20 Bachelor Party Gifts To Celebrate His Groom Status

From funny swag and boozy favors to group activities.
Bachelor party gift ideas: groom baseball cap, beer dart game, lighter, personalized sunglasses and case
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Updated Mar 21, 2024
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Bachelor and bachelorette parties are one of the most anticipated prewedding celebrations. Friends, family and fiancés alike look forward to the quality time together, indulging in good food and drinks, and hitting the town. While it's common to give party favors, what about bachelor party gifts or bachelorette party gifts for the celebrated future spouse? Below, we'll dive into the etiquette of bachelor party gifts for the groom, specifically, plus how to shop for the special guy.

Our list of gift ideas ranges from funny to practical and even keepsake-worthy. Plus, we account for all types of bachelor party themes—whether you're heading to the coast, hitting the mountains, visiting Vegas or staying local.

Keep reading for your all-inclusive guide to the best bachelor party gifts.

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Do You Bring a Gift to a Bachelor Party?

In short, no you aren't required to bring a gift for the groom to the bachelor party. That said—just like guests appreciate bachelor party favors, the groom wouldn't turn down a bonus present!

Typically, bachelor party gifts are items that the groom can enjoy during the festivities—like alcohol, food, cigars, personalized drinkware or swag. Of course, instead of physical gifts, the group can also choose to cover some of the groom's costs during the event, such as his drinks out, a nice dinner or a fun activity like golfing, boating or ATV'ing. Whatever you or the group decides, any gift for the bachelor will make him feel extra appreciated and loved.

The Best Bachelor Party Gift Ideas

So, you want to get the groom a gift for the bachelor party, but you aren't sure where to start. Allow this list to be your guide. Below, we've rounded up 20 great bachelor party gifts to make it an event to remember.

1. Groom Baseball Hat

Groom baseball hat gift idea for a bachelor party.
Photo: WelshMtnCo

Whether you're planning a day on the coast or in the mountains, make sure the guest of honor doesn't get burnt by gifting him a new cap. This classic trucker snapback is personalized with a leather patch that shows off his groom title, as well as his and his fiancé's initials and future wedding date. (He'll definitely pack this hat for the honeymoon, too.)

2. Customized YETI Tumbler

Yeti tumbler, gift idea for bachelor party.
Photo: YETI

This popular gift for groomsmen also makes a good bachelor party gift for the groom. Everyone loves YETI's products, thanks to their durability and great insulation that keeps drinks chilled or hot. Give the groom a custom tumbler to hold his morning wake-up coffee or poolside cocktail. This 20- or 30-ounce travel mug comes in 10 different colors and can be personalized with his name or a fun logo on the front and back.

3. Personalized Sunglasses and Case

Personalized sunglasses and case bachelor party gift
Photo: AuthorL

His future as a husband is so bright he needs shades. Treat the groom to a pair of wayfarer-style sunglasses and a full-grain leather case. He'll especially appreciate the gift if he didn't pack his own or doesn't want to wear (and potentially lose) his nice sunglasses while camping, boating or off-roading. Best of all, both items can be personalized with his name.

4. "Best Shot of the Day" Glass

Personalized shot glass gift idea for bachelor party.
Photo: Personalization Mall

Attending a golf-themed bachelor party? Why not split the cost of a round of golf for the groom with all the guests? Then, afterward, head to the clubhouse for lunch and a drink—starting with a shot from this funny bachelor party gift. It reads: "[Groom's name]'s best shot of the day," which is particularly hilarious if he's not the best golfer of the group.

5. Battlechip Golf Game Set

Battlechip golf game bachelor party gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

For the guy whose love of backyard games equals that for his future spouse, treat him to a new challenge: Battlechip. This super fun bachelor party gift will bring out the competitive spirit of the whole crew. The game is similar to cornhole, in which players aim for a target a few feet away, except instead of tossing bean bags they'll hit (foam) golf balls.

6. Custom-Engraved Bourbon Bottle

Eagle Rare engraved bourbon bottle gift idea for a bachelor party.
Photo: Nestor Liquor

We love bachelor party gifts that can be both enjoyed at the event and saved as a keepsake—like a custom-engraved bottle of the groom's favorite liquor. If he's a bourbon drinker, we recommend the popular (yet hard-to-find in-store) brand Eagle Rare. This particular bottle has been aged 10 years. Personalize the side of the bottle with his name, the occasion, an important date or a short message—like "Congratulations!" Just note: If it's a destination bachelor party, you'll need to check your bag to transport liquor.

7. On-the-Go Old Fashioned Set

Old-fashioned set bachelor party gift
Photo: Amazon

It's high time to put an end to those nights of taking pulls straight from the bottle and upgrade to something a bit more sophisticated. Crafted by bartenders with real ingredients, this Old Fashioned kit is a game-changer. With five single-serve bottles of a concentrated mix—featuring a bourbon barrel-aged blend of golden cane sugar, molasses, bitters and dried orange peel—it seamlessly blends with aged spirits such as bourbon, rye whiskey or scotch. With just a simple pour over ice, the groom can effortlessly enjoy his favorite drink and raise a toast to good friends.

8. Bachelor Party T-Shirt

Personalized bachelor party T-shirt gift idea.
Photo: zoeysattic

All attendees will want this bachelor party swag gift. This T-shirt is a fun souvenir if the celebration is a tropical vacay. It features a scenic illustration of a beach at sunset with the phrase, "Good friends, good beer, good times," underneath. You can even customize it with the groom's name, the party destination and the date. It's available in 40 different shirt colors, and the seller also offers other bach-theme shirts, like a mountain weekend, a desert soiree and more.

9. Custom Face Swim Shorts

Custom face swim shorts bachelor party gift
Photo: yescustomgifts

For a bachelor party gag gift that's as hilarious as it is useful, consider custom swim trunks adorned with the face of the groom's fiancé. These one-of-a-kind shorts are sure to turn heads as the groom lounges by the pool or hits the beach with his crew. His new spouse will get a laugh when he pulls them out again for the honeymoon to boldly show off his taken status.

10. Virgin Experiences Gift

Virgin Gift Experiences gift card, bachelor party gift idea.
Photo: Virgin Experiences

Experiences are great bachelor party gift ideas, and Virgin Experiences is just one way to get the crew out of the house and trying new things. They have over 3,400 getaways and activities to choose from—like river rafting in Colorado, racing Lamborghinis in Las Vegas or a pizza, beer and history tour in New York City. No matter where you're going or what the groom enjoys, there'll be a thrilling activity on this list to add to the itinerary.

11. Personalized Beer Pint

Personalized beer pint glass gift idea for bachelor party.
Photo: The Knot Shop

If the bachelor party schedule starts (and ends) with drinking beer, the groom-to-be absolutely deserves a special pint to sip from. This glass stein holds 25 ounces (!) of his favorite brew and is vertically engraved with his name and an important date, like the bach party or his wedding day. If you're looking to gift a little more, pair it with a six-pack of his favorite suds.

12. Beer Darts Game

Beer darts game bachelor party gift
Photo: Beer Darts

Looking for the ultimate bachelor party activity that combines fun, convenience and competition? Look no further than Beer Darts! Players stand about 10 feet apart and attempt to puncture their opponent's cans with darts. Each successful hit results in a drink—once your can is empty, you're eliminated so the last team with beer left wins. With its portable design, Beer Darts snaps together magnetically and easily slips into a pocket or backpack. Additionally, it features a built-in bottle opener and an adjustable holder to fit even the skinniest seltzer cans. The groom will be eager to take this bachelor party present home to challenge more of his friends and family to a round.

13. Personalized Cooler Backpack

Personalized cooler backpack bachelor party gift
Photo: JoyfulTidingsBridal

Whether the bachelor party consists of a hike, beach day or tailgate, this all-in-one cooler backpack will ensure the groom and his crew all have a refreshing drink. Its fully lined water-resistant interior and thermal insulation can keep 24 cans or six wine bottles cold at a time. Plus, with an additional zippered pocket on the front, two side mesh pockets and knapsack-style buckle straps, it offers ample space for carrying other party essentials too. Even better, it can be custom embroidered with the groom's name or initials, adding a personal touch.

14. Engraved Pocket Knife

Customizable survival knife bachelor party gift
Photo: Leatherman

Headed into the mountains to celebrate the bachelor-no-more? Make sure he—and the wilderness squad—is prepared for anything nature throws with a compact pocket knife. This handy tool is also equipped with an awl, three screwdrivers, a pry tool and a bottle opener. Better still, it's engravable, so you can put his name right on the blade. How's that for a cool and personalized bachelor party gift?

15. Stylish Windproof Lighter

Windproof lighter bachelor party gift
Photo: Bespoke Post

Whether he's lighting wood for a fire under the stars or indulging in celebratory cigars with his friends, the groom will appreciate the timeless elegance and reliability of a Zippo lighter. With its signature all-metal construction and windproof design, this particular ignitor is laser-engraved with classic Americana iconography like a bucking bronco or a herd of wild buffalo grazing. Fueled by refillable lighter fluid and backed by a lifetime guarantee, it's a gift he can rely on for years to come. It's a small, yet useful bachelor party gift for the groom who appreciates tradition and craftsmanship.

16. Personalized Cigar Travel Case

Personalized travel cigar case bachelor party gift
Photo: FlowertownWeddings

Smoking cigars is a classic groomsmen activity, whether it's at the bachelor party or on the big day. Make sure the groom is well-stocked for both occasions with a luxe travel cigar case and, naturally, cigars the whole crew can enjoy (sold separately). This stainless-steel and vegan-leather case is laser engraved with his monogram on the front and a personal note on the back. Think: "Congratulations, you're a great friend and will be an even greater husband." It even comes with a cigar cutter.

17. Monogrammed Poker Set

Leather monogrammed poker set by Mark and Graham bachelor party gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

Hosting the bachelor party in Vegas? While the guests can get playing cards as a bachelor party favor, the groom can receive a sleek poker set. It includes two decks and 100 poker chips (25 each of white, red, green and blue), all packed up in a sleek pebbled-leather case with a soft suede lining. Better still, the top can be foil-debossed with his monogram.

18. Groom-To-Be Sash

Groom-to-be sash bachelor party gift
Photo: Amazon

Deck out the groom-to-be with this swag gift idea for a bachelor party: a black and gold sash. If that's a touch too flashy for him, it also comes with a ribbon to pin him as the man of the hour. (Hopefully, it'll help score him some free drinks at the bar!)

19. Customized Cutting Board

Customized cutting board bachelor party gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

Every BBQ—starting with the bachelor party—will be made better thanks to this extra-large wooden cutting board. The grill essential is outfitted with a juice well and grip handles for no-drip carving. Have it personalized with his name, wedding year and a clever phrase, like "The man, the meat, the legend."

20. Hot Sauce-Making Kit

Hot sauce making class gift idea for bachelor party from Uncommon Goods.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Need an indoor activity for the whole group to enjoy? Consider hot sauce-making. Simply pick up an array of peppers from the store, then open this easy-to-use kit to learn how to blend and season the ingredients into a spicy condiment. Test everyone's creations over a catered or homemade dinner. You could even take it a step further and sign up for a virtual class to really dive into the artistry of hot sauce making.

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