34 Engagement Gifts for Friends to Make Them Feel Like the Beyoncé of Fiancés

Mark the milestone (or really, the milediamond) with something special.
Engagement gift ideas for friend
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Updated Nov 30, 2023
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Pop the bubbly and squeeze them tight: Your bestie is a full-blown fiancé! An engagement gift for your friend is just the way to show them how excited you are for this next chapter, whether you were hiding in the bushes—camera in hand—ready to capture the moment the question was popped or you received the news during a squealing-with-excitement FaceTime. Of course, there's no need to splurge on something extravagant for the occasion—after all, there's still the shower and wedding gift to think about. Celebratory goodies that are small, but thoughtful, take the cake when it comes to great engagement gifts, like a handwritten card paired with a journal to jot down some thoughts and keep them sane during the wedding planning process. The budget and size of the gift is completely up to you—as long as it's from the heart, your friend will love it. Need help sourcing ideas? We've made the ultimate list of newly engaged gift ideas for your friend, from cheeky presents to sentimental surprises. Now get scrolling and think about how adorable that newly engaged glow looks on your pal.

1. Night Sky Glasses

Beer or wine glasses etched with night sky engagement gift for friend
Photo: Uncommon Goods

We're gushing over this engagement present for friends. Whether the pair are beer drinkers or wine sippers (or one of each), this custom drinkware will help them celebrate their relationship at every at-home happy hour. Each glass in the set of two is precision engraved with the constellations that were visible in the sky at the exact location and time they got engaged. You can also add their names, the engagement date and a short description, like "The night they said 'yes' to forever."

2. Engraved Bottle of Wine

Engraved wine bottle Cheers to You engagement gift for best friend
Photo: Mano's Wine

A bottle of wine or bubbly is a classic engagement gift idea for friends, but to make the notion even more special for your best friend, opt for this special engraved option. This full-bodied California cab comes in a bottle that's etched with two clinking glasses and a celebratory message: "Cheers to you!" Once they enjoy the sips, they'll have a festive keepsake to display.

3. Custom Envelope Embosser

Custom address embosser engagement gift for friend
Photo: Zazzle

A practical gift idea that'll come in handy throughout your friend's engagement: a return address stamp. Save your bestie and their fiancé hours of handwriting on envelopes with this custom embosser that'll give their many coming thank-you notes a super-luxe touch. Zazzle has hundreds of designs to choose from—just make sure you get the spelling of their names and their current home address correct.

4. Wooden Memory Box

Personalized wooden memory box engagement gift for friends
Photo: Muujee Weddings

Help your friend and their fiancé keep their wedding mementos safe with an attractive memory box. From their engagement party and wedding shower invitations to their eventual wedding photos, this wooden crate will safely store all of their keepsakes for them to look back on for years to come. The lid is even engraved with the couple's names and any further details you want to include, like an engagement location and date.

5. Set of Kissing Mugs

Kissing mugs engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Your friend and their betrothed are the cutest. Celebrate their adorable coupledom with this pair of mugs. Each one features a delicate painted face and they come together to "kiss" when placed side by side. How nice would one of them look held by a diamond-adorned hand?

6. Monogrammed Toiletry Bag

Personalized vegan leather toiletry bag engagement gift for woman or man
Photo: Mark & Graham

With all of those prewedding events on the horizon, your soonlywed friend will need somewhere special to store their grooming or beauty essentials. Enter: this chic vegan leather toiletry bag in stylish cream with brown piping. It can even be personalized with their initials in gold foil for a fancy personalized touch.

7. Marital Bliss Card Game

Marital Bliss card game for couples engagement gift for friend
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Does the dynamic duo enjoy a little friendly competition? This fun-loving card game for couples lasts a whole week and tasks the pair to complete secret missions (like carrying in the groceries without being asked and cooking dinner). Each challenge they complete earns them more points. The partner with the most points wins pampering prizes, like breakfast in bed (nice!). It'll make them extra aware of the little things they can do to ensure a happy marriage.

8. Sentimental Wall Art

Personalized movie theater sign art print engagement gift for friend
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Does their love feel just like it's straight out of a 90s rom-com? Celebrate it with this creative wall art of a movie marquee. It features the couple's names as costars and their engagement date. You can come up with your own title or pick one of three inspired by popular films: "When [Name] Met [Name]," "Sleepless in [City]" or "A Love Story." This engagement gift for your friend will be a cherished part of their home decor for years to come.

9. Cozy Engagement Sweatshirt

'In my engaged era' sweatshirt engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Le Beau Jour

This sweatshirt is equal parts cozy and groovy. It features 70s-inspired text spelling out, "in my engaged era" across the back and some personalization on the front. They may be in their engaged era, but it'll always be you two's bestie era *sniff, sniff, tear wipe.*

10. Champagne-Scented Candle

Homesick Let's Toast champagne-scented candle engagement gift for friend
Photo: Homesick

This will be the newly engaged couple's new favorite candle! Not only is it titled: Let's Toast, but it's also champagne scented to make this flame extra celebration worthy. You can even personalize the packaging with a handwritten note if you don't have time to pick up a card.

11. Gold-Trimmed Agate Coasters

Blue agate coasters engagement gift for friend
Photo: Anthropologie

One can seriously never have enough coasters—they're practical from a furniture-protecting perspective, but can also add some pizazz to a space. Snag them two or four of these, crafted from agate stone with brass-plated edges. They can rest their coffee or wine on one while wedding planning, so they'll feel like they have your support even when you're not sitting next to them. (Bonus points if you choose the blue colorway to check off the "something blue" tradition.)

12. Personalized Shortbread Cookies

Custom Message Shortbread Cookies engagement gift idea for best friend
Photo: Uncommon Goods

There's no sweeter way to celebrate a friend's newly engaged status than with a little dessert. Opt for this box of buttery, scalloped-edge personalized shortbread cookies. Have them stamped with a special note of congratulations for the couple.

13. Sweet Ring Dish

Custom ring dish engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Sweet Clementines Co

Your friend has some new and very important jewelry to take care of, so give them an aww-worthy way to keep it safe. This ceramic ring dish is adorned with the couple's initials joined by a heart with the date of their engagement printed underneath. Choose between a black, silver, gold or rose gold font hue to create a dreamy spot to store their wedding-related bling.

14. Elegant Picture Frame

Personalized 'engaged' photo frame gift idea from best friend
Photo: keeps collective

If you're still feeling stumped on what to get, an engagement picture frame will always be one of the best engagement gifts for friends. This wooden frame is minimalist and modern, with an arched shape and blonde-wood construction. It's not a classic frame—it features no glass, but instead a small gold magnet to hold up a beloved snap. It's engraved simply with the word "engaged" and their names and engagement date beneath.

15. Wellness Journal

Wellness journal engagement gift for friend
Photo: Papier

Let your bestie know that their wellbeing is top priority (yes, even if finalizing the guest list feels like the most important thing in the world right now). A self-care journal like this one will encourage your friend to take some time for themself, connect with their feelings and set the right priorities. You can even customize the cover with their name. Talk about a thoughtful engagement gift idea for your best friend. Pair it with a wedding countdown calendar to remind them that they have plenty of time to plan before the big day.

16. Decorative Heart Dish

Decorative stacking heart dish engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Anthropologie

We'll be the first to say it: Heart-shaped gifts are adorable and you truly can't get any cuter when it comes to celebrating love. This darling alabaster heart dish can store trinkets, matches or any other bits and bobs around their house. And it comes it multiple sizes.

17. Delicious Cookie Delivery

Sugarwish cookie delivery engagement gift for friend
Photo: Sugarwish

Shopping for your long-distance best friend? Ship them freshly baked engagement cookies to say "congrats." You'll simply select the box size, then email them a virtual card to alert them of their gift. From there, they can choose from over 30 delicious cookie flavors to be delivered right to their door. They even have gluten-free and vegan options to accommodate their (or their fiancé's) dietary restrictions, unlike the aforementioned shortbread.

18. Velvet Ring Box

Pink or sage velvet ring box engagement gift for friend
Photo: Birdy Grey

Like a ring dish, a pretty ring box is a great gift for a friend who just got engaged. While they might be tempted to keep their new sparkler on their finger at all times, there'll be instances where taking off their engagement ring is necessary. And in those moments, what better place to keep their precious jewelry safe than this gorgeous velvet box that comes in six luxe colorways? Personalize the lid with the couple's initials for even more pizazz.

19. Set of Coupe Glasses

Set of coupe glasses engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Anthropologie

There's plenty to toast to now that your bestie and their beloved are preparing to tie the knot. And what better way to do it than with a stunning set of coupe glasses? The glassware in this set of four is too lovely, each with a modern shape and soft pastel colorway.

20. Calming Shower Steamers

Calming shower steamers engagement gift for friend
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Self-care is so very important during the wedding planning process. Help your bestie fit in some R&R each week leading up to the big day with this shower steamer gift set. Choose between five or a dozen cubes that'll fill their shower with soothing essential-oil-based scents like lemongrass and lavender. They can also be used as body scrubs to exfoliate and moisturize. Ahh! We feel calmer just thinking about it.

21. Meaningful Beaded Bracelet

Always blue beaded bracelet just engaged gift for friend
Photo: Little Words Project

Shop Little Words Project's bridal collection to give your bestie the second most sentimental piece of jewelry they'll receive this year. Each beaded bracelet features on-theme phrases like "I do" and "forever." We love the thought of giving them an "always" bracelet because it doesn't just symbolize their new commitment to their partner, it also represents your bond as BFFs. Or, better yet, customize your own bracelet to say whatever you'd like if the frien you're shopping for isn't a bride.

22. Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

Embroidered cocktail napkins engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Dixie Weekend

Embroidered table linens are all the rage. But they're also so lovely, classic and elegant. Surprise your betrothed bestie with this set of four embroidered cocktail napkins, each decorated with a smattering of delicate pink bows.

23. Sweet Throw Blanket

Woven cotton throw with hugging hands engagement gift for friend
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you can't be with your friend in person to give them a big congratulatory squeeze, send them this soft cotton throw as an engagement present instead. The black-and-white weave depicts two hugging hands and reads, "very big hug." It'll keep your bestie wrapped up in love even when you are (or their fiancé is) away.

24. Unique Glassware

Cigar holder glass engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Corkcicle

Are they more likely to toast with whiskey than champagne? This rocks glass doubles as a cigar rest—the two perfect accompaniments to the good news. We suggest buying two so they can toast with their fiancé.

25. Helpful Wedding Planner

The Knot wedding planner and organizer engagement gift for friend
Photo: Amazon

Are you already drafted as their wedding planner extraordinaire? (We can't blame them—your taste is exquisite). Make both of your lives easier with The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer. Our new-and-improved guide is full of advice and inspiration, scheduling and budgeting worksheets, vendor checklists with key questions to ask and so much more to help the couple go from "yes" to "I do." Don't underestimate wedding planning gifts; this will be your friend and their fiancé's most-used present.

26. Personalized Golf Balls

Golf balls that can be personalized engagement gift for friend

Looking for a just-engaged gift for a golfer? Surprise your friend with a dozen high-quality golf balls printed with their name. Pair it with a card that promises to take them out for a round of golf whenever they need a break from wedding planning.

27. Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry cleaning device engagement gift idea for friend
Photo: Target

On the theme of practical gifts, there's no doubt they're going to want to keep their new bling sparkling clean. This nifty jewelry cleaner makes it easy to polish platinum or gold jewelry settings, as well as diamonds and other precious stones. Bonus: The slim, mascara-stick-style design is easy to slip into a "congratulations" gift bag.

28. First Holiday Engaged Ornament

First Holiday Engaged Ornament engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: JH Creative Co

Ensure this holiday season is one they never forget with a charming Christmas gift specific for newly engaged couples, like this ornament. The acrylic face—which comes personalized with the couple's names and proposal date—says, "our first Christmas engaged." Bonus points if you pick out a ribbon that matches their planned wedding colors.

29. Map of Their Love Story

Map of their love engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: OrchidPaperBoutique

If they proposed (or said "yes!") on a romantic trip away, then this custom map art is a perfect gift for your engaged friend. The spot where the question was popped will be marked with a colorful heart with their names in cursive above the location and date of their engagement. You can pick the color of the print and choose to have it unframed or framed.

30. Cookbook for Two

Recipe book engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Amazon

This chic little cookbook has so many recipes—all portioned for two people, which are harder to find than you'd think. It'll help them start fiancéd life off right with some dishes to get through weeknight dinners and spruce up at-home date nights. Plus, the cover is stunning, so it'll be a display piece on their kitchen counter.

31. Vinegar Duo

Vinegar duo engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Brightland

Oil and vinegar—name a more iconic couple (other than your friend and their love). Gift the foodie fiancés in your life this lovely set from Brightland, which includes two of the brand's fruity, tart vinegars to blend with their EVOO of choice or drizzle atop salads, pizzas, meats and more. The pair includes a champagne vinegar and a balsamic vinegar.

32. Honeymoon Fund Coin Bank

Honeymoon Fund Money Box engagement gift idea from best friend
Photo: Nikita By Niki

Weddings can be expensive. Help the couple save for the big day, their honeymoon or any experience they want to embark on once they're married with this cute coin bank. The wood and glass box reads, "Honeymoon Fund." This elevated money box is a fun, yet practical engagement gift for anyone starting to budget for their shared life together.

33. Gel Manicure Kit

Beetles gel manicure kit and UV light engagement gift for friend
Photo: Amazon

If your bestie just scored some shiny new bling, chances are their hands have never seen so much attention. This nail polish kit will help them keep their mani photo-ready without constant trips to the salon. From colors to cuticle care tools, this kit comes with all the essentials for a fancy gel manicure right at home. (And the pink, nude, white and sparkly polishes are perfect for any spouse-to-be.) It's an extra-clever engagement gift for your best friend that they'll use all the time.

34. Wedding Planning Survival Kit

Wedding planning survival kit engagement gift for friend
Photo: The Paper Store

Sure, this kit is going to put a smile on your BFF's face thanks to its playful messaging. But it's actually a super-useful wedding planning gift, too. Inside, they'll find 11 practical goodies, including diamond-shaped paper clips, a mini notebook and pen, an eye mask, facial tissues and, our favorite, decision dice.

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