25 Funny Anniversary Gifts to Make Your Loved One Laugh

Show off your silly side with these humorous presents.
Funny anniversary gift ideas for spouse, friends and parents
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Updated Mar 14, 2023
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Anniversary gifts don't have to be traditional or even serious. If you love making your partner laugh, funny anniversary gifts might be just the way to celebrate another year together. From clever presents for a joyous night in to quirky home decor and playful cards, we've got plenty of ideas for a funny anniversary gift for him, her or them. Of course, if you don't want to go full funny, you can double down with one romantic and one silly anniversary gift for your spouse. After all, we don't know anyone who wouldn't accept multiple presents. We even have ideas for funny anniversary gifts for parents or friends, if you want to salute their milestones. So, start scrolling. These shoppable anniversary gifts will get you chuckling and checking out.

1. Matching Underwear

Couple wears a matching underwear set featuring an ice cream cone print.

Here's a fun and sexy surprise for your other half. Grab them a pair of colorful, patterned undies and then get a matching pair for yourself too! And if you want to keep the twinning going, buy a membership so you two can have a new set of matching underwear each month.

2. Flirtatious Candle

Candle in a glass jar with a label that reads

Candles are a great gift for any occasion, but this one was made specifically with your romantic partner in mind. The label reads: "Light this when you want me naked," to clearly communicate their intentions and set the ambiance. It comes in five different scents: Clean Cotton, Sea Salt + Orchid, White Sage + Lavender, Apple Harvest and Cinnamon Vanilla.

3. Split Sheet Set

Couple holds up their split sheet set while smiling.

If one of you is known in the relationship as a blanket thief, this set of split sheets is a funny anniversary gift for both of you. With a flat sheet that's split from the top down to the not-quite bottom and an extra four inches in width, it lets each person toss and turn in their sleep without disturbing the other. Now, snoozing with your loved one will feel more like a sleepover and less like a game of tug-of-war.

4. Clever Pillowcases

Two pillow cases printed with the phrase My Side Your Side funny anniversary gift

It's an age-old routine between couples: Each person has their side of the bed and one person's side is always, somehow, much bigger. Play up the bit with this funny anniversary gift for your husband or wife. One pillow case says "My side"—and it's a lot bigger—while the other says "Your side." They're made of soft 100% Egyptian cotton and can be machine washed. They can even be personalized with your names.

5. Funny Coffee Mug

Mug printed with the phrase "I promise to love you even when we're old and you still play video games."

Every day you get to wake up with your partner feels special. Make the morning of your anniversary extra sweet with this touching, yet silly gift perfect for a gamer. This coffee mug says, "I promise to love you even when we're old and you still play video games." It's available in 11- or 15-ounce sizes.

6. World's Strongest Coffee

Trio of strong coffee beans.

If they can't start their day without a steaming cup of joe—and then refill their cup one or two times throughout the day—this coffee might finally satisfy their caffeine fix. Death Wish Coffee Co. makes the world's strongest coffees that are still smooth and flavorful. Give your partner a trio of medium, dark and espresso roasts for your anniversary or a subscription so they never run out.

7. Custom Storybook

Wonderbly custom storybook funny anniversary gift

This hilarious book tells your wife or husband why they are the best. Choose eight great qualities about your spouse—we know it's hard to narrow down—to make up each chapter. Then choose the cover, add each of your names (with an option to add your kids' names) and write a custom dedication. The Wonderbly team will put it all together in a hardcover or softcover book.

8. Decision Dice

Wooden decision dice for what to watch funny anniversary gift

If every date night in is spent scrolling through streaming networks trying to pick a movie, then these dice will help you out. Simply pick a streaming service, then roll the dice to decide the genre and media type (TV show or movie) as well as the row and column placement of the title on screen. Whatever the dice lands on, you have to watch! It's actually a pretty practical, funny anniversary gift.

9. Beef Jerky Bouquet

Beef jerky bouquet funny anniversary gift

While a bouquet of fresh flowers isn't often considered a funny anniversary gift idea, a bouquet of jerky definitely is. Gift your meat-loving partner a "vase" (pint glass) of "flowers" (beef jerky, available in ​​Original, Teriyaki and Hot flavors or a mix of all three). Choose between eight or 12 stems, depending on how snacky they are.

10. Dinosaur Chip and Dip Set

Dinosaur serveware funny anniversary gift

Make every taco Tuesday at home a little more fun with this dinosaur serveware. Tortilla chips function as the Stegosoarus's spikes as it eats salsa or guacamole from a "watering hole," while the Tyrannosaurus rex holds two hard-shell tacos on its back. Pick up both for a Jurassic battle of the best tableware. Talk about a roaring good time!

11. Personalized Pet Portrait

Personalized pet portrait of dog and cat as royalty funny anniversary gifts

Does your partner love their pet as much (if not a little more) than you? Do you have friends more likely to throw a party for their dog or cat's birthday than for their wedding anniversary? Then this is the funny anniversary gift for him, her or them. Turn their pet(s) into vintage-inspired artwork. Their furry face or faces can be illustrated as royalty, military, superheroes (or supervillains) or car drivers. We promise the recipient will get a good laugh.

12. Customized Face Pillow

Man holds a plush pillow that depict a photo of his face.

A squishy pillow adorned with your face makes the perfect gag anniversary gift to celebrate another year of cuddles and smooches. Simply upload a clear photo of your face to be transformed into a wonderfully weird cushion. Now your partner will have you around to squeeze even when you're not physically together.

13. Matching Couple Sweatshirts

One cream-colored sweatshirt that reads "somebody's problem" and one black crewneck that reads "somebody."

This funny anniversary gift for couples lets you both slip into something comfortable and a little silly. These matching sweatshirts come as crewnecks or hoodies in eight different colors and read "Somebody's problem" on one and "Somebody" on the other. Feel free to designate whose is whose or switch loungewear depending on the day.

14. Cheeky Card

Anniversary card that reads "You're the best thing I've ever found on the internet."

Give the best of both worlds with a romantic gift, but a funny anniversary card. This one is made just for online dating success stories and says, "You're the best thing I've found on the internet." The inside is blank so you can write a handwritten note to your love.

15. Glitter Heart Toilet Bombs

Glittery heart-shaped toilet bombs in a glass jar.

Bring a little romance to your shared bathroom with these clever deodorizers. These "toilet bombs" are heart-shaped, essential oil tablets that are designed to look cute and keep things fresh. How, er—romantic!

16. Star Wars Stemless Wine Glasses

Corkcicle stemless wine glasses Star Wars collab funny anniversary gifts

Here's a funny anniversary gift for couples—be it your parents, friends or you and your partner—that love Star Wars. Corkcicle's signature insulated drinkware gets a droid makeover with these stemless wine glasses designed like BB-8, R2-D2 or C-3PO. There are also cups for Grogu, Darth Vader and a stormtrooper. Pick up their favorite characters for a DIY gift set.

17. Burrito Blanket

Woman wrapped in a soft blanket made to look like a tortilla.

If your partner likes to be wrapped up tight in covers like a burrito, this is the perfect, funny anniversary gift for her, him or them. The round fleece throw is designed to look just like a tortilla, so—see where this is going—they actually look like a burrito when they're snug on the couch or in bed. Hopefully, they let you crawl in, too, this blanket is seriously soft.

18. Wooden Couple's Coupon Box

Wooden coupons that offer great gift ideas for couples.

This funny wedding anniversary gift is a grown-up take on the coupon books you made as kids. Way more elegant than a hand-drawn and stapled booklet, the adorable wooden gift box comes with 10 tickets you've selected just for your spouse out of 40 options. Tickets include everything from a "Full Body Massage" to, essentially, a get-out-of-jail-free card (aka the "Lovers' Quarrel Victory" coupon). There are even some, ahem, clothing-optional adventures like the "Anywhere, Anytime" coupon.

19. Funny Anniversary Wine Bottle Label

Custom wine label that reads  We've Made It This Far Might As Well Keep Going funny anniversary gift

Celebrating another year of marital bliss? Turn your favorite bottle of wine (a classic milestone gift) into a funny wedding anniversary gift with this bottle label. It reads: "We've made it this far, might as well keep going." (Note: The seller can also customize the label to fit a Champagne bottle.)

20. "Fried Chicken" Ice Cream Bites

Ice cream bites made to look like fried chicken drumsticks.

PSA: This is not fried chicken. If you and your partner are the perfect combination of salty and sweet, these ice cream bites are a silly dessert to end your anniversary dinner. They look like drumsticks but are actually chocolate-covered cookies surrounded by ice cream and coated with white chocolate and crushed cornflakes. Yum! They're made in Charleston, South Carolina, and can be shipped nationwide for free.

21. Novelty Earrings

Earrings that looks like a charcuterie board, complete with cheeses, grapes, and crackers.

Even if you're going for a funny anniversary gift this year, you can still get your partner jewelry. BaubleBar sells lots of novelty earrings, like these charcuterie board dangles. They're an especially witty gift if your spouse is the hostess with the mostest. They also have a set for tequila lovers, martini drinkers and Bloody Mary fans.

22. Funny Notebook

Times I was Right And Nobody Listened notebook funny anniversary gift

They joke that the secret to a good marriage is saying your partner is always right. In reality, though, you might not always agree immediately. Insert: this silly notebook. The cover jokes, "Times I was right and nobody listened." Give it to your partner so they can keep track of all the moments they get to say, "I told you so," to you or your kids. Or they could just use it for their to-do lists, reminders or personal thoughts.

23. Ceramic Cat Eyeglass Holder

Ceramic cat-shaped eyeglasses holder.

How about a practical, yet goofy anniversary gift? This eyeglass holder will be a cute addition to your partner's desk or bedside table—plus, it'll ensure they have a safe place for their glasses and are, thus, less likely to lose them. The holder is shaped like a tan cat who is smiling proudly.

24. Message on a Potato

Potato printed with the message: "Why yam I so happy? Cause you're such a sweet potato."

Here's a spud-tacular idea: Ship your favorite couple celebrating another year of marriage a potato card. Potato Parcel puts a custom message like "Happy wedding anniversary!" on a potato. It's not just a funny anniversary gift for friends, parents or even your spouse, though, for every potato sold, another is donated to food banks.

25. Friends Doormat

Doormat that reads "Deliveries: were Ross and Rachel on a break?"

Is Friends you and your partner's comfort show? Settle one of the biggest debates from the TV series (Were Ross and Rachel on a break?) with this doormat. It'll spark a conversation with all guests and every delivery person can put your package on their answer. Too funny.

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