28 Place Card Holders for Your Wedding and Bridal Shower

Assigning tables and seats at your wedding or bridal shower? Opt for place card holders that speak to your style and add to your venue's décor.
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Updated Oct 24, 2023
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If you've ever planned any sort of party, you know that seating is one of the hardest parts of the planning process. Thankfully, place cards and place card holders can go a long way in making this seemingly tricky process a breeze.

Will your dad's sister hit it off with your mom's first cousin? How can you keep a set of exes who were once part of the same friend group apart? These questions are bound to come up as you work out the seating chart details of your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception–which is why place cards and place card holders are such an important detail for the seating arrangement. While we can't guarantee everyone will get along with their tablemates at your bridal shower, at least your tablescape and bridal shower place card holders will look spectacular. These place card ideas, from rustic and vintage to modern and everything in between, will fill you with inspo to find perfect holders for place cards for your own event.

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Where to Buy Place Card Holders

Place card holders are a pretty specific thing to go shopping for, which makes the internet a fantastic place to shop for them.

  • Michaels: If you're looking to craft and customize your place card holders, Michaels is a great place to start your search.
  • Amazon: What doesn't Amazon have? If you're looking for endless place card holder options, look here. Plus, you can find affordable options that are available to buy in bulk.
  • Walmart: Working with a tight budget is no match for Walmart when it comes to finding cute place card holders. Not only do they have a wide selection, but their prices are unbeatable.
  • Pottery Barn: Pottery Barn is known for its impeccable design and quality, which is exactly what you will find with their place card holders. The only downside: most place card holders only come in sets of 4, so it might be best for smaller events.

Place Card Holders: Editor's Picks

Wedding place card holders are one of the first details your guests will notice. They are a small yet important detail that make everyone feel welcome and appreciated for attending. Match your tablescape with these unique place card holders.

Minimalist Gold Place Card Holders

12 inch gold place card holders
Photo: Amazon

These no-fuss, minimalistic metal card holders will not draw attention away from your gorgeous tablescape. Available in five different finishes (like rose gold and black), they're the perfect distraction-free option.

Picture-Perfect Gold Frame Place Card Holders

Beaded Gold Frame Place Card Holders
Photo: Michaels

Your tablescape will look incredibly elegant with these gold framed place card holders. Each beaded photo frame has a clear glass window to display each place card.

Romantic Key Place Card Holders

Key place card holders
Photo: Amazon

Lock in your love with these romantic key-shaped place card holders. Bonus: they double as a bottle opener.

Beach-Ready Sea Shell Place Card Holders

Sea shell place card holders
Photo: Walmart

Beach lovers will be obsessed with these seashell place card holders. Whether you're hosting your wedding beachside or in a sentimental beach town, these ocean-inspired sand, coral and shell holders will bring lots of smiles. And with 216 pieces, they're perfect for large weddings.

Modern Triangle Place Card Holders

Gold triangle clip place card holder
Photo: Amazon

Keep your tablescape sleek and angular with these triangle-shaped place card holders. Made of medal, they keep a low profile to keep the focus on your table decor.

Fall-Inspired Pumpkin Place Card Holders

Fall inspired white pumpkin place card holders
Photo: Michaels

Planning an autumn wedding? These white pumpkin place card holders are perfect for fall fetes. The gold stem adds a fancy touch.

Art Deco Place Card Holders

Gold Bleecker Place Card Holders
Photo: Pottery Barn

Your Art Deco aesthetic will be perfectly complemented by these vintage place card holders. Designed in two metal tones, antique gold or burnished bronze, the clean lines are simple yet refined.

Chic Clear Acrylic Place Card Holders

Clear Place Card Holders
Photo: Michaels

If you're looking for a larger quantity of place card holders, these 72 clear plastic place card holders deliver. Priced at less than a dollar a piece, they're also budget-friendly.

Vintage Street Light Place Card Holders

Street Lamp Place Card Holders
Photo: Walmart

These vintage place card holders look like old-fashioned street lamps. Antique lovers will love the old-school vibe that you can show your calligraphy off with.

Rustic Tree Stump Place Card Holders

Rustic wooden stump place card holders
Photo: Michaels

Looking for rustic place card holders? These wooden place card holders look just like tree stumps. With a subtle pearlescent sheen, they will help keep nature the center of the theme.

Holiday Glam Place Card Holders

Gold ornament place card holders
Photo: Amazon

Celebrating your vows around the holiday season? These ornament-shaped place card holders are an ode to the most wonderful time of the year–and the best day of your life.

Fun Fungi Place Card Holders for Woodland-Themed Events

Mushroom place card holder
Photo: Amazon

Mushrooms are having an aesthetic moment. Whether you love to forage for them or want to create a forest-inspired vibe for your ceremony or bridal shower, these will help you achieve it.

Whimsical Plaque Place Card Holders

Acrylic round wedding place card holders
Photo: Walmart

Rather than using paper place card holders, opt for these eco-friendly acrylic place card holders. You can easily write (or print) your guests' names on them for optimal personalization.

Perfectly Polished Marble Place Card Holders

White Marble Cube Place Card Holders
Photo: Pottery Barn

These polished white marble place card holders are big on simplicity and elegance. The natural stone will elevate any neutral table setting.

Dazzling Diamond Wedding Place Card Holders

Diamond shaped place card holder
Photo: Walmart

Add more bling to your tablescape with these fun diamond-shaped place card holders. Your friends will love finding these ring-inspired bridal shower place card holders at their seat.

Boho Gold Elephant Wedding Place Card Holders

Lucky Golden Elephant Place Card Holder
Photo: Michaels

Whether you're an animal lover or simply planning a bridal shower with a more exotic theme, these elephant-shaped place card holders will bring tons of conversation to any table.

Icy Place Card Holders for Summer Events

Glass cube place card holders
Photo: Pottery Barn

Made of slab glass, these place card holders have an icy design. With a raw-material aesthetic, they're the perfect rustic place card holders that won't deter attention.

Tea Party Place Card Holders

Tea Party Place Card Holders
Photo: Michaels

Pinkies up! These tea party bridal shower place card holders are perfect for tea time celebrations.

Jewel-Inspired Place Card Holders

Acrylic diamond place card holder
Photo: Michaels

Planning a "She's a Gem" bridal shower? While you can go with the classic clear diamonds, the rose gold offers a softer take on these sparkly jewel place card holders.

Adorable Butterfly Place Card Holders

Gold butterfly place card holders
Photo: Amazon

These butterfly place card holders will fit any garden-inspired ceremony or bridal shower. Clip in your name cards with ease and party on!

Cool Coral Place Card Holders for Beach Weddings

White Coral Place Card Holders
Photo: Pottery Barn

Hosting a beach-side wedding ceremony or bridal shower? These unique place card holders look just like white coral, and will fit any ocean theme. Bonus: you can save them for your next summer soiree.

Place Card Ideas for Your Wedding or Bridal Shower

Finding truly unique place card holders for your wedding or bridal shower is not an easy feat–especially if you've been planning non-stop. (Needing some wedding reception inspo? These wedding reception decoration ideas will help.) These fun (and funky) place card holders will spice up any table.

Regal Gold Place Card Holder

Elevated off the table and holding customized calligraphy place cards, these gold place card holders match the royalty-inspired vibe.

Utensil Place Card Holder

Save yourself some time (and a little money) and use your table utensils as a place card holder. Stick it right in the teeth of a fork (also called tines).

Minimal Cube Place Card Holder

Keep your table setting simple with a minimalist cube place card holder. No frills or fuss.

Wine Cork Place Card Holder

Hosting your wedding or bridal shower at a winery? Use a wine cork as a place card holder.

Lemon Place Card Holder for Summer Wedding

Lemon Place Card Holder Idea for Summer Wedding
Photo: Rachel Havel Photography

Slice up some citrus and stick your place card holder into it. This wedding used half a lemon and stuck in a cute sailboat place card.

Rustic Wood Wedding Place Card Holder

Keep your vibe rustic through and through, including the place card holder. Choose a raw wood place card holder to keep a natural feel.

Hand-Painted Wedding Place Card Holder

Show off your artistic talents with hand-painted place card holders. All you need is a piece of paper, and let the painter work their magic.

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