Wedding Reception Etiquette: Where to Seat Officiant?


I've invited my officiant to the wedding reception. My question is where should he sit? I feel like it's only appropriate to seat my wedding officiant at the head table, but I really wanted to have just my wedding party there.


It's common to invite your wedding ceremony officiant to the wedding reception after your ceremony to show appreciation. Some couples go through many interviews and meetings with their officiant and have established a relationship that they will continue through years to come. However, it is not necessary to seat him at the head table with your attendants, unless the officiant is a very close friend or immediate relative. On the other hand, you don't want to stick your officiant at the same table as your fiance's rambunctious fraternity buddies either. Seat your officiant with members of your family -- either your parents, or aunts and uncles -- who will take the time to involve him in the conversation.

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