30 of the Most Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend (According to an Expert)

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Four anniversary gifts for boyfriend: wallet, vinyl song art, charging valet tray, scented candle
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Updated Feb 29, 2024
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You love your boyfriend, but oh man (pun intended) is he difficult to shop for—and anniversary gifts for your boyfriend are by far the hardest. The last thing you want is for a gift that's supposed to express your love and commitment to be returned. I can relate. Luckily, after seven years of dating the pickiest (though most loveable) guy, I've learned exactly what to get my boyfriend for an anniversary. And I'm here to share my secret to success.

When it comes to the best anniversary presents for boyfriends, you can't go wrong with a two-in-one gift. What does that self-coined term mean? Snag him something you know without a doubt he wants (it's okay to ask him directly), plus something else that'll be a surprise. This way, your boyfriend's anniversary gift will be a hit no matter what. Typically, I like to choose gifts that relate to each other. For instance, an insulated travel mug so his coffee stays warm on his commute to work (very practical); paired with a monthly coffee subscription so he can sample new blends (very creative). Alternatively, you could also choose a single, personalized anniversary gift that combines utility and sentimentality, like a set of lowball glasses adorned with a map of the college campus where your story began. Whatever you decide, combining function with meaning will create an unforgettable anniversary gift for your boyfriend.

So whether you're looking for a one-month or a one-year anniversary gift for him (or two, three or four years and climbing), we've got just the list of ideas he'll love. And they're all vetted by this editor's S.O. From personalized milestone gifts to practical faves, prepare to steal his heart all over again with one of these unique anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

What to Get Your Boyfriend for Your Anniversary

Start with what dating anniversary you're celebrating. One-month anniversary gifts for him will differ from those for a boyfriend of two years or more. We got some inspo for every milestone below.

  • One month: Fresh connections can always benefit from more quality time together. That's why we love experience gifts to celebrate this milestone. For the guy who loves pushing the Scoville scale, treat him to the Uncommon Goods virtual Hot Sauce Making Class for two.
  • Three months: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you're looking for a good anniversary gift for your new boyfriend with a sweet tooth, check out Sugarwish. You choose the size, then he chooses the candy and it's sent right to his home. Sweet!
  • Six months: After half a year of dating, you're pretty comfortable together. So, get a six-month anniversary gift for your boyfriend that reflects that with Mack Weldon's Ace Sweatpants.
  • One year: When it comes to celebrating your first full year together, it's understandable if you want a gift that's a little sentimental—and maybe a bit nostalgic. Uncommon Goods Retro Reel Viewer is just the anniversary gift that'll show off all your favorite memories together in the cutest way possible.
  • Two years: You're officially in a long-term relationship, but it won't feel like it once you've gifted your boyfriend (and kind of yourself) The Adventure Challenge's Couple's Edition and …In Bed Edition to keep your dates fresh and fun.
  • Three years and beyond: If you're in search of an anniversary gift for your boyfriend of three years or more, rest assured that your enduring love story was destined by the stars. As such, Twinkle in Time's Custom Star Map is a fitting gift idea. Capture the night you first met with a beautifully printed and framed poster, creating a romantic piece of wall art.

      The Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

      Our ideas for anniversary gifts for your boyfriend don't stop there! Keep scrolling for shoppable presents for your own loveable guy.

      1. Personalized Reel Viewer

      Uncommon Goods reel viewer anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      This anniversary present for your boyfriend will give him sweet, sweet nostalgia. When he clicks through the made-to-order reel filled with your most beloved photos together, he'll get the warm fuzzies inside. It's honestly one of the most creative and romantic gifts we've come across, hence its top spot on our list. Choose from five cool colorways for his reel viewer: red, blue, black, white or wood. Then every future anniversary you can give him a new reel of your memories from that year. Aww!

      2. The Adventure Challenge Gift Set

      Adventure Challenge: Couple's Edition fun and spontaneous anniversary present for your BF
      Photo: The Adventure Challenge

      Looking for an anniversary gift idea for your boyfriend that you can enjoy together? The Adventure Challenge's Couple's Edition book is a good choice—and the additional …In Bed edition is a great (and spicy) choice. The best-selling books are each filled with 50 scratch-off date ideas, both in and out of the bedroom, for spontaneous date ideas that'll get you learning about, laughing with and lusting after each other. Psst, use code THEKNOT20 for 20% off sitewide.

      3. Custom Star Map

      Twinkle In Time custom star map for cute anniversary gift for your BF
      Photo: Twinkle In Time

      Maybe he's into astronomy or maybe he's just a hopeless romantic. Either way, there's a reason this anniversary gift for your BF is super popular. Treasure the night you first met with a print of the sky on that special day. You can also include the location coordinates, the name of the spot, the date and a personalized message to be displayed underneath. How special is that?

      4. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

      Personalized whiskey decanter anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Swanky Badger

      If your boyfriend appreciates the finer things in life, get him this customized whiskey decanter for his anniversary gift. The front is etched with his name and your anniversary year as the "reserve year," while the back can feature a custom message. It's guaranteed to elevate his home bar instantly. Bonus: Get 10% off your purchase with the code THEKNOT10!

      5. College Cityscape Rocks Glasses

      College cityscape rocks glasses anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      This is an ideal anniversary gift for your boyfriend if you're college sweethearts. Each officially licensed rocks glass in the set of two features illustrations of iconic buildings and landmarks that represent the campus, presented in the school's colors. As he enjoys the last sip of his Old Fashioned, the university's logo becomes visible at the bottom. These glasses add a nostalgic and personalized touch to your celebration, regardless of whether you've graduated or not.

      6. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

      Uncommon Goods spinning heart messenger for romantic long-distance anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      He's got mail! Let him know when you're thinking about him with a digital message way cuter than a text. This gadget displays love notes you send through an easy-to-use app. Whenever a new note arrives, the heart on the box spins. No wonder it's one of our favorite long-distance relationship gifts.

      7. Designer Beaded Bracelet

      Black beaded bracelet gift idea for boyfriend.
      Photo: David Yurman

      Trending: men's bracelets! Get your guy an accessory of your love with a simple and classy bracelet. This one is made with sterling silver and black onyx beads. Since onyx is actually said to be a protector of harmonious relationships, this stylish boyfriend anniversary gift is extra meaningful.

      8. Custom Engraved Watch Box

      Custom engraved watch box anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Personalization Mall

      A watch box is a perfect anniversary gift to get your boyfriend because just like his watches, your time together is something to be treasured. You can customize the glass lid of this vegan leather box with your choice of a meaningful quote, his name and your anniversary date. The five felt-lined compartments and soft yet durable removable watch cuffs, ensure that his timepieces are both well-protected and beautifully displayed.

      9. Scratch-Off Movie Poster

      Scratch-off movie poster anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      Shopping for a movie buff? Here's an extra fun gift: an interactive poster that has 100 movie suggestions to help him watch all the classics (with you snuggled alongside him, ofc). After he watches each one, he can scratch off the square to reveal colorful film art.

      10. Home Movie Projector

      Home movie projector anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Amazon

      Whether he's passionate about film or loves gaming with his best friends at all hours of the day, an at-home theater projector is a foolproof anniversary gift for your boyfriend. This projector and screen set has 1080 HD resolution, built-in speakers and accurate color, and is compatible with multiple systems, including cable, streaming and gaming boxes. First, he'll have a romantic movie night in with you, then he'll have all his friends over for Mario Kart on the big screen.

      11. Oversized Sherpa Blanket

      Oversized sherpa blanket anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: L.L. Bean

      Picture this: you and him, immersed in warmth and comfort as you snuggle together on a chilly winter night. Thanks to this oversized blanket, the dream of having both sets of toes covered while watching TV together is now a reality. With soft fleece on one side and plush sherpa on the other, it redefines coziness. And for that extra personal touch, consider having his monogram embroidered on it. It's the perfect anniversary gift for your big spoon.

      12. Leather Smart Wallet

      Leather smart wallet anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Ekster

      Boyfriends can't get enough of this clever, good-looking wallet. Why? Because it's slim, it ejects cards with the click of a button and it has room for an optional tracker card so he'll never lose his belongings again. Choose from nine stylish leather colors, including classic brown and steel blue, for your partner. Then have the front engraved with his initials or a short message like, "I love you."

      13. Bluetooth Item Locators

      Tile trackers gift idea for boyfriend.
      Photo: Amazon

      What about when he loses his keys or phone? Don't worry, there are trackers for that too. Tile makes slim Bluetooth trackers to hook onto his keys, stick on the back of his phone or slide into his already-beloved wallet so he never loses them. He can even put one on his TV remote if he has a habit of losing it between the couch cushions.

      14. Lego Heart Key Chain

      Lego heart-shaped key chain from Etsy.
      Photo: HeartsForFriendship

      If you're searching for a small anniversary gift for your boyfriend, especially as part of a two-in-one gift, this key chain is a cute option and a perfect matching couples gift. The Lego heart splits in two for each of you to carry—as if you don't already hold a piece of each other's hearts. Just choose his favorite color and you're all set.

      15. Wireless Charging Valet Tray

      Wireless charging valet tray anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Courant

      Remember, you can't go wrong with a practical and personalized anniversary gift for your boyfriend. This handy valet tray, finished with high-quality Italian leather, can charge his phone and store his other essentials, including his keys, watch or earphones. But the monogram detail (available in silver or gold foil) is what really sets it apart from the rest.

      16. Heart-Shaped Succulent

      Heart-shaped Hoya succulents anniversary gift for boyfrien
      Photo: Plants.com

      This cute heart-shaped (and pet-friendly) succulent is an excellent dating anniversary gift for a budding plant parent. It's a cute way to let him know you're a succa for him. You could even get a double Hoya plant that has two heart-shaped succulents in one pot to represent each of you.

      17. GQ Subscription Box

      GQ subscription box anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: GQ Box

      Here's the perfect anniversary gift for the boyfriend who's always stealing your luxe toiletries. Every three months, GQ editors select their favorite apparel, grooming and lifestyle essentials to pack and ship straight to his door. Plus, he'll get exclusive offers and discounts in addition to discovering fun new products. If you can't think of something to get your boyfriend for your anniversary, GQ will do it for you!

      18. Everyday Backpack

      Everyday backpack anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Lululemon

      Perfect for those in the sleepover phase of their relationship, surprise your boyfriend with a versatile gift designed to seamlessly accompany him from school or work to the gym and then back to your place. Featuring three zippered compartments, including a padded laptop sleeve for a 15-inch laptop and a water bottle pocket, this seemingly simple backpack offers efficient organization for all his essentials. It's not just ideal for weekends spent with you; the trolley-compatible sleeve makes it convenient for travel as well.

      19. Super-Soft Sweatpants

      Super soft sweatpants gift idea for boyfriend.
      Photo: Mack Weldon

      Loungewear makes a good one-year (and upwards) anniversary gift for your boyfriend because it reiterates how comfortable you feel with him. These stylish sweatpants have a contemporary, tailored fit and are made from an ultra-soft French terry cloth. They come in regular and tall sizing and seven colorways. He'll be hoping for more date-night-ins to wear them nonstop.

      20. Hot Sauce-Making Class

      Uncommon Goods hot sauce making class anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      For a memorable new relationship gift or a fun activity for your anniversary, consider squeezing yourselves onto one Zoom screen and participating in a hot sauce-making class together. Before the class, he'll be sent a kit of assorted ground and whole spices, distilled white vinegar, a funnel and six jars with labels to help him become a sauce craftsman. Once you've whipped up concoctions together, you could cook an anniversary meal to taste-test them.

      21. Food Delivery Die

      Food delivery die anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Amazon

      Instead of the usual dinner dilemma, let fate decide your culinary adventure by rolling this die. Each face suggests one popular take-out dish like burgers, sushi or pizza so there's no aimless scrolling or arguing over what to eat. It's a silly and affordable dating anniversary gift for him that'll definitely come in handy.

      22. Indoor Fire Pit

      Indoor fire pit anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Amazon

      This tabletop fire pit (suitable for indoor or outdoor use) is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. And I would know—I've purchased it myself as a gift for my own boyfriend. It was the finishing touch to an intimate dinner I cooked for us complete with s'mores for dessert. Designed with a solid steel base and tempered glass panels that can be assembled without tools, you just add Isopropyl alcohol for fuel and ignite it to get a warm, dancing flame. Feel free to steal this anniversary date idea!

      23. Customized Portable Speaker

      Personalized portable speaker gift idea for boyfriend.
      Photo: JBL

      Crank up the fun wherever you go. This lightweight, waterproof Bluetooth speaker can play his favorite songs for up to 12 hours. Plus, it can stand vertically or horizontally to fit any space. Our favorite part: You can design it yourself. Pick the colors and add a photo or text for a super-unique anniversary gift.

      24. Vinyl-Inspired Song Art

      Vinyl-inspired song art anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Lime & Lou

      Whether your song is "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley or "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran, immortalize the melody with this cute anniversary gift for your boyfriend. The song lyrics build a vinyl record with the custom significance and your names underneath. It can come as a poster or framed to decorate his walls with a little love.

      25. Experience for Two

      Adventure experience gift idea for boyfriend from Tinggly.
      Photo: DisobeyArt | Shutterstock

      Tinggly's Fun Together Box lets him choose from over 1000 activities in more than 100 countries for a memorable date. Think: surf lessons in Venice, California or a bike tour in New York City's Central Park. You can be a tourist in your hometown or save it for your next vacation—the voucher never expires. You'll get major brownie points for this creative boyfriend anniversary present.

      26. Ticket Stub Diary

      Uncommon Goods ticket stub diary for unique BF anniversary gift
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      Running out of things to get your boyfriend for your anniversary? Give him a way to keep track of all your amazing date nights. This ticket stub diary lets him collect paper keepsakes from concerts, museums and more. What a great way to preserve relationship memories.

      27. Trendy Sneakers

      Trendy sneakers anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Allbirds

      One of the best anniversary gifts for your boyfriend is for sure a fresh pair of kicks. These everyday shoes offer durability and style. The sustainable ZQ Merino wool makes them soft and cozy, plus the cushioned midsole offers all-day support. He'll wear these classic sneakers often, making them a practical and stylish pick.

      28. Silk Boxers

      Silk washable boxers gift idea for boyfriend.
      Photo: Lunya

      Our The Knot readers love Lunya's silk loungewear and your boyfriend will too. The buttery-soft boxers are the perfect sleep attire for minimalists, though they're so luxe he might want to wear them all day. Better still, they're machine washable. It's a high-quality anniversary gift for your boyfriend that's definitely worth the splurge. Here's a special treat just for you: New Lunya customers can receive 15% off their first order with the code FOR-TK.

      29. Funny Scented Candle

      Funny scented candle anniversary gift for boyfriend
      Photo: Crudewicks

      For a charming touch to your one-year anniversary gift idea for your boyfriend, consider a scented candle to set the mood. This one adds a touch of humor that acknowledges your time together with a label that reads, "Smells like you're stuck with me." It's handmade using a natural soy wax blend, cotton wick and re-usable glass jar and it comes in five classic scents: Clean Cotton, Sea Salt + Orchid, White Sage + Lavender, Apple Harvest and Cinnamon Vanilla.

      30. Candy Delivery

      Candy delivery gift idea for boyfriend.
      Photo: Sugarwish

      Sugarwish is a unique anniversary gift for your boyfriend to say you're sweet on him. Simply choose the size of candy box to send, then he'll get to pick from over 70 flavors to munch on. Make sure to say "Happy anniversary" in the eCard you'll send over text or email to complete the gift.

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