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15 Stages Every Groom Goes Through (in GIFs)

Meet the many expressions of the groom-to-be.
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Updated Jul 17, 2020

Think grooms are totally checked out of the wedding planning process? Think again. Even if they try to act mellow or even appear disinterested, trust us—they've got a lot of emotions about the whole thing too. Get ready to experience 15 stages every groom-to-be goes through.

1. Right before he proposes:

2. When you say "yes":

3. When you ask him whether he'd prefer letterpress or engraved invitations:

4. When you show him your wedding planning checklist:

5. When you ask him what his ideal wedding location is:

6. At your first official cake tasting:

7. When you go over how much the wedding will probably cost:

8.  Before his bachelor party:

9.  After his bachelor party:

10. When he tries on his wedding suit for the first time:

12. When he has to entertain your aunts and uncles while you talk to your wedding party at the rehearsal dinner:

12. The morning of the wedding:

13. Seeing you on your wedding day for the first time:

14. On your wedding night:

15. Right before you head off on your honeymoon:

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