25 Awesome Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents (AKA Your Relationship Role Models)

Celebrate the love that made you with one of these thoughtful picks.
Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents
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Updated Jan 22, 2024
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Your folks are putting another year of marital bliss in the books, so why not help them celebrate with a special present? If they're marking a milestone anniversary, they deserve a little something to commemorate their many years of love and dedication to one another. Anniversary gifts for parents can seem tricky to shop for initially, but we're here to help you simplify the process. One of the best routes is choosing something that's equal parts sweet and sentimental, like a personalized anniversary gift. From cute keepsakes they can display in their home to family story books they can read over and over, there are so many customized options to choose from. On the other hand, if your folks are more pragmatic in their approach to life, a practical present could be the best way to showcase your thoughtfulness. Below, you'll find our all-time favorite anniversary gift ideas for parents to suit various personalities, interests and budgets.

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The Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents

Ready to show your favorite duo some love? We've rounded up the best anniversary gifts for parents, ranging from traditional to sentimental to just what they need. Keep scrolling to find out what to get your parents for their anniversary.

1. Etched Wine Bottle

Custom wine bottle for thoughtful anniversary gift for parents
Photo: Mano's Wine

Here's a winning anniversary gift idea for parents who love to unwind with a glass of vino (or two) in the evening. This custom wine bottle holds a California cabernet sauvignon and serves as a treasured keepsake they can display at home. The hand-painted bottle is etched with their anniversary year, names and wedding date for a personalized gift that will get them in a celebratory mood. Cheers!

2. News-Worthy Anniversary Book

Personalized anniversary book for the best gift for your parents
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If your parents are the type of people who love reading the newspaper with their morning coffee, we've found just the present for them. This leather-bound book is crammed with the front pages from The New York Times from their wedding date every year since then right through to the present day. With so many years of history and nostalgia to dive into, it's a great parents' anniversary gift they can enjoy together. (Psst, if the text looks small, you can add a magnifying glass so they won't miss a thing).

3. Family Story Book

Personalized photo album gift ideas
Photo: Storyworth

Show them how much you cherish their wisdom—especially when it comes to love—with this family history book from Storyworth. Every week, the company will send them a question to answer via email, each aimed at provoking a memory or eliciting a story. From there, the responses are compiled to create a custom keepsake book. Choose from a list of existing prompts or write your own from scratch, then invite your parents to respond individually or as a couple. They'll appreciate the chance to reflect on their relationship and will get a bonus gift next year when their book is complete.

4. Coffee Subscription

Tasty coffee subscription for your parents
Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

Subscription services make really good anniversary gifts for parents—especially ones that ensure they'll never run out of their morning coffee. Each month, Atlas Coffee Club will send them a variety of flavorful blends from different countries across the world. Customize the grind (whole or ground) and roast (light or dark) depending on your parents' tastes for a thoughtful and delicious gift that'll make their daily ritual even more enjoyable.

5. Custom Family Illustration

Custom family illustration anniversary gift for parents from kids
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Searching for an adorable family-centric idea? This personalized "hobby" art celebrates all the things they love about each other and their children. You can customize the print with each person's hobby, skin tone, hair color, clothing and name. It's a foolproof anniversary gift for parents from their daughter, son or other family members.

6. Engraveable Vase

personalized glass vase for the best anniversary gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

Great gifts for your parents' anniversary don't always require hours of thought and deliberation. You can get plenty of inspiration by simply looking around their home. If they always have fresh flowers displayed somewhere, this elegant crystal vase from Vera Wang and Wedgwood is a statement piece that'll elevate any bouquet to the next level. The delicate vine motifs add another dimension to the simple design, while custom engraving allows you to personalize the piece with their names or a heartfelt anniversary message.

7. Custom Photo Print

Intersection of Love personalized parents anniversary present
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Celebrate the moment their paths first crossed with this meaningful artwork. It displays their names on intersecting street signs, along with the year they met and their wedding date. If you're shopping for a major milestone, like the 20th or 50th anniversary, there's even an option to choose a special frame in that anniversary's color. Gifts for your parents' anniversary don't get much sweeter than this.

8. Sheet Music Wall Art

sheet music wall art for the best anniversary gift
Photo: Canvas Vows

Looking for personalized wedding anniversary gifts for parents? Take their first dance song and turn it into a really cool piece of home decor. The sheet music from your chosen tune is printed on a square canvas and comes in three different sizes, so you're sure to find an option to suit their living space. This version comes in silver (which is especially symbolic for the 25th wedding anniversary), but copper and gold options are also available.

9. Monthly Recipe Subscription

Monthly Recipe Subscription anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're on the lookout for unique anniversary gifts for your parents, we've found something that'll score you top marks for creativity. Perfect for couples who enjoy cooking together, this monthly subscription service offers a series of recipes from well-known historical figures like Emily Dickinson and George Washington. Every month, they'll receive a replica of a handwritten recipe they can follow to recreate a dish from a bygone era. Pretty cool, right?

10. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized cutting board for practical anniversary gift for parents
Photo: RusticFlitch

Elevate their kitchen with this handmade serving board crafted from strong, naturally patterned olive wood. Have it engraved with their names and "established" date (aka their wedding anniversary), then watch them marvel over the unique live edges. Want to be extra thoughtful? Pair it with their favorite cheeses and charcuterie bits to make this anniversary present for parents even better.

11. Anniversary Candle

Personalized candle for your parents on their anniversary
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Gift ideas for your parents' anniversary don't have to be elaborate to make a great impression. This cute candle may be small, but it's a really meaningful souvenir for sentimental lovebirds. It features their name and wedding date printed on a glass jar, with a sweet message on the lid that reads: "Burning bright since [the year they got married]." It's made from champagne-scented soy wax and can burn for up to 50 hours, so it'll last ages.

12. Oil and Vinegar Set

Brightland parents anniversary gift set with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Champagne Vinegar and California Orange Blossom Honey.
Photo: Brightland

Culinary connoisseurs will rave over this trio of premium extra virgin olive oil, Champagne vinegar and California orange blossom honey. The set comes in aesthetically pleasing bottles your parents will want to leave out on their countertop. It even comes with a brushed-gold spout for easy (and elegant) pouring.

13. A Group Travel Experience

A Group Travel Experience for your parents' anniversary
Photo: Go Ahead Tours

Perhaps you're seeking something to give your parents for their anniversary that'll bring out their adventurous spirit. A group travel experience from EF Go Ahead Tours could be just what they need to finally book that dream vacation they've always talked about. The company will help them find hotels and flights, along with curating itineraries to suit their tastes. From food and wine tours to safari and wildlife excursions, there are lots of exciting options to choose from.

14. Indoor Smart Garden

Indoor Smart Garden for your parents' wedding anniversary
Photo: Click and Grow

If your parents love gardening but don't have much outdoor space, they'll appreciate this compact indoor garden. The smart system provides just the right amount of water and light for the plants to flourish, so they'll barely have to lift a finger. It comes with three complimentary basil plant pods to help them get started, but plenty of other options like flowers, fruits and veggies are available, too.

15. Online Cooking Lesson

Digital cooking class for the perfect anniversary gift
Photo: Sur La Table

Experiential gifts are always welcome, especially if your parents are a couple who have everything. Whether their happy place is the kitchen or they're always open to learning new things, a virtual cooking lesson from Sur La Table will capture their culinary interests. They'll receive instruction on how to cook different dishes from scratch, from Spanish paella to Tuscan steak, and learn the best way to present their gourmet creations. If you're lucky, your folks may insist on making you dinner as a thank you.

16. Peony Rose Bouquet

Peony Rose Bouquet for your parents' anniversary
Photo: BloomsyBox

Need help finding an anniversary bouquet? Check out Bloomsybox, one of our favorite online flower delivery services. These gorgeous peony roses are a super sweet way to send your parents love on their wedding anniversary, but there are many other options available too. You can even gift them a monthly subscription, so they never run out of fresh blooms for their home. (Get 20% off with the code KNOT20).

17. Embroidered Throw Blanket

Embroidered Throw Blanket for your parents on their wedding anniversary
Photo: Personalization Mall

Practical meets sentimental with this cozy throw blanket. It's made from 100% cotton and features an understated chevron design with textured fringing on all sides. Have it embroidered with your parents' names and their anniversary date for a personalized touch. Just don't be surprised if this snuggly gift sees them cuddling together on the sofa at every opportunity.

18. Anniversary Sundial

Personalized sundial from TheMetalFoundry on Etsy
Photo: TheMetalFoundry

If their garden is their pride and joy, consider this elegant sundial gift for your parents' wedding anniversary. With an on-theme color for every decade of marriage, you can easily pick up the version that best reflects their latest romantic milestone. Just be sure to add an outdoor stand so it's ready to display on their patio or porch.

19. Marriage Blessing Crystal Art

Marriage Blessing Crystal Art
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If your folks have a strong spiritual side, this unique wall art is a parent anniversary gift they'll really appreciate. It features a pink crystal stone at the center (said to bring good luck) surrounded by a hand-drawn mandala and a special blessing that reads: "May your union be blessed as unmoving and eternal. May your lives flourish, your hearts steep in unconditional love and your souls be ever compassionate to one another." Add their names and anniversary date for a thoughtful present that'll leave them feeling blessed.

20. Luxe Tableware Set

Luxe Tableware Set gift for your parents
Photo: Mark & Graham

How about some luxurious tableware for your favorite house-proud pair? This set from Mark & Graham is one of the best anniversary gifts for parents from their son or daughter. It includes a rectangular cheese board, a wine chiller and four coasters, each made from white marble and natural acacia wood. Have them monogrammed with your parents' initials for a showstopping gift they'll be proud to break out at their next dinner party.

21. Monogrammed Flower Pot

Customized flower pot for your parents on their anniversary
Photo: Personalization Mall

You don't always have to splurge to find a special anniversary gift for your parents. This monogrammed flower pot is a thoughtful option for couples who like gardening or growing new plants. It's made from chip-resistant stoneware and comes in four muted colors: burgundy, olive green, charcoal and brown. Add their shared family name and fill it with their favorite blooms (or a low-maintenance plant) for a simple yet sweet gift.

22. Brunch Gift Basket

Brunch gift basket gift for your parents
Photo: Baskits

What better way to help them celebrate their latest milestone than a brunch gift basket? This cool kit is filled with everything your parents will need to prepare a delicious meal, including pancake mix, mini jars of jam and chocolate spread, coffee, maple syrup, a whisk and a mini waffle maker. It's one of the most practical (and tasty) gifts to give parents for their wedding anniversary.

23. Personalized Picture Frame

Glass engraved picture frame gift idea for parent's anniversary.
Photo: JDevlinGlassArt

Framed photos will never go out of style—and neither will your parents. Gift them this pretty glass picture frame engraved with their names, wedding date and anniversary year to help them relive a special moment in their lives. Don't forget to fill it with your favorite snapshot of your folks before handing it over.

24. Versatile Frying Pan

Frying pan for your parents on their wedding anniversary
Photo: Our Place

Here's one of those cool anniversary gifts for parents that'll get you in their good books: A versatile frying pan that can replace 10 pieces of traditional cookware. It's not hard to see why people love Our Place's Always Pan—it's ideal for frying, boiling, baking, steaming and braising and comes in a variety of trendy colors that make any kitchen look good. It's also available in three sizes and comes with a steam-release lid and a nesting wooden spatula for fuss-free cooking.

25. Hand-Holding Mittens

Hand-Holding Mittens
Photo: nerasaDesign

If your parents are a cute older couple who always hold hands and go for long walks, this adorable gift will inspire them to keep up the tradition. Designed especially for couples, this set of wool mittens features a two-in-one piece they can both wear to interlock hands when they're out in the cold. It also includes individual gloves to keep their free hands warm and toasty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if there's any etiquette you should be aware of when choosing anniversary presents for your parents? Find out everything you need to know below.

Are you supposed to give your parents an anniversary gift?

Giving your parents an anniversary gift isn't necessary, but it's a kind gesture that'll make them feel special. While it's not so common to get them a present every year, it's a super sweet thing to do for the more major milestones like the 25th, 30th, 40th and 50th anniversaries (and so on).

What should you get your parents for their wedding anniversary?

When it comes to figuring out what to get your parents for their wedding anniversary, there are endless great options to consider. Whether you choose practical gifts (like a new piece of cookware they've been eyeing) or a more sentimental option (get ready for a chorus of "awww's"), they're sure to be blown away by your thoughtfulness. You can also glean inspiration from traditional anniversary gifts by year to find a present that correlates with the designated material, flower or gemstone of whatever year of marriage they're celebrating.

What are some good last-minute anniversary gifts for parents?

If you're wondering what to get your parents for a last-minute anniversary gift, you can't go wrong with subscriptions, gift cards or experiences. With each of these types of presents, you'll receive a digital confirmation immediately, which you can easily forward to your 'rents ASAP. It's also worth checking out retailers that offer expedited shipping if you're in a pinch.

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