The Best 40th Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse, Parents or Friends

Celebrate the ruby anniversary with one of these meaningful and memorable gifts.
40th anniversary gift ideas
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Updated Jun 07, 2023
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Four decades of marriage is a truly remarkable occasion and one that deserves to be celebrated in style. If you and your partner (or a couple you know) have reached this incredible milestone, you may be on the lookout for a really thoughtful 40th anniversary gift. To help you get started, we've rounded up the best traditional anniversary gifts, along with some excellent alternatives for your spouse, parents or friends. From elegant jewelry and fashionable accessories to sentimental wall art and thoughtful mementos, there's a 40-year anniversary gift to suit everyone on our list.

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Traditional 40th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional 40th wedding is the ruby, a deep red gemstone that symbolizes passion, loyalty and devotion. Even after 40 years together, a couple's love burns as bright as ever, like an eternal flame that never goes out. While ruby jewelry is probably the first thing to come to mind when you hear this theme, there are lots of ways to incorporate this vibrant gem into your gifting. Ruby red is also the 40th anniversary hue, so feel free to swap opulent jewels for red-colored gifts to stay right on theme. Whatever approach you decide to take, we've found some awesome 40th anniversary gifts to help you spoil your husband, wife or parents.

Ruby Anniversary Milestone Tree

If you're shopping for a special couple, like your parents (or even your grandparents), you can't go wrong with a thoughtful keepsake. This 40th anniversary milestone tree sculpture features "leaves" made from red recycled glass beads to represent the year's traditional material. The wooden base is decorated with a gold wire heart, symbolizing how love grows and flourishes over time.

Red-Tinted Wine Glasses

Raise a glass and toast to 40 years of marriage with this unique take on the traditional gifting theme. The deep ruby red shade of these hand-blown wine glasses makes them a great 40th wedding anniversary present for anyone who enjoys a glass of vino in the evening. They come in a set of two, which is ideal for the happy couple. Pair them with a bottle of anniversary wine (or bubbly!) to make this 40th anniversary gift really pop.

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Ring

If your wedding was the last time you gave your spouse a ring, it's probably time to treat them to some new bling. This elegant eternity band is made from lab-grown diamonds and rubies that are more environmentally friendly and less expensive than mined gems. But that's not all—these delicate stones are set in 14K recycled white gold for a sparkly piece of jewelry that doesn't cost the earth. It's a great 40th anniversary gift for anyone who strives to be eco-conscious and stylish.

Red Monogrammed Throw Blanket

Looking for a practical 40th wedding anniversary gift for your partner or parents? If they appreciate cozy nights in, they'll adore this classic herringbone throw blanket. The ruby red color is right on theme and brings a luxurious (and dramatic) finish to any room. Whether they drape it over their bed or cuddle up with it on the sofa, it's sure to bring on the warm fuzzies. Add an embroidered monogram to make this stylish gift even more personal.

Red Leather Smart Wallet

If your partner's wallet has seen better days, the 40th wedding anniversary is a great excuse to get them a new one. This leather wallet is stylish and smart, thanks to an innovative design that protects against card skimming and wireless fraud. It also has a built-in aluminum cardholder so they can quickly access their cards at the touch of a button. Better yet, it comes in a variety of colors, including a rich red hue to commemorate the 40th wedding anniversary.

Personalized Sheet Music Art

Take your parents right back to their special day by turning their wedding song into contemporary wall art. Whether they enjoyed a whimsical waltz or a jaunty jive, they'll be thrilled to see the sheet music of their first dance splashed across the canvas. Choose the red metallic finish for a traditional 40-year anniversary they'll be proud to display in their happy home.

Ruby-Inspired Candle

Candles make great anniversary gifts, especially when they smell as good as this one. Infused with notes of leather, geranium and warm amber, this scented Ruby candle is a 40th anniversary gift that'll impress anyone who loves floral aromas. To top it all off, it comes in a reusable ceramic pot with a sparkly red bee on the lid. Give this to your spouse to help them get in the mood for relaxation or romance (or maybe even both!).

40th Wedding Anniversary Sundial

If you're looking for a personalized anniversary gift for your parents or friends, this unique sundial is something they'll be happy to unwrap. It's handmade from high-quality brass and finished in a deep red color that'll make a statement in any room. With this sun-inspired 40th anniversary gift on display, the lovebirds will be reminded of how they're the center of each other's universe.

Red Dutch Oven

After 40 years of living together, you and your spouse have probably had your fair share of home-cooked meals. If your kitchenware is in need of an update, this red Dutch oven will add some color to your stovetop. It's made from enameled cast iron, which is super durable (not to mention chic), so you can both look forward to cooking in style. What's more, the generous five-quart capacity serves up to six people, making it an ideal choice for your next dinner party.

Ruby Stud Earrings

Ruby teardrop earrings 40th wedding anniversary
Photo: Blue Nile

For a romantic 40th anniversary gift that your spouse will always cherish, look no further than these stunning ruby earrings. Pretty and petite, these dainty studs are set in 14K yellow gold and feature a single teardrop-shaped ruby secured in a three-prong setting. Their vintage aesthetic is sure to wow anyone who likes their jewelry to have a distinct old-school charm.

Getting dressed up to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary? These stylish gold-rimmed ruby red cuff links will add an elegant touch to your spouse's formalwear. The rectangular stone feels both timeless and modern and is guaranteed to make even a simple white shirt look more polished. We bet your spouse will love them so much that they'll be ready to go out in no time.

Romantic Red Roses

Classic red roses are synonymous with romance and passion, making them a fitting tribute to the ruby wedding anniversary. With their soft velvety petals and shiny green leaves, these blooms are the perfect way to show your spouse some love. Even after all this time, they'll be delighted to be on the receiving end of this thoughtful gesture. Have the bouquet delivered straight to the door to surprise your other half on the day of your 40th anniversary.

Red Canvas Tote

Great gifts are born where style and practicality collide. This classic everyday tote is an accessory your spouse will appreciate, particularly if they're always out and about. Designed by Michael Kors, it's made from coated canvas with an attractive monogram pattern and comes with a top-zip closure and two exterior pockets for stashing their essentials. Whether they pair it with a gorgeous dress or their favorite jeans, this versatile bag is made for dressing up or down.

Ruby Chocolate Cookies

We've all heard of milk, dark and white chocolate, but did you know there's actually a fourth kind? Ruby chocolate is a rare (and super delicious) type of confectionery made from ruby cocoa beans, which are characterized by their unusual pink color and sweet-sour taste. If you want to surprise the chocaholic in your life, these ruby chocolate cookies are a novel gift that fits the traditional 40th anniversary theme. They come in a pack of five and are dusted with gold petal dust for an elegant touch.

Ruby Orchid Perfume

If you think your spouse would prefer fancy perfume over new jewelery, we've found the perfect gift to honor the traditional 40th anniversary theme. Enter Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid, a warm and alluring fragrance from Viktor & Rolf. With notes of orchid and bourbon vanilla, this gorgeous perfume will make your partner feel like a million bucks. Bonus: It comes in a stunning display-worthy bottle that'll add a luxurious touch to their bathroom cabinet.

Unique 40th Anniversary Gifts

There are plenty of alternative 40th anniversary gifts if rubies aren't setting your world on fire. While there is no metal assigned to this marriage milestone, there is a 40th wedding anniversary flower. The gladiolus is deeply symbolic, representing many things, including strength of character, faithfulness and honor. The blooms named for its sword-like shape and is also a symbol of infatuation—when given as a gift, it tells the recipient they've pierced your heart with passion. (Aww!). If you'd prefer to steer clear of themed gifts altogether, that's okay too—we've found some really unique gifts for the 40th wedding anniversary. From luxurious bedding to personalized puzzles included below, you're bound to find a special 40th anniversary gift for your spouse or favorite couple.

Silky Sheet Set

Stuck on what to buy for the 40th wedding anniversary? Give your spouse the gift of great sleep with a comfortable eucalyptus sheet set. Made from silky lyocell fabric, these sheets are gentle on the skin and help to regulate body temperature for a cooler night's sleep. Choose from a range of calming colors—including classic white, cool blue and pale pink—to turn your bedroom into a restful retreat.

Custom City Map Glass

There are plenty of creative 40th anniversary gift ideas to show your love just how much they mean to you. Celebrate your hometown or wedding destination with these cool whiskey tumblers. They're etched with an intricate map of your chosen location for elegant glassware that guarantees stylish sipping every time. Post-work happy hour, coming right up!

Ten Reasons I Love You Book

You've said "I love you" countless times over the last four decades, but this custom anniversary book is yet another way to express your feelings. Answer 10 thoughtful questions about your partner, and the artists at Wonderbly will create custom illustrations to celebrate your relationship. You can also add a personal dedication to your other half on the first page to set the tone for this sentimental gift. Don't be surprised if your spouse has a few happy tears in their eyes by the time they reach the end.

Smart Indoor Garden

This innovative indoor planter will help your spouse or parents cultivate fresh veggies and herbs like a pro. Smart technology provides the right amount of light and water automatically, making growing everything from peppers to parsley unbelievably easy. Whether they use it to grow garnishes for their homecooked meals or pretty wildflowers they can admire, they'll get a great kick out of this unique 40th anniversary gift. This starter kit comes with three basil pods to help them start things off, but they can also choose from over 75 different seeds (or use their own if they prefer).

Personalized LP Record

If you grew up with parents who always listened to music, this personalized framed LP record will take you to the top of the (gifting) charts. It's made from recycled vinyl covered in aluminized gold or platinum with their names and anniversary message at the center. You can add up to five of their favorite tunes to the list (think: their first dance song or another track of sentimental value) for a 40-year anniversary gift that's as unique as they are.

Monogrammed Ice Bucket

A monogrammed ice bucket is a great idea if you're looking for a practical (and stylish) anniversary gift for your parents or friends. This oversized bowl will ensure their bottle of bubbly is perfectly chilled ahead of their 40th anniversary celebrations. Choose from silver, copper or gold-plated steel and have their initials etched on the surface for a personal touch. We bet they'll be bringing this out for every future occasion, from summer parties to family fetes.

Pressed Gladiolus Pendant

Take your cue from the 40th anniversary flower—the gorgeous gladiolus—when choosing a meaningful gift for your spouse. This striking piece of jewelry is made to order from pressed gladioli blooms preserved in resin. The chain comes in two different lengths and is available in gold or silver. It's a thoughtful trinket that any nature-loving partner will adore.

Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo collages are a great way to remind the happy couple of all the good times they have shared. This particular design has an unusual twist—aside from being a round-up of their favorite snapshots, it's also a jigsaw they can complete together. You can even choose the difficulty of the puzzle by the number of pieces, from as little as 30 to as many as 1,014 individual bits. We bet the lovebirds will have fun putting it together and taking a trip down memory lane.

Engravable Gold Bracelet

When it comes to jewelry, sometimes keeping things simple is the most beautiful approach. This elegant gold bracelet feels both timeless and modern, with a shiny gold bar and delicate cable chain. Have it engraved with your partner's name or your anniversary date as a special tribute to your relationship. Bonus: You can choose an option with a tiny lab-grown ruby to make this 40th anniversary gift even more wow-worthy.

Where It All Began Map Art

Take your parents back to a special location (like where they met, got engaged or hosted their nuptials) with this custom framed print. Your chosen location will be used to create a heart-shaped map with a red heart that's printed on an exact address. It's a thoughtful 40th anniversary gift that'll add a fun touch to their home and call to mind some of their favorite memories.

Fruit and Cheese Gift Box

When it comes to edible anniversary gifts, you won't regret getting them a tasty gift box from 1-800 Baskets. This mouthwatering selection of gourmet cheese and fresh fruit is perfect for low-key celebrations at home, making it a great gift for your spouse, parents or close friends. It contains two blocks of delicious cheese, juicy green pears and ripe red apples—everything they'll need for a memorable 40th anniversary picnic.

Personalized Welcome Plaque

If your favorite couple has spent years building a home together, this personalized plaque will make their abode feel like a palace. It's made from rust-free aluminum with an antique metallic finish and can be personalized with the family name and the date they got married. Choose from seven different styles, including antique copper, oil-rubbed bronze and pewter silver to suit their color scheme.

Wooden Book Valet

Married to a dedicated book lover? This wooden book valet is a gift that'll go well with their latest romance novel or suspense thriller. Whenever they want to take a break from reading, they can place it over the frame to keep their spot. Not only that, but this handy little book nook also has a space for a cup and a pair of reading glasses so they can keep everything they need within reach.

Cozy Fleece-Lined Slippers

We can't think of anything more comforting than sinking your feet into a pair of cuddly slippers after a long day. If your partner suffers from cold tootsies (or just likes to be comfy around the house), they'll love these water-resistant UGGs. The plush wool lining and sturdy sole make them suitable for outdoor wear, although we think your other half will be content to save them for chilling on the sofa.

Animal-Inspired Succulent Pots

Shopping for a pair of plant lovers? These potted mini succulents are a fun and super cute 40th anniversary gift to give your favorite duo. They come in three different animal-shaped planters—elephants, rhinos and giraffes—that'll add a playful touch to their patio or porch. Whether you want to get them one miniature plant or splash out on all three, you're sure to be in the good books with this really original gift.

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