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This Bride Crocheted Her Wedding Dress On The Bus to Work!

Bride Crochets Her Own Wedding Dress |
Reddit via Alkikat
Rachel Torgerson
by Rachel Torgerson

Crochet isn't just for doilies and coffee cozies anymore. One enterprising bride (Reddit user alkikat) went the whole nine yards (ahem, yarns?) for her wedding style when she took her crochet talents to the ultimate test and made a full-blown wedding dress! Using a fairly common pattern (the pineapple pattern) she spent 5 months creating her wedding look during her commute to and from work. Not bad, considering her wedding dress only set her back $30, including the lining. "My commute time couldn't be used for anything else anyway," the crafty bride explains. The dress is both machine washable and doesn't wrinkle or need special care. Plus, we think it ended up being a super flattering look! And, talk about reusing your wedding dress — she plans to switch out the linings with different colors so she can wear the dress over and over. Take a look at this cool stop-motion video she created of her crochet process, below.

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