and her father peeking down the ceremony aisle before the wedding
Our Labor of Love

No harm in just peeking to see what the room looks like, right?

This dad, who knows just how to make his daughter smile and forget her nerves

A bride laughing during the father-daughter dance at a wedding
Fisheye Studio

Probably the best thing about your dad is that he knows how to cut the tension and make you laugh, every time.

This dad, who knows how to get down

Dad and daughter in a coordinated dance during the reception
Rebekah J. Murray Photography

Is it just us, or is that the "Single Ladies" dance? Get down, pops!

This father, who is playing it cool during the walk down the aisle

Father and daughter before they walk down the church aisle at the wedding ceremony
Oracle Imaging & Design

Even though he might be calm on the outside, this father might just be trying to keep it together for the walk down the aisle.

This pop, who know's that sometimes the littlest actions can be comforting

Father and daughter walking down the ceremony aisle at an outdoor wedding
Ryan Price

A comforting touch of the hand as you walk down the aisle might be all you need to calm your nerves...or totally fall apart.

This dad, who can't even handle how beautiful his daughter looks on her wedding day

Father grabbing his daughter's face on the wedding day
Jasmine Star

"Let me get a closer look at you!"

This father, who might just have something in his eyes…

Dad and daughter hugging on the wedding day
Ben Elsass Photography

We absolutely love to see the softer side of dads and this picture is the ultimate emotional father moment.

This dad, who can't resist telling his daughter that old joke that always gets a smile out of her — even before the walk down the aisle

Bride and her father laughing before the wedding
Todd Studios

We love the fact that these two couldn't resist having a bit of fun before the ceremony.

This father and daughter, who are sharing a special moment together

Bride and father sharing a special moment together on the wedding day
Tanveer Badal Photography

This father and daughter shared a sweet moment on the wedding day, and it was all captured on camera. The candid moments with your loved ones are always the best photos later on.

This dad, who loves to see his daughter smile

Bride and her father smiling during the wedding day
Garrett Nudd Photography

"Make sure you smile out there!"

This pop, who is excited for the start of his daughter's new life

Bride in a veil and father outdoors for wedding pictures
John Prado Photography

These two are absolutely beaming at each other, they're so excited for the wedding day. We love it!

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