31 New Relationship Gift Ideas That'll Further Your Connection

New goodies for a new boo.
Four new relationship gifts: cocktail kit, wooden dinner dice, birth date candle, funny mug
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Updated Jan 25, 2024
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Ah, new love! Your heart races when they text, you never argue about what to eat or what to watch and all you worry about is your OOTD next time you see them. That and what to do when a holiday interrupts your first few months of dating. While gifts for new relationships are a great way to show your budding feelings, it can be challenging to shop for someone you've only known for a short period of time—especially with the risk of coming on too strong. Before you ghost them because the pressure to find a good gift for your new partner is just too much, keep reading. We've rounded up the best gifts for new relationships whether you just became official boyfriends or girlfriends or you've yet to DTR.

Our favorite gift ideas for someone you just started dating—whether you're looking for their birthday, Valentine's Day, the holidays or another special occasion—is always going to be things the two of you can do together. For instance, a mixology or cooking class is a fun way to spend time together, while a board game can be a playful tactic to further your connection. Alternatively, small presents that relate to their hobbies will show them you've been listening during all those late-night FaceTime calls. And if you're still stumped, edible confections are always a safe bet. Remember, early relationship gifts don't need to be expensive or super-personalized. At this stage, it really is the gesture that counts. Don't worry, our help doesn't stop there. Below, shop some low-key (but still thoughtful!) presents that'll have them seeing a bright future with you.

1. Flower Grow Kit

Birth flower grow kits cute new relationship gift idea
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Flowers are a classic romantic gesture regardless of how long you've been dating someone. Take it up a notch for their birthday or a holiday with a grow kit that'll give them fresh blooms all year long. This charming kit is equipped with everything they need to grow pretty flowers from scratch. Simply choose their favorite from 12 options or, if you don't know what their favorite flower is, take inspiration from their birth month.

2. YETI Coffee Mug

YETI coffee mug new relationship gift
Photo: YETI

Here's a great new relationship gift idea for the partner who can't start their work day without a steaming cup of joe. This YETI mug is equipped with the brand's famous double-wall, vacuum-insulation—as well as a splash-resistant lid and easy grip handle—so it'll keep their coffee hot during their commute or a.m. meetings. It's even puncture- and rust-resistant, thanks to the kitchen-grade stainless steel, making it a great option for the adventurous S.O. too.

3. Astrology Candle

Birth date candle new relationship gift
Photo: Birthdate Candles

For a foolproof birthday gift for someone you've just started dating, check out Birthdate Candles. They combine astrology, numerology and tarot practices to create a unique flame for every single day of the year. You'll both be able to get special insight into their personality and even the compatibility between the two of you. All you have to know about them is their birthday for a personal new relationship gift idea for him, her or them.

4. Film Scratch-Off Poster

Film scratch-off poster new relationship gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

A go-to move for securing a second and third date? Watching each other's favorite movies! Once you go through those, though, you'll need more ideas on what to watch for take-out-and-chill nights together. Enter this scratch-off poster. It's filled with 100 famous films like "The Godfather," "Mean Girls" and even "The Lion King." After you watch a movie, you get to reveal the related art underneath. It's an especially great gift idea for someone you just started dating if they're a movie buff.

5. Pop Culture Bouquet

Star Wars themed paper flower arrangement new relationship gift idea
Photo: Lovepop

If an extravagant fresh flower delivery feels like too much, give them a paper bouquet instead. This clever display has a Star Wars theme, but there are also Harry Potter, Stranger Things and Marvel options.

6. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Murder mystery jigsaw puzzle new relationship gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Do you think you've found your partner in crime? Test your communication and problem-solving skills with this jigsaw puzzle that doubles as a murder mystery game. Piece by piece, you'll uncover clues to discover whodunit. There are two storylines to choose from, so the fun won't stop after just one round. It's a suspenseful date night alternative to watching thriller shows or movies.

7. Birth Flower Necklace

Birth flower necklace new relationship gift
Photo: Made By Mary

Hot take: It's never too early to gift jewelry! If you're looking to give your new partner a necklace, bracelet or earrings, look to Made By Mary for everyday staples. We're fans of this gold disc pendant stamped with the flower of their birth month. It's a casual but thoughtful birthday gift for a new relationship.

8. Specialty Craft Cocktail Kit

Specialty craft cocktail new relationship gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If it's their 21st birthday—or another of legal drinking age—this cocktail kit is a fun gift idea regardless of how long you've known someone. Inside, they'll find all the ingredients they need to create unique craft cocktails, with options ranging from a traditional old-fashioned to a Sea Rum and more. Just a note: This kit doesn't come with the required bottle of booze, so pick up one to gift along with your present so they can get mixing (and sipping!) right away.

9. National Park Enthusiast Tee

National Parks themed T-shirt new relationship gift shown on two models front and back
Photo: Parks Project

You learned of their nature-loving habits when they suggested a hike as your first date. Take that knowledge and apply it to your new partner's gift. While the front of this T-shirt is simple, the back features a checklist of national parks to inspire your future adventures together.

10. College Cityscape Beer Glasses

College cityscape beer glasses new relationship gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

We see you future college sweethearts! Surprise your partner with some university swag for their birthday, a holiday or, better yet, their graduation. This set of can-shaped glasses is printed with a campus of your choice in the school's colors. They can use it for their morning iced coffee or a refreshing cold beer.

11. Custom Friendship Bracelet

Gold bead friendship bracelet with white letter beads new relationship gift idea
Photo: BaubleBar

If Travis Kelce gave Taylor Swift a friendship bracelet after just a month or so of dating, then you can give your new boo one, too. This beaded bracelet combines shiny gold-hued beads with colorful letter ones. Customize it with their name, angel number or favorite phrase.

12. Coffee Sampler

Coffee sampler gift box new relationship gift
Photo: Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Are you dating a coffee aficionado? This gift box will let them sample 16(!) flavored blends, ranging from light and dark roasts to espresso. Each bag of grounds included is pre-measured for the perfect pot of coffee, so they'll think of you every morning over their cup of joe. Better still, Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. donates 20% of profits to puppy rescue funds.

13. Funny Coffee Mug

You Are the Best Thing I've Ever Found on the Internet coffee mug new relationship gift
Photo: Etsy

If you and your partner met on a dating app, you'll both get a kick out of this clever mug. It jokes: "You are the best thing I've ever found on the internet." So cheeky!

14. Romantic Card Game

Romantic card game new relationship gift
Photo: Amazon

We've got more games on our list of dating gift ideas! Deepen your connection with this fun and cheeky couple's game. There are three game levels—talk, flirt or dare—that become increasingly more intimate. Simply choose your deck, pull a card, then answer the question or perform the challenge described on it to complete your turn. Just double-check that you're both comfortable with whatever task you're asked to complete.

15. Movie Night Popcorn

Movie night popcorn new relationship gift
Photo: Sur La Table

Complete with three different non-GMO kernels and five different popcorn seasonings, this edible gift set is for serious movie watchers only. Whip up one bag of classic butter popcorn and another of cookie dough-flavored popcorn for a salty and sweet snack. The perfect balance, just like the pair of you.

16. At-Home Wine Tasting

Wine tasting new relationship gift
Photo: In Good Taste

In Good Taste offers curated gift boxes of wine, with six to eight small bottles in each bundle so you and your new boo can sample flavors from around the world right from the comfort of your (or their) home. It's a fun way to celebrate their birthday if they're a self-proclaimed oenophile or toast to an important milestone, like your one-month anniversary. Cheers!

17. Decision Dice

Wooden personalized dice with dinner options on each side cool gift for new relationship
Photo: Etsy

No matter how young your relationship is, you've probably already exchanged these two phrases: "What do you want to eat?" and "I'm happy with anything, what do you want to eat?" Instead of the back-and-forth, just roll these dice! Each wooden die is engraved with different cuisines to help you deduce where to go (or order from) for dinner. Decision made!

18. Build Your Own Pizza Kit

Build-your-own-pizza kit new relationship gift
Photo: Harry & David

Of course, instead of waiting for a pizza delivery, you could make your own pies as a new relationship gift and date idea! This specialty kit comes with two organic artisan pizza crusts—one for each of you—organic heirloom tomato marinara sauce, Colby Jack and Sicilian Jack cheese, roasted bell peppers with garlic and pepperoni. You don't need to be a good cook to make a delicious dinner together.

19. An Overnight Pack

Overnight pack new relationship gift

If your new relationship has progressed to sleepovers, this small but mighty backpack is a great way to make sure they're prepared for an overnight date. It has a trendy puffer exterior with a side pocket to fit their cell phone, plus multiple interior pockets for maximum organization. It's an especially great gift idea if the person you just started dating lives far away.

20. Pajamas To Leave At Your House

Purple Skims tank top and boxer pajama set new relationship gift
Photo: Skims

Speaking of sleepovers, gift your new boo a set of pajamas to leave at your place. Pair this cozy tank top with boxer shorts from Kim Kardishan's beloved brand Skims. They come in a few classic colorways, like cream, grey and black, as well as some limited edition hues like pretty Sugar Plum purple. They might love this 'fit so much that they'll get a second set for their own home.

21. StubHub Gift Card

StubHub gift card new relationship gift idea
Photo: StubHub

What about a gift for your new boyfriend, girlfriend or partner that'll get you both out of the house? Slip a StubHub gift card into a cute card—or into their email inbox—to then buy tickets to a sporting event, concert or show that you both can enjoy. The next date night plan is set!

22. Cooking Class

Cooking class new relationship gift
Photo: Sur La Table

You know what they say: The way to the heart is through the stomach. Of course, if neither of you feels comfortable in the kitchen, a cooking class might be the perfect way to take your relationship—and culinary skills—up a level. Sur La Table offers affordable in-person and online classes for you to learn the art of cooking together.

23. Fancy Olive Oil

Olive oil new relationship gift
Photo: Brightland

Every meal will become twice as flavorful thanks to Brightland's high-quality olive oil. Made with early-harvest Arbequina olives grown on small family farms in California, this olive oil is cold-pressed by a master miller quickly after harvest for maximum freshness and flavor. It's a great gift idea if the person you just started dating is a self-proclaimed chef.

24. Talking Point Beer Pints

Talking point beer glasses new relationship gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Want to take date night with someone new up a notch? Help ensure the conversation flows with these clever pint glasses. As you drink, use the prompts that appear down the glass to guide your conversation. It's a playful holiday gift for new relationships, especially if your very first date was at a brewery.

25. Hair and Beard Oil

Hair and beard oil new relationship gift
Photo: Aesop

Does your new sweetheart have a beard? Help them keep their face soft and smooth with this super luxe beard oil. The hydrating oil will help smooth their facial hair without leaving an oily residue, while imparting shine and a subtle citrus aroma. They're going to love having a fresh face for all of your dates.

26. Bath Salt Set

Bath salt set new relationship gift
Photo: Maude

Let your new partner know the relationship will be fun and stress-free with a little R&R gift. This relaxation gift set comes with scented bath salts and coconut milk bath liquid to infuse the water with nourishing vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a solo—or partnered—soak.

27. Faux Fur Throw

Faux fur throw new relationship gift
Photo: Nordstrom

Arguably, one of the best parts of getting into a relationship is having someone to snuggle with. Make every couch cuddle a little better with this extra-plush blanket. This cozy throw comes in a variety of stunning colors like snow, quartz and sand. You may even find yourself coming back to buy one of your own.

28. Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble tea milk new relationship gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Why go out for coffee or cocktails when you can go out for boba tea? This cute drink kit comes with two flavors of loose-leaf tea and tapioca pearls, so your new partner can make their favorite drink at home. It even comes with two stainless steel straws so they can whip one up for you too—or you can just share one!

29. Cashmere Beanie

Cashmere beanie new relationship gift
Photo: Quince

Winter accessories are good gifts for new relationships blossoming in winter or early spring. Why? They're a cold-weather staple and you don't need to know your S.O.'s size to buy them. This unisex ribbed beanie is made even better thanks to its luxuriously soft cashmere makeup. It comes in 12 different colors, so you can pick one that matches their style or outerwear. If you're unsure what they'd like, black or gray is always a classic choice.

30. Candy Delivery

Sugarwish candy delivery new relationship gift
Photo: Sugarwish

Whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day or their birthday, candy is a foolproof first gift for your partner. If you're unsure what their favorite treat is, turn to Sugarwish. You can send them a voucher for a candy box—with a custom card—so they can pick out two to 12 sweet goodies. They have everything from Hershey's Kisses to Sour Patch Kids to Jolly Ranchers, so you know their sweet tooth will be satisfied.

31. Hot Chocolate Gift Box

Set of three luxury hot chocolates as a new relationship gift
Photo: Wittard

Who doesn't love a cup of hot chocolate to sip on in winter? This cold-weather treat is a fitting Christmas or Hanukkah gift for someone you just started dating. That said, a chocolate lover will gladly accept this indulgent gift box any day of the year. It'll treat them to a classic hot cocoa mix, as well as a white hot chocolate mix and a dark hot chocolate mix.

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