16 Groomsmen Gift Boxes That'll Make Your Crew Feel the Love

These premade sets will save you time and impress your groomsmen.
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Updated Dec 11, 2023
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Your groomsmen will be by your side on one of the biggest days of your life, so why not make a grand proposal or thank you gesture to show them just how much their support means to you? A curated groomsmen gift box filled with goodies makes so much more of an impact than a one-off present and is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. If assembling a custom box yourself sounds too consuming (after all, you are planning a wedding), we hear you. We've compiled a list of ready-made groomsmen boxes to remove the guesswork from gifting, saving you valuable time and energy. From personalized golf gear to delicious sweet treats, these pre-assembled groomsmen gift sets are a great surprise for your MVPs before (or shortly after) the big day. We've also included a few creative options that you can finish off yourself with a thoughtful groomsmen card or a proposal invite.

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What Do You Put Into Groomsmen Boxes?

There are no set rules for what to put into groomsmen gift boxes—you can take a personalized route or keep things simple, depending on your crew (and your budget). Wedding-themed accessories like tie bars, cuff links and novelty socks are all popular choices, as are alcohol, barware, sports gear and grooming products. Our advice is to pick something that reflects your pals' personalities and interests and not to worry too much about what a typical groomsmen gift should look like.

Another thing to consider is whether your gifts are groomsmen proposal boxes or groomsmen thank-you boxes—both have subtle differences. You would usually give a groomsmen proposal gift to your guys when you're asking them to join your wedding party, while a thank-you gift can be presented at the rehearsal dinner or even the day after the wedding. Just remember that if your groomsman gift boxes contain clothing or accessories for the big day, you'll want to give them in advance.

The Best Premade Groomsmen Gift Boxes

Whether you're searching for a best man gift box or something to spoil your groomsmen, we're here to guide you through the shopping process. We've rounded up the best premade groomsmen gift boxes that are guaranteed to make your guys feel special. From fun proposal boxes that build excitement about the big day to thoughtful thank-you gifts that show your appreciation, this list of presents has you covered.

1. Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set on Etsy
Photo: Happy Manor

Surprise your groomsmen with these gift boxes the morning of the wedding so they have sleek coordinating accessories to wear on the big day. Each wooden box comes stocked with either stainless steel or gold-plated cuff links, a tie bar and a money clip—all personalized with your crew member's name or initial. Now they'll look extra suave standing next to you at the altar.

2. Golf Groomsmen Gift Box

Golf Groomsmen Gift Box
Photo: Mark & Graham

Are one or more members of your wedding party golfers? Invite them for a day on the course and present them with one of these personalized golf gift boxes as a groomsman proposal or thank-you gift. The monogrammed wooden box includes 12 customized golf balls, 12 tees and 12 pencils for keeping score—basically everything they'll need for their next trip to the green. It's a hole-in-one groomsman gift box idea.

3. Luxe Fragrance Best Man Gift Set

Luxe Fragrance Best Man Gift Set
Photo: D.S. & Durga

We totally get it if you want to get your best man something different from the rest of your crew—he is your right-hand man, after all. If you feel like splurging on your bestie, this luxe fragrance best man gift box will make him feel like number one. It contains six miniature bottles of cologne, each infused with refined scents like pistachio, sandalwood, bergamot and patchouli, and is guaranteed to impress the trendsetter in your crew. Pair it with a thank-you card or a handwritten note to add the perfect finishing touch.

4. Stylish Groomsmen Proposal Box

Stylish Groomsmen Proposal Box
Photo: TheWoodShackGiftCo

If you're looking for groomsmen proposal gifts that'll pop the question for you, we've found just the thing. This pre-filled gift box includes a personalized flask, trendy shades and a pair of socks with a label that reads: "Will you be my groomsman?" on the front. Present them to your guys at your next hang or send them in the mail for a fun surprise. Bonus: You can also choose a thank-you version with a "Thank you for being my groomsman" label to give them after the big day, instead.

5. Whiskey Lovers Groomsmen Gift Box

Whiskey Lovers Groomsmen Gift Box
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This groomsman gift box is filled with goodies any whiskey lovers will appreciate. It comes with three of Uncommon Goods' bestselling products: a deck of whiskey-themed playing cards, funky socks with Old Fashioned cocktail motifs and an infuse-and-pour alcohol kit for a Navel Gazer spiced orange drink. It's a winning groomsmen proposal box idea for the amateur mixologists or party animals in your crew.

6. Suit Essentials Groomsmen Gift Set

Tie bar, tie and pocket square groomsmen gift set
Photo: The Tie Bar

Chipping in on your groomsmen's wedding ensembles is a gesture that definitely won't go unnoticed. (Plus, it guarantees they'll look polished and presentable on the big day.) This groomsmen gift box comes with a tie, a pocket square and a silver tie bar, so they can put the finishing touches to their formalwear. The blush pink shade will add subtle refinement to any ensemble, as well as an air of romance.

7. Gourmet Groomsmen Thank-You Box

Gourmet Groomsmen Thank-You Box
Photo: 1-800 Baskets

An edible gift set is always a great option, especially if your groomsmen have a serious snack habit. This thank-you box offers a week's worth of sweet treats, including salted caramel popcorn, dark and milk chocolate graham crackers, truffles, pretzels and chocolate-covered fruit. Each one is packaged in a small box that spells out the words "Thank You" when put together, along with an extra one that says "You're 1 in a million." Every time their sugar cravings strike, they'll be grateful to you.

8. Custom Decanter Best Man Gift Set

Wooden gift box with personalized decanter set for groomsmen
Photo: OakAndBarrelShop

What makes a custom decanter even better? Whiskey tumblers, chilling stones and a set of slate coasters to go with it, of course. This is a great best man gift box option if you want to show your MVP a little extra appreciation. Now, they can sip in style and enjoy every drink at the ideal temperature. Best of all, everything comes displayed in a wooden box personalized with their name for a keepsake they'll treasure for years to come.

9. Coffee Groomsmen Proposal Box

Coffee Groomsmen Proposal Box
Photo: Home Wet Bar

Booze-related gift boxes may be popular, but they're not the only way to propose to your groomsmen. If you're looking for something non-alcoholic (or simply want to stand out), this personalized coffee gift set gets our vote. It comes with a double-wall insulated tumbler, a bag of regular roast coffee and a wooden coffee scoop—all packaged in a luxe black gift box with tissue paper for a thoughtful presentation. Choose from various designs to customize the tumbler and add their name to the scoop for a personal touch.

10. 30-Piece Groomsmen Gift Set

30-Piece Groomsmen Gift Set
Photo: Amazon

Shopping for groomsmen gift sets on a budget? Save yourself some serious dollars with this 30-piece set. Designed for five groomsmen and a best man, it includes six shot glasses, six stainless steel flasks, six wooden bottle opens and six groomsmen proposal boxes with cards you can write a short message on. Give these gift boxes to your crew when you're asking them to be part of your big day or save them for the bachelor party so they can use them right away.

11. Baseball Groomsmen Gift Box

Baseball Groomsmen Gift Box
Photo: ProStyleSports

Here's one of our favorite groomsmen gift box ideas: A set of cool sports merch inspired by their favorite baseball team. This box contains a leather wallet resembling a stitched baseball, a box of Cracker Jacks and an MLB lanyard supporting their chosen team. Whether they shout for the Phillies, the Giants or the Angels, they'll be delighted with this fun and thoughtful gift. There's also an option to add a personalized greeting card, making it suitable for groomsmen proposals and thank-you gifts alike.

12. Personalized Flask Groomsmen Gift Set

Personalized Flask Groomsmen Gift Set
Photo: The Knot Shop

Flasks are tried-and-true groomsmen gifts, but why stop there? This personalized hip flask gift box set comes with two shot glasses and a funnel for filling it up (so they won't spill a drop of the good stuff). Choose from four different metallic finishes (we love the copper shade), and fill it with the recipient's favorite liquor so they can keep their personal stash on hand during the big day.

13. Novelty Socks Groomsmen Gift Set

Novelty Socks Groomsmen Gift Set
Photo: Amazon

How about some fun socks for your groomsmen? This hilarious gift set is guaranteed to make them chuckle. The "sushi box" contains two pairs of socks rolled up to look like salmon sushi and cucumber rolls, along with a squeezy bottle they can use for their favorite soy sauce. Surprise the guys with this "special delivery" on the wedding day, or better yet, order some real sushi so everyone has a snack before the festivities.

14. Beard Oil Best Man Gift Set

Beard Oil Best Man Gift Set
Photo: Man Crates

You don't always have to take the personalized route to get your best man a gift he'll love. If he has a beard and is proud of it, this set of grooming products will help him feel fresh on the big day. It comes with a beard brush, grooming oil, hydrating balm, a shampoo bar and a cotton barber towel, all presented in a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. Now he'll know there are no expectations of being clean-shaven on the big day.

15. Camping Groomsmen Gift Box

Camping Groomsmen Gift Box
Photo: Nomadik

Choosing practical groomsmen gift sets can really pay off, especially if your pals are a pragmatic bunch. If they love the great outdoors, a camping gift box from Nomadik is sure to score you major brownie points. It's filled with cool gear, including a bandana towel, a multi-purpose knife, a camping notebook and an energy drink powder mix to help them stay hydrated. Give these to your guys on a fun camping trip before the wedding for an even more memorable experience.

16. Brunch Groomsmen Thank-You Box

Brunch Groomsmen Thank-You Box
Photo: Baskits

Is your best man obsessed with brunch? We've found the perfect thank-you gift to show him how grateful you are to have him by your side. The Let's Do Brunch gift box comes with a host of delicious breakfast items, including pancake mix, Canadian maple syrup, coffee, mini jars of chocolate spread and jam, a whisk and—best of all—a mini waffle maker. Add a personalized card at the checkout and send it straight to his doorstep for a unique (and tasty) best man gift box.

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