Just Some LGBTQIA+ Romance Books You Should Probably Add to Your TBR

Enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, etc., etc.
A collage of LGBTQIA best selling books
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Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
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Updated May 24, 2024
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In the garden of book genres, romance is amongst the perennials. Need a beach read? Grab a summertime romance set in a seaside town. And what goes better with cozy winter weather than a steamy story? If it's LGBTQIA+ books and gay romance books that you're specifically after (because who doesn't appreciate seeing themselves represented?), just copy and paste this round-up to your TBR wishlist. Here, we've curated you a library of just some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ romance books as of late.

Sapphic romance books full of that summertime sadness? We got 'em. Gay romance books full of roaring-fire tropes? Right this way. There's never a bad time for a romance novel. Was someone trying to tell you otherwise?

From enemies-to-lovers to friends-to-lovers and everything in between, these LGBTQIA+ books won't leave you short of choice.

Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun

Here We Go Again book cover with two cartoon girls outside a car in the desert
Photo: Bookshop

We're starting strong with a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers situation in this queer romance. While Logan and Rosemary were friends in their youth, a falling-out led to a 10-year silence. But now, they've somehow found themselves on a cross-country road trip, fulfilling a former English teacher's dying wish. A queer road trip rom-com, this one will make you laugh, cry and swoon—sometimes all at once!

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue book cover
Photo: Bookshop

Whether this one has been on your TBR for a while or you're interested in the source material after watching the movie on Amazon Prime, let this be your sign to finally read the BookTok obsession. Casey McQuiston's novel is a memorable enemies-turned-lovers romp starring the fictional President's son and a British prince. You'll quickly be rooting for the pair—their sexual tense, steamy romps and grade-A banter make it all too easy.

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

One Last Stop book cover with two girls on a train
Photo: Bookshop

This beloved sapphic romance book, the follow-up from Red, White & Royal Blue author McQuiston, tells a magical New York City tale: When August spots Jane on the subway, she's immediately infatuated by her cool-girl leather jacket and '70s-inspired aesthetic. But this isn't your average meet-cute—where would be the fun in that? Jane is actually displaced in time and it's up to August to save her. (Naturally.)

Triple SEC by Tj Alexander

Triple SEC book cover with three hands and a cocktail glass
Photo: Bookshop

How many romance novels have you read that spotlight a queer, polyamorous relationship? Bartender Mel is bummed to learn that the cute girl that just waltzed into the bar is happily married to a man. Turns out though, they're in an open relationship. So Mel begins to date the beautiful stranger and, as their relationship blooms, she begins to discover all the unexpected, fulfilling ways love can look.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

The Song of Achilles book cover with a gold helmet
Photo: Bookshop

This New York Times Bestseller and BookTok fave is as dreamy as everyone says it is. Author Madeline Miller reframes the legend of Achilles and the Trojan War to focus on an otherworldly romance between Patroclus (of Illaid fame) and the Greek hero Achilles. Expertly, she makes a sweeping, epic tale seem intimate and the romantic prose is the stuff the genre is all about.

Never Ever Getting Back Together by Sophie Gonzales

Never Ever Getting Back Together book cover with two girls and a boy on a staircase
Photo: Bookshop

Bachelor fans, this one's for you. On fictional reality show Second-Chance Romance, several of slimy leading man Jordy's exes are competing for his affection. But as drama fills the mansion and the world watches, the staged romance begins to reveal the sparks of a different one: Two of Jordy's exes, Maya and Skye, unearth a genuine connection that's far from the semi-scripted fairy tale they signed on for.

Best Men by Sidney Karger

Best Men book cover with two men sitting on a pier
Photo: Bookshop

After Max Moody's best friend Paige announces her sudden engagement, she taps Max as her best man. While Max finds the groom to be a nice guy, he instantly clashes with his younger brother Chasten—the groom's best man. As the wedding approaches, Max and Chasten find themselves at odds. But, amidst the chaos of wedding planning, a tentative spark ignites between them. Can they navigate their roles in Paige's big day and perhaps discover a deeper connection of their own in this opposites-attract romp?

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book cover with a blonde woman wearing a green dress
Photo: Bookshop

If you've yet to pick up this glamorous, addictive tome, picture the titular character as a blend between Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. A screen siren throughout the Golden Age of Hollywood, Evelyn Hugo is now nearing her 80s and is recounting her scandalous life and secrets for a memoir. Alternating between Evelyn's raw confessions and the curious eyes of Monique, it's a seductive saga about the cost of fame and a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Sorry, Bro by Taleen Voskuni

Sorry, Bro book cover with two girls having a picnic beside the brooklyn bridge
Photo: Bookshop

After being convinced by her meddling mother to join a cultural immersion trip to Armenia for a month, Armenian-American Nareh meets the captivating Erebuni—and the trip suddenly takes a turn. A closeted bisexual, Nareh grapples with her sexual identity while rediscovering her roots and, ultimately, learns to embrace who she truly is.

In the Case of Heartbreak by Courtney Kay

In the Case of Heartbreak book cover with two boys standing on a pier
Photo: Bookshop

Meet Ben, the mastermind behind his family café's delectable cinnamon rolls who is secretly smitten with his neighbor, charming musician Adam Reed. Tired of playing it safe, Ben dives headfirst into a nationwide baking competition to rescue the café from financial woes. But when his grand gesture to confess his love on live TV fails, Ben finds himself fleeing town for his grandma's birthday. There in California, amidst sun and sea, fate throws him another curveball: Guess who Grandma booked for her party's musical act?

New Adult by Timothy Janovsky

New Adult book cover
Photo: Bookshop

Think of this one as a queer 13 Going on 30. At 23, Nolan Baker dreams big but struggles to make ends meet in NYC's comedy scene. After a last-minute comedy gig forces him to miss his sister's wedding and flake on his date (his best friend Drew), the ensuing fallout makes Nolan wish to fast-forward through the messiness of his 20s. Magically waking up the next morning at 30, he finds himself to be a comedy star—but without his loved ones at his side. Desperate to fix his mistakes, Nolan seeks Drew's help, only to find a changed man who resents him. Following Nolan as he attempts to find his way back home (and into his old friend's heart), this queer rom-com is sweet, hopeful and just the right amount of whimsical.

A Shot in the Dark by Victoria Lee

A Shot in the Dark book cover with two people kissing
Photo: Bookshop

This passionate, emotionally charged LGBTQIA+ book unfolds the love story of two artists: Wyatt Cole has since become an art world legend after being disowned by his family and dishonorably discharged from the military for coming out as transgender. Meanwhile, photography student Elisheva Cohen is healing from being shunned by her Orthodox community after her substance abuse issues came to light. Together, they break down each other's walls during their stirring explorations of art and passion.

Can't Resist Her by Kianna Alexander

Can't Resist Her book cover with two girls standing side by side
Photo: Bookshop

Returning to her hometown of Austin, Texas, Summer Graves is determined to save the high school her grandmother founded from demolition despite the progress-driven agenda of architect Aiko Holt—an old high school flame. Reunited after years apart, they clash over the fate of the neighborhood, but their opposing views only turn up the heat on their electric passion. (We love a rekindling romance!)

The Prospects by Kt Hoffman

The Prospects book cover with two baseball players celebrating
Photo: Bookshop

As the first openly trans player in the minor leagues, Gene Ionescu is proud of the career he's built. Things get complicated however when his rival, Luis Estrada, joins the team. But despite their on-field clashes and dugout brawls, Gene and Luis begin to discover that their chemistry is actually in a league all its own.

Kiss Her Once for Me by Alison Cochrun

Kiss Her Once for Me book cover with two girls talking on high chairs
Photo: Bookshop

The holiday rom-com of your queer dreams, Kiss Her Once for Me stars Elie Oliver who, after the loss of her dream job, is prepositioned to marry an acquaintance to help him gain his inheritance and solve her own financial woes. But while spending the holidays together, Elie is introduced to her new (pretend) groom's sister, Jack—a woman she shared a meet-cute with the previous Christmas Eve, fell for and then never saw again. You're going to want to pair some mulled wine with this one.

Something Wild & Wonderful by Anita Kelly

Something Wild & Wonderful book cover
Photo: Bookshop

Talk about an unexpected meet-cute: While embarking on the Pacific Crest Trail, Alexei Lebedev encounters fellow hiker Ben Caravalho, sparking a trailside romance. Amidst the wilderness, their connection deepens, leading to a love that mirrors the trail's twists and turns—but can it survive the untamed wilderness of real life?

Chef's Choice by Tj Alexander

Chef's Choice book cover with two people shaking hands
Photo: Bookshop

When culinary heir Jean-Pierre needs a faux girlfriend to secure his inheritance, Luna O'Shea seizes the opportunity. She is newly unemployed, after all. But in order to get the check from Jean-Pierre's celebrity chef grandfather, they must first master a series of complicated family recipes. Together, they (both trans characters) embark on a culinary journey, with Luna stepping into unfamiliar territory as well as simmering feelings for Jean-Pierre.

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