Wedding Engagement: Should I Tell My Ex I'm Engaged?

Q: Is it proper to call my ex to inform him that I'm engaged?

A: The only time you should definitely spill the beans about your engagement is when you have kids with your ex, as your new marriage will then strongly impact his or her life and the lives of your children. If you're still friendly with your ex (or at least civil) and you run into each other or chat sometimes, it's a nice thing to let him or her know -- everyone likes to know when their former lovers have moved on. But if it's someone you never see anymore and really don't care to see, you don't need to track him or her down to announce the happy news.

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We are being pressured by the mother of the groom to have an engagement party for our newly engaged daughter and future son-in-law. The wedding is a ways away, after college graduation and jobs are secured. I say throwing a wedding engagement party now is precipitous, and I would like to wait. Also, which side of the family is responsible for such a party, or can either side initiate it?

by The Knot