18 Perfectly Messy Bridesmaids Hairstyles

You know, for that effortlessly-chic look.
by Andrea Fowler

Everyone wants that just-thrown-together, zero effort but maximum cool vibes hairstyle—especially when it comes to standing up in your friend or family member's wedding. Being a part of a wedding party means you'll be the subject of a lot of photos, you might be standing up at the altar and the spotlight will be on you at the reception too. 

If a hair stylist appointment isn't scheduled for you, there are plenty of messy-chic hairstyles that you can totally do on your own. You'd be amazed at how a couple braids or French twists can breathe new life into a traditional bun or updo. Check out our 18 favorite styles below!

  1. 1. Messy Bun With Flowers

    Messy bridesmaid wedding updo with flowers
    photo by Nicole Lapierre Photography
  2. 2. Boho Fishtail Braid

    Messy boho fishtail wedding hairstyle
    photo by Sarah Murray Photography
  3. 3. Loose Waves

    Long loose curls for a messy bridesmaid hairstyle
    photo by Ginny Corbett Photography
  4. 4. Messy Low Bun With Twists

    Messy wedding hairstyle with greenery
    photo by Libby Neder Photography
  5. 5. Messy Sideswept Bun With Ranunculus

    Messy bridesmaid hairstyle with a low chignon and ranunculus
  6. 6. Straight Hairstyle With a Middle Part

    Chic straight wedding hairstyle with a middle part
    photo by Sarah Murray Photography
  7. 7. Half-Up Waves

    Messy curly and wavy half-up bridesmaid hairstyles
    photo by lucky malone
  8. 8. Low Chignon With Bangs

    Low messy bridesmaid hairstyle with fresh flowers
  9. 9. Messy Bun With Twisted Curls

    Messy low bun wedding hairstyle for brides or bridesmaids
    photo by Anna Shackleford Photography
  10. 10. Whispy Chignon With Baby's Breath

    Whispy wedding updo with a rose and baby's breath
    photo by Ross Goodman Photography
  11. 11. Low Bun With Curled Tendrils

    Messy low bun bridesmaid hairstyle
    photo by Allie Skylar Photography
  12. 12. Messy Side Bun

    Messy side bun bridesmaid hairstyle
    photo by Sophia Lemon
  13. 13. Loose Half-Up Style With Baby's Breath

    Loose half-up wedding hairstyle with baby's breath
    photo by Renascent Photography
  14. 14. Messy Waves With Braids

    Bridesmaid hairstyles with messy waves
    photo by M&E Photo Studio
  15. 15. Half-Up Waves

    Messy half-back curly bridesmaid hairstyle
    photo by Sarah Bradshaw Photography
  16. 16. Loose Braid-Wrapped Ponytail

    Messy bridesmaid hairstyle with a braid
    photo by Leila Bewster Photography
  17. 17. Messy Low Side Bun

    Messy low side bun with curls
    photo by Tory WIlliam Photography
  18. 18. Messy Bun With a Twist

    Messy low side bun bridesmaid hairstyle with a twist
    photo by Rad | Photographer
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