Wedding Cake: What to Do With the Wedding Cake Topper Afterward?


I love the wedding cake topper we've picked out. What do I do with it after the wedding reception?


Many couples have a sentimental attachment to their wedding cake topper -- whether the topper is a sugar monogram or a family heirloom -- and would love the option to do something with it after the wedding cake it cut. Is your caterer slicing the cake? Instruct her to hand your wedding cake topper over to one of your attendants for safekeeping after the cake has been sliced and served. Once the topper is at home safely, display it on your mantle, add it to a curio cabinet, or carefully store it away as an heirloom for future use by someone dear to you. (And if it's sugar, you may want to eat it -- enjoy it on the plane ride to your honeymoon destination.)

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