How to Prioritize When You're Planning Both Your Honeymoon and Wedding at the Same Time

We know—it's a lot.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Oct 10, 2018

We know more than anyone that planning your wedding can be stressful. But combine that with planning a romantic or adventurous dream vacation (that you probably have lofty expectations for) at the same time, and you can feel borderline exhausted at the thought of it. That's why we've rounded up a few easy and simple tips to help you prioritize planning them both at once (and don't forget to treat yourself along the way).

Set aside different days to plan either your wedding or honeymoon—not both.

The biggest mistake would be to overwhelm yourself by trying to do, plan and prioritize too many things at once. You and your partner might already schedule "wedding planning nights"—make sure you compartmentalize wedding planning and honeymoon planning by setting aside similar "honeymoon planning sessions" that don't overlap—and in turn, overwhelm you.


Use sites and apps that make your life easier.

Of course, you already know about wedding planning apps that can do a huge chunk of the work for you when it comes to managing your guest list and budget (think: our very own All-In-One Wedding Planning app). But you may not know there are tons of travel websites that make booking your honeymoon (or any other 'moon) a breeze too. Popular (and well-reviewed) sites like TripHobo, Planapple and Luna Moons will take a load off your plate when it comes to planning your dream vacay—so you can focus on other things instead.

Simply take your honeymoon later.

There are lots of perks to having a delayed honeymoon—less planning stress included. By spacing out the amount of time between tying the knot and jetting off for your dream trip, you'll have way less things to worry about in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding. Not to mention, you can save more money and take more time off work for both, among other perks.

Find a way to combine them.

We're all for "elopementmoons" (an elopement and honeymoon rolled into one), or you can have a full-on destination wedding with your honeymoon tacked on at the end. Either way, you'll likely find that combining the two in some capacity will make planning a whole lot easier.

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