6 Brow Mistakes Not to Make Before Your Wedding Day

Because no one wants red, itchy eyebrows on their wedding day.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Nov 08, 2018

As far as we're concerned, beautiful eyebrows are the best accessory—especially on a day you'll be photographed as much as your wedding day.

But as we all know (hey, we all lived through the early-aughts), it can be a little too easy to get carried away with something as delicate as your brows. That's why it's important to know where to draw the line (no pun intended). So, we tapped celebrity eyebrow specialist Joey Healy to tell us the biggest brow mistakes not to make before your wedding day—check them out below.

1. Trying Drastic Experiments

Inspired by a particular celeb's brows or a new trend? You're not alone. That said, don't try anything too "out of the box" close to your wedding date.

"It can be interesting to lighten up a shape with bleach or exploring a straight brow trend," says Healy. "But now's not the time to play around."

Instead, Healy suggests seeking out a pro who can give you customized shaping based on your unique bone structure, and using at-home growth serums or a low-commitment tinted gel lacquer to change up your shape or shade as subtly and safely as possible. Remember to always stick with a classic shape—and a shade within your natural color range—that has fullness yet definition. Once your nuptials are over, feel free to bleach 'em all you want.

2. Waxing

If you have a trusted brow professional whom you love—and you haven't seen any adverse reactions from getting waxed in the past—then go for it a few days out from your wedding (at least). Otherwise, stick with your trusty tweezers and trimming scissors instead.

"Wax [has chemicals in it], can cause burns and will ultimately break down your collagen and result in wrinkles," says Healy. "Not only is tweezing a chemical-free alternative that can be used on all skin types—even sensitive and retinol users—the results are simply more precise and flattering, which is what you want on your wedding day."

Not sold yet? Healy explains that, artistically speaking, tweezers allow you complete control to sculpt the brow to suit your bone structure and you have a way lower chance of risking ingrown hairs and irritation.

3. Spray Tanning Before a Brow Tint

Do this only if you want green eyebrows (which we know you don't).

"The active tint interacts with a fresh spray tan, creating an unsightly stain on the skin that's difficult to remove," explains Healy. "Wait at least 24 hours post-brow tinting to spray tan."

If you are getting a spray tan in close proximity to getting your brows done, Healy recommends applying a light coating of Vaseline on your brow hairs to avoid the reddish tint that might settle.

Also, make sure to shape them prior to tanning to avoid a "zebra effect"—aka, patches of new bright skin that don't match your bronzed color.


4. Microblading Close to Your Wedding Date

Microblading is a brow-enhancing modality that definitely isn't for everyone—but especially not for to-be-weds.

"After the initial treatment, brows need time to heal which means avoiding a number of things, including getting them wet or sweating and sleeping in a certain position to avoid putting pressure on them," says Healy. "The appearance is initially dark and scabby and the results look harsh for weeks on end... and there's an itchiness and peeling stage too."

Yikes. And at the end of all this—who knows if you'll even like your new brow shape and color? Healy recommends waiting until after your honeymoon entirely "if you're dead set on exploring microblading."

5. Getting Them Done the Day Before Your Wedding

This should go without saying: You're cutting it way too close if you get your brows done the day before your wedding, especially if you have sensitivities or a history of reactive skin. Worried they won't look "fresh" if you get them done too far in advance? Don't be.

"The brow shape should hold beautifully for several days," says Healy.

6. Letting Multiple People Work on Your Brows

You should stick with one expert and one expert only in the months leading up your wedding. This can be a tough task considering you'll likely encounter a few makeup artists along the way—engagement photos, anyone?—but trust us on this one.

"If a makeup artist insists on touching up your shape, resist!" advises Healy. "You have to realize it's okay to say 'no.' You need to protect your brow shape and save every hair for your particular brow specialist."

Yes, this includes resisting your own urge to do any maintenace—unless you have a truly errant hair here or there.

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