20 Sweet and Surprising 46th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

From poetry to pearls, we've found the best gifts to celebrate 46 years of marriage.
Four 46th anniversary gifts: daffodil necklace, framed unique poem, daffodil glass, heart-shaped succulent garden
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Updated Aug 15, 2023
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Being married for 46 years is an occasion that deserves to be commemorated in a special way, whether that's a big party or a more intimate celebration with just your spouse. However you're marking your latest milestone, a thoughtful 46th anniversary gift is guaranteed to make the occasion even more special. If you're running out of great gift ideas, don't worry—we've got you covered with our top picks for the 46-year anniversary. Read on to learn more about the various 46th wedding anniversary symbols before shopping our round-up of traditional and alternative gifts.

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46th Anniversary Gift Themes

While there is no traditional gift for the 46th wedding anniversary, the modern theme is original poetry. This literary gift represents the creativity, romance and beauty of a relationship that has flourished over several decades. When it comes to gifting, there are so many ways to interpret the modern 46th anniversary symbol, from writing your own poem to giving your spouse a special notebook for their ideas.

If you're not sold on a poetry-themed gift, there are a couple of other 46th anniversary symbols you can take inspiration from instead. The milestone's gemstone is the pearl, a pretty iridescent gem associated with love, wisdom and purity. Meanwhile, daffodils are the designated flowers for the 46th wedding anniversary, symbolizing springtime and new beginnings.

Symbolic 46th Anniversary Gifts

If you're staying on theme with poetry, pearls and daffodils, we've found plenty of standout gifts that incorporate the 46th anniversary symbols in a creative way. From romantic poems and sentimental wall art to elegant jewelry and colorful glassware, our list is packed with meaningful gifts for the 46th wedding anniversary.

Gold Daffodil Necklace

Gold daffodil necklace from Rellery
Photo: Rellery

A gift inspired by the 46th anniversary flower is sure to impress any romantic, especially when it comes in jewelry form. This elegant gold vermeil necklace features two dainty charms—one with a daffodil and the other with your spouse's initial—for a thoughtful trinket they can wear with any ensemble. You can add extra charms if you want to include your own initials or another meaningful motif.

Custom Star Map

Custom star map from Canvas Vows
Photo: Canvas Vows

Here's a novel (and seriously sweet) take on the poetry theme: A custom map of the night sky complete with a verse of your choice. The canvas displays a starry sky from a meaningful date (like your wedding day or when you two met for the first time) alongside the text of your favorite poem or wedding vows. It's a thoughtful and thematic 46th anniversary gift that'll bring a twinkle to your spouse's eye.

Elegant Pearl Watch

Pearl watch from Nacre Watches
Photo: Nacre Watches

After 46 years together, you and your spouse probably know just how quickly time flies. This elegant watch is a sweet way to pay tribute to all the good times you have shared and nod to the 46th anniversary gemstone at the same time. The white dial is studded with 48 handset nacre pearls, while the black leather band adds a luxe contrast. Chic and understated, it's the perfect accessory for anyone who loves minimalist styles with a touch of sparkle.

Love Letter in a Bottle

Love letter in a bottle from Personalization Mall
Photo: Personalization Mall

You don't always need to have a way with words to come up with a romantic poetry-themed gift. This personalized love letter includes your partner's name and one of three verses (of your choice) printed on parchment paper. It comes tied up in a red ribbon and presented in a glass vessel filled with rose petals for a sweet touch. Don't be surprised if your spouse sheds a (happy) tear or two when they unwrap this symbolic 46th anniversary gift.

Romantic Poetry Book

"Sincerely" by F.S. Yousaf
Photo: Bookshop

The poetry anniversary theme is the perfect excuse to woo your spouse with a romantic gift. This book of original poetry by F.S. Yousaf is filled with love letters and sweet verses focusing on themes of positivity, hope and true love. We suggest taking turns reading one of these short poems to each other to make your 46th anniversary feel a little more intimate.

Daffodil Glass Tumbler

Glass tumbler with daffodil design
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Themed anniversary gifts come in all shapes and sizes—which is why we love this printed glass tumbler inspired by the 46th anniversary flower. Bright and cheerful, it features vibrant daffodil motifs printed across the curved glass sides. It's perfect for sipping everything from water to whiskey and is a unique way to celebrate the daffodil symbol. Pick one up for yourself too, and prepare to toast to your latest milestone.

Pearlescent cuff links
Photo: Neiman Marcus

Looking for a stylish gift that nods to the 46th anniversary gemstone? These pearlescent cuff links are guaranteed to impress anyone with an eye for fashion. They're made from stainless steel with a mother-of-pearl design that'll add an elegant finish to any outfit. We bet your partner will love these unique accessories so much they'll want to put them on straight away.

One-of-a-Kind Poem

Unique framed poem
Photo: amandalreimers

One of the best ways to honor the 46th anniversary theme is to compose an original piece of poetry for your spouse. Not sure where to start? Leave it to the professionals to create a beautiful one-off piece about you and your love. Simply provide some background info about your relationship, and they'll write a personalized verse unique to your love story. The finished piece comes as a typewritten poem that can be framed for a display-worthy finish.

Poetry-Themed Game

Poetry-themed game
Photo: Barnes & Noble

A poetry-themed present doesn't always have to be super sentimental, as this funny anniversary gift demonstrates. If you and your partner love to laugh together, this fun word game will have you giggling in no time. The aim of the game is to use rhymes and secret words to solve different riddles to complete an image of William Shakespeare. With over 300 cards in the pack, you can even invite your fellow wordsmiths to join you in some friendly competition.

Personalized Poetry Journal

Personalized poetry journal from Etsy
Photo: RedcamperCreations

If you're married to someone who actually writes poetry, this personalized journal will help them get their creative ideas flowing. The vegan leather cover is water-resistant and can be customized with your partner's name for a sweet touch. Inside, they'll find 112 lined pages they can use to inscribe their musings and meditations. Leave a sweet note to wish them a happy 46th anniversary and to remind them how much you cherish their talents.

Alternative 46th Anniversary Gifts

A themed gift is not your only option, so feel free to break the rules in favor of a more alternative approach. Whether that's surprising your spouse with a sweet memento of your love or a fashionable accessory they can wear daily, the choice is yours. Ultimately, you know your partner best of all, so don't be afraid to let your gut lead you toward that perfect 46th anniversary gift.

New York Times Anniversary Book

New York Times anniversary book from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Nostalgic gifts are always welcome, especially as the years roll by. This custom anniversary book features the front pages of The New York Times every year from your wedding date through to your 46th wedding anniversary. As you dive into almost 50 pages of history, you and your spouse will be reminded of all that has happened since you first met. Add your names and wedding date to the cover for a personalized anniversary gift that grabs all the headlines.

Engraved Anniversary Clock

Engraved anniversary clock from Personalization Mall
Photo: Personalization Mall

Celebrate every chapter of your unique love story with this personalized anniversary clock. Shaped like a book, it features an engravable plate on the front and clock face, along with your favorite snapshot inside. The walnut finish and gold detailing give this striking timepiece an antique-like finish which couldn't be more fitting for the 46th anniversary.

Photo Reel Viewer

Photo reel viewer from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Photo gifts are always a great idea as they help you step back in time and relive your favorite memories over again. This retro reel viewer from Uncommon Goods is a fun way to reminisce on the last 46 years with your significant other. Choose your favorite snapshots to create a reel, then place it in the viewer and prepare to revel in nostalgia.

Black Onyx Stud Earrings

Black onyx earrings from Blue Nile
Photo: Blue Nile

If you've set your sights on a stylish jewelry gift, look no further than these black onyx earrings from Blue Nile. The moody hue of these solitaire studs is a striking alternative to silver and gold and a great way to switch up your spouse's style. Whether they rock them daily or reserve them for special occasions, this edgy ear candy will make a welcome addition to their collection.

Monogrammed Wine Chiller

Monogrammed wine chiller from Mark & Graham
Photo: Mark & Graham

If you're planning to celebrate your 46th anniversary with a bottle of bubbly, why not go one step further with an elegant wine chiller? This one is handcrafted from marble with an acacia wood base and can be engraved with your monogram for a glamorous finish. Fill it with your spouse's favorite champagne or sparkling wine and let the celebrations begin.

Leather Crossbody Bag

Leather crossbody bag from Macy's
Photo: Macy's

A 46th anniversary gift that's stylish and practical? Sign us up! This leather crossbody bag from Radley London has been a bestseller since its release in 1999 for many reasons—it's timeless, sleek and effortlessly chic. Perfect for shopping trips and office meetings alike, this wearable gift is one your spouse can rock at any occasion.

Patterned Glass Vase

Glass vase with botanical pattern
Photo: Nordstrom

If your partner loves to display fresh flowers at home, a new vase is a 46th anniversary gift they'll appreciate. This one is made from mouth-blown glass and decorated with a botanical-inspired pattern for added flair. Choose from two colors—green or white—and fill this pretty vessel with a beautiful bouquet to score some extra brownie points.

Cozy Wool Blanket

Wool blanket from Brooklinen
Photo: Brooklinen

Is your spouse partial to a midday nap on the sofa? Help them snooze in style with this cozy wool blanket from Brooklinen. Soft and comfy, it's made from 100% lambswool and comes in an easy-to-match shade of gray or beige. The contrasting tassel detailing adds a luxe touch to this practical and thoughtful 46th anniversary gift.

Heart-Shaped Succulent Garden

Heart-shaped succulent garden from Plants.com
Photo: Plants.com

Swap fresh flowers for a heart-shaped succulent planter to surprise the gardener in your life. Ideal for indoor spaces, it's filled with various species of cute, low-maintenance succulents. Choose from two sizes (small or large) for a sweet 46th anniversary gift that's as unique as your spouse.

Personalized Charcuterie Board

Customized charcuterie board
Photo: HisCorner

If you and your spouse like to indulge in charcuterie now and then, this personalized serving board will add a thoughtful touch to your next feast. Choose from three different types of wood—bamboo, walnut or maple—and have it engraved with your names and anniversary date for a gift that's anything but cheesy.

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