The 40 Best Anniversary Gifts to Give Your Wife in 2024

Here are the gifts our editors received and loved the most.
The Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife in 2024
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Updated Feb 29, 2024
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Whether you've been married for a year or a couple of decades, finding truly perfect anniversary gifts for your wife can be a challenging task. Wondering how you can keep surprising her year after year? Don't worry, we're here to help you come up with great anniversary gift ideas for your wife that'll leave her smiling.

From romantic anniversary flowers to sentimental keepsakes to practical goodies she'll use daily, here are the best wedding anniversary gifts you can give her to celebrate your latest relationship milestone.

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The Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

We asked our team to share the best anniversary gifts they've received so you can shop for tried and tested presents for the special lady in your life. Personalized jewelry, relaxing vacations and stylish homewares are just some of the gorgeous gifts that caught their eye—and earned their status as a most memorable gift.

We've also added plenty of other options below, from custom wall art to luxurious loungewear, to help you snag a nice gift for your wife on your anniversary.

1. Elegant Initial Necklace

personalized initial necklace for your wife on your wedding anniversary
Photo: Bauble Bar

A sentimental piece of jewelry is always a good choice—and an anniversary gift that Kim Forrest, Senior Editor at The Knot, endorses. "A few years ago, my husband gifted me a Maya Brenner initial necklace that was customized with our kids' initials. I love the unique asymmetrical style, and that it's so delicate and lightweight—I never take it off." Customize this editor-approved design with your wife's initials, her birthstone or a cute charm for a special gift on your anniversary.

2. Personalized Anniversary Candle

customized wedding anniversary candle for your wife
Photo: Birthdate Candles

We're already huge fans of Birthdate Candles, but did you know they've released a new one specifically for wedding anniversaries? This beautifully scented candle features your names, along with astrology, tarot and numerology details from your wedding date on the label. It's made from natural soy and coconut wax and combines notes of sage, frankincense and oatmoss for an ambient fragrance.

3. Fun Travel Experience

fun travel experience to Edinburgh, Scotland
Photo: EF Go Ahead Tours

Julie Le Blanc, Digital Editorial Producer at The Knot, says her favorite anniversary gift was a travel experience. "I think the best anniversary gift I ever got was something my husband and I planned together: we bought flights to Birmingham to mark our first wedding anniversary. While there, we went to a cool convention that was part academic conference, part fun con with people dressed up in costumes." If you want to take inspiration from Julie and plan a fun trip with your wife, we recommend checking out EF Go Ahead Tours. They'll help you find hotels and flights and build an exciting itinerary so you can visit a new place stress-free.

4. Cotton Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket from Bearaby
Photo: Bearaby

Make rest, relaxation and enjoying each other's company the theme for this year of marriage. Start with a weighted blanket for the ultimate cuddling experience and a practical anniversary gift you can both benefit from. The weight on your body stimulates serotonin, reduces cortisol and increases melatonin. Translation: It'll help the two of you relieve stress, wind down and sleep better (which is probably the best gift of all).

5. Crystal Tennis Bracelet

crystal tennis bracelet for your wife on her wedding anniversary
Photo: Swarovski

If you're wondering what to get your wife for your anniversary, a jewelry gift is a good option—especially if it sparkles. This Swarovski tennis bracelet is made with zirconia crystals and comes in six different colors, so you're sure to find one that matches her style. Elegant and timeless, it's a classic accessory your wife will be excited to show off.

6. Luxurious Cotton Bedding

luxurious bedding set for your wife on your wedding anniversary
Photo: Boll & Branch

The Knot's Executive Editor, Lauren Kay, counts luxury bedding as one of the best anniversary gifts she's ever received. "My husband and I have fun trying to give each other traditional anniversary gifts every year. For our second anniversary, we used a slew of gift cards from our wedding to buy new bedding. The traditional gift for two years is cotton, and by then we had a baby, so all things sleep, including 500 thread count sheets, were top of mind." If you're looking for a similar anniversary gift for your wife, we suggest checking out this organic cotton sheet set from Boll & Branch.

7. Two Dozen Red Roses

bouquet of red roses for the best anniversary gift

Flowers—especially red roses—are a classic gift for anyone who loves good old-fashioned romance. Have this gorgeous bouquet shipped to your home as a surprise gift for your wife on your anniversary. If you really want to spoil her, add chocolates and a glass vase so she can display them right away. Bonus: Same-day and next-day delivery services are available if you've left your shopping until the last minute.

8. Relaxing Hotel Getaway

vacation gift for your wife on your wedding anniversary
Photo: Tinggly

Arielle Ballot, Senior Manager of Affiliate & Revenue Operations at The Knot, thinks an experience gift is a great way to celebrate your marriage. "For our paper anniversary, I planned a little getaway, booked flights and wrote the destination on a paper airplane that I added to a card. I didn't realize that my husband got an email with the flight information, so he booked a nice hotel at our destination and surprised me with an upgraded room. It was really cute and funny when we opened our cards at dinner." Want to follow suit and book a luxurious hotel break for you and your wife? Check out Tinggly's Relaxing Stay for Two Experience to nab yourselves the perfect getaway.

9. Stylish Overnight Bag

Pink weekender bag from Béis
Photo: Béis

There's a lot to love about Béis luggage. Every piece in their collection is well-designed, durable and effortlessly stylish, and the mini Weekender is no exception. Perfect for an overnight stay, it has a built-in laptop sleeve, a large zip pocket, a removable shoulder strap and a separate compartment for shoes. (Clever, right?) If you want to pull out all the stops, whisk her away on a weekend trip so she can use it immediately.

10. Personalized Bottle of Wine

customized bottle of wine for your wedding anniversary
Photo: Mano's Wine

Planning to surprise your wife with a home-cooked dinner for your anniversary? Make the moment even more special with this personalized bottle of wine. It contains a full-bodied California cabernet in a hand-painted bottle etched with up to three lines of custom text. Add your names, a romantic message or even your favorite quote—whatever you decide, this anniversary present for your wife is sure to impress.

11. Sound Wave Art

personalized sound wave wall art
Photo: LudovieWallArt

Turn on your first dance song as you hand over this anniversary present to your wife. This walnut plaque can be engraved with the sound waves of a memorable tune for some seriously sentimental wall art. You can also add your names, anniversary date and the song title to make it even more personal. Just don't be surprised if she wants to recreate this magical moment all over again in your living room.

12. Nostalgic Anniversary Card

nostalgic wedding anniversary card for your wife
Photo: Personalization Mall

If exchanging anniversary cards is something you do every year, here's one that'll definitely earn a spot in your wife's keepsake box. This oversized greeting card isn't your average design—it's actually a personalized chronicle made to look like the front page of a newspaper from your wedding day. With specific details and events from this particular date, it's a fun way to acknowledge the time that has passed since you said "I do." You can also add a sweet anniversary quote to the inside for an added touch of customization.

13. Historic Recipe Subscription

historic recipe subscription gift for your wife on her wedding anniversary
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Whether your wife is a talented home baker or a history buff (or both), this creative gift will appeal to her interests. This monthly subscription service offers six months or a full year of recipes from renowned historical figures like Rosa Parks and Thomas Jefferson. Each month, your wife will receive a replica of a handwritten recipe, along with a transcript that makes it easier to follow. With everything from homemade pancakes to delicious ice cream in the mix, she'll have fun learning something new.

14. Music-Inspired Necklace

music themed necklace for the best wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Canvas Vows

Looking for a unique anniversary gift for your wife? This stylish bar necklace is guaranteed to grab her attention. Available in silver, gold or rose gold, it's engraved with the sheet music from a stanza of your chosen song (like your first dance tune or another meaningful track). It's a sweet way to reminisce on an important moment in your marriage, plus it's unlikely she'll have something similar—which sounds like a win-win situation to us!

15. Luxurious Silk Pajamas

silk pyjamas for your wife on her wedding anniversary
Photo: Lunya

Lunya's mulberry silk pajamas are bestsellers for a reason. They're not just cute—they're also soft, thermoregulating and, most importantly, machine washable. (Yes, low-maintenance silk really does exist). We love this tulip back tank and short set, but other options like t-shirts, pants, nightgowns and robes are available. Psst, If you're a new customer, you can use the code FOR-TK for 15% off your first order.

16. Indoor Smart Garden

smart indoor garden gift for your wife's wedding anniversary
Photo: Click &Grow

If she's wanted to get into gardening for a while but can't find the time or the space, this clever gift will solve all that. Click & Grow's smart garden offers all the benefits of growing fruits and vegetables at home without any of the work. The app-controlled device automates water, light and nutrients, so your wife can cultivate her own produce with ease. It comes with three complimentary basil pods, but there's also an option to choose from over 75 pre-seeded capsules to help her get her herb garden started.

17. Star-Themed Glassware

constellation glassware for your wedding anniversary
Photo: Uncommon Goods

The stars aligned the day you met her, and what better way to celebrate that than with some custom glassware? This set of two glasses is a really good anniversary gift for your wife, as it displays a constellation design inspired by the night of your wedding (or another important date in your relationship). Add your names and anniversary date, then pick between two beer glasses, two wine glasses or one of each.

18. Silver-Dipped Rose

silver-dipped rose gift for your wife's wedding anniversary
Photo: Forever Rose

There's only one thing better than a beautiful fresh rose, and that's one that lasts forever. This one-of-a-kind keepsake from The Forever Rose is actually a real flower preserved in silver, with the option to engrave your wife's name or a romantic quote on the stem. It's a sweet and meaningful representation of your unwavering love and is bound to make her feel cherished. Bonus: The brand also offers designs for different anniversary themes, so you can tie in with the designated color for a specific year of marriage if you want to.

19. Scratch-Off Date Books

Dinner date books from The Adventure Challenge
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Looking for another anniversary gift idea for your wife that you can enjoy together? The Adventure Challenge's Dinner Dates book is a great option—and this bundle also comes with the In Bed edition, making it a fun (and spicy) choice. One book is filled with 30 scratch-off recipes for dinner, while the other has 50 ideas for building intimacy in the bedroom (AKA dessert). It's a thoughtful gift that'll help you keep the magic alive in your relationship.

20. Heart-Shaped Bamboo With Orchid

heart-shaped bamboo plant for the best wedding anniversary gift

If you're shopping for a romantic gift for your wife that's a little different than a bouquet of fresh blooms, try this heart-shaped bamboo. The uniquely formed plant is paired with a pink orchid and comes in a sleek ceramic planter for an elegant presentation. And, as fresh bamboo is often considered a symbol of good luck, it's a lovely way to invite all the good vibes into your marriage. Bonus: It also purifies the air and is pretty low maintenance, so she won't have to spend too much time keeping it fresh.

21. Couples Cocktail Class

couples cocktail glass kit for the best anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This isn't just a wedding anniversary gift for your wife, it's also your anniversary date plan. The hour-long online class is designed especially for couples and will teach you everything you need to know about making your own signature drinks. An expert mixologist will show you how to whip up your two versions of a margarita—one infused with grenadine and the other spiced with orange—and how to adapt any recipe to your palate. You'll be sent three cocktail syrups in advance, so all that's left to do is pick up the liquor.

22. Monthly Coffee Subscription

Monthly coffee subscription for your wife on her wedding anniversary
Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

Things your wife loves: waking up each day with you and a steaming cup of coffee. Make sure she never runs out of her caffeine fix (and you stay in her good books) with a monthly coffee subscription. Each month, she'll receive a selection of delicious blends from various countries across the world, along with brewing tips and flavor notes. Choose the grind (whole or ground) and the roast (light or dark) for a simple yet thoughtful anniversary gift your wife will wonder how she ever lived without.

23. Plush Cotton Bathrobe

fluffy bathrobe for the best anniversary gift
Photo: Brooklinen

A wife who loves her downtime needs this plush cotton robe. Whether she's chilling poolside or making time for some well-earned R&R, she'll love throwing on this stripey robe. It's made from 100% Turkish cotton and features roomy pockets and an adjustable waist that are perfect for lounging. Make this anniversary gift for your wife even sweeter by offering to take charge of household chores for a day so she can spend hours pampering herself in the bathroom.

24. Wine Glass Holder

wine glass holder gift for your wedding anniversary
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Speaking of luxurious baths, here's an anniversary gift item for your wife that'll elevate her me-time to another level. This wine glass holder is made from hand-picked beach stones and can be suctioned to the bathroom wall so she can enjoy her favorite vino while in the tub. It even comes with a plastic wine glass, meaning she won't have to risk her prized crystal to use it. Cool, right?

25. Personalized Travel Map

Personalized travel map from Canvas Vows
Photo: Canvas Vows

Married life is an adventure—especially for avid travelers. Track your love story around the globe with this personalized push-pin world map. As you venture to new places as a couple, you can add another pin to mark the latest spot on your bucket list. We also love the idea of adding a snapshot from each location so you can look back on your trip with fond memories.

26. Cute Coffee Mugs

Love coffee mugs for your wife on her wedding anniversary
Photo: Amazon

You don't always have to splurge to find great marriage anniversary gifts for your wife. These cute coffee mugs are so adorable and won't break the bank. They're made from stoneware ceramic and are decorated with light-hearted illustrations of a couple planting seeds on one and standing under a full-grown tree on the other, alongside a romantic message reading, "Love is growing old with you." What a sweet way to bring your wife her morning coffee.

27. Personalized Photo Frame

customized photo frame gift for your wedding anniversary
Photo: Personalization Mall

Whether you've been married for a year or a decade, photo gifts never get old. You and your wife should be proud to show off all the memories you've made together, and this personalized picture frame is a creative way to do just that. The cut-out windows for each photo are made from the letters of your first names and a heart within a black wood frame. Our tip? Order this early so you can fill it with your favorite snapshots before handing it over to your wife.

28. Custom Love Letter Necklace

Love letter necklace from Capsul Jewelry
Photo: Capsul Jewelry

Looking for jewelry as unique as your love story? This pretty locket is shaped like an envelope that actually has a note inside it. Personalize the "paper" with a small message, like your wedding date or "I love you" in your own handwriting, then add a photo to the back for a whimsical touch. We honestly can't think of a more adorable anniversary gift to give your wife.

29. Personalized Wind Sculpture

Personalized wind sculpture from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Celebrate your union that was written in the stars with this creatie anniversary gift for your wife. The kinetic wind sculpture features the moon and stars along with both of your names and wedding date. Every time there's even a light breeze, it'll rotate in a rhythmic, spiral motion—just like how the two of you spun circles around the dance floor on your wedding day.

30. Spa Gift Card

Spafinder gift card for your wife on her wedding anniversary
Photo: Spafinder

While gift cards sometimes get a bad rap, we're actually big fans. What could be better than the opportunity to spend money on yourself guilt-free? If your wife is always on the go, a voucher for a spa is one of the best anniversary gifts you can give her. Thanks to Spafinder, she can find a salon or wellness center in her locality and enjoy luxurious treatments like massages, facials, reiki and more. You can choose an e-gift card for a handy last-minute present or have a physical card mailed to you to hide in her anniversary card.

31. Cozy Cashmere Hoodie

cashmere hoodie gift for your wedding anniversary
Photo: Quince

Your wife will feel like she's wrapped up in your warm embrace every time she wears this cozy hoodie. It's made with 100% Mongolian cashmere and comes in various classic colors, including charcoal, camel, brown and chestnut. Lightweight yet warm, this wearable anniversary gift will go well with jeans or layered over sweats for a luxe loungewear look.

32. Pearl Chain Earrings

pearl chain earrings for the best anniversary gift
Photo: Made By Mary

These dainty pearl chain earrings are a classic anniversary gift for a wife who likes understated accessories. They're a modern take on the popular huggie style, with a freshwater pearl attached to a gold vermeil chain that hangs loosely around the earlobe. Great for special occasions—like a romantic wedding anniversary dinner—they can be worn alone or stacked with other earrings for a layered look.

33. Sentimental Map Art

Sentimental Map Art for your wedding anniversary gift
Photo: ArtfulData

Still looking for anniversary gift suggestions for your wife? Keeping it simple can really pay off. This sentimental map art is a lovely way to reflect on important milestones in your relationship, like when you first met, got engaged and tied the knot. It features three small maps (from locations of your choice) with the date of each moment underneath and your names appearing at the top. Choose from a digital file, a framed print or a wrapped canvas to suit your preferences.

34. Self-Care Subscription

self-care subscription for the best anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Modern life can be super busy, so we'll never pass up an opportunity to promote self-care gifts. Instead of giving your wife a one-off anniversary gift, why not spoil her with six months of little treats? This monthly subscription will be a delightful reminder to take time for herself and unplug from her hectic schedule. A crystal bath fizzer and a home spa set are just some examples of what's included in this thoughtful anniversary gift.

35. Everyday Running Sneakers

running sneaker gift for your wedding anniversary
Photo: ASICS

Do you like to go for daily walks or runs in the park together? Upgrade her shoe game with a pair of ASICS running sneakers. Soft foam cushioning and a flexible knit upper will help her stay comfortable all day long, whether she's walking, jogging or working out. Choose from various color combos for a practical anniversary gift any fitness enthusiast will love.

36. Mood-Setting Massage Candle

Mood-setting massage candle from Maude
Photo: Maude

This mood-setting candle is one of the best things to get your wife for your anniversary. It's made from cruelty-free soy wax and has a low melting point, meaning it's safe to use as a body massage oil. The moisturizing Jojoba oil soothes and nourishes the skin, so it's perfect for giving a relaxing, sensual massage. Whether you decide to make it all about her or swap places for some gentle R&R, this anniversary gift idea is sure to spice things up.

37. Trendy Crossbody Bag

crossbody bag for your wife on your wedding anniversary
Photo: Lux & Nyx

A trendy crossbody bag is a practical anniversary gift any busy wife will appreciate. This cute origami style from Lux & Nyx has an adjustable strap that can be worn two ways (around the waist or slung across the shoulders) and interior credit card slots for all her essentials. It's made from weather-resistant materials—which are great if she gets caught in the rain—and has an easy-access cell phone pocket on the side for convenience. Your wife can wear it to the gym, on walks or anytime she doesn't want to lug around a big purse.

38. Romantic Cabin Getaway

cabin tiny house getaway gift for your wife's wedding anniversary
Photo: Getaway

If you're celebrating a milestone anniversary—think: five years, a decade, 25 years or more—then a trip away could be in order. Swap long airport queues and expensive flights for a romantic cabin stay from Getaway. They offer comfy, intimate cabins just a couple of hours away from major cities like New York, Chicago and Austin, so you can easily pack the car and go. When you arrive, you'll be surrounded by nature and ready to spend time with her, which is what a good anniversary gift for your wife is all about.

39. Custom Decision Dice

date decision dice for your wife on her wedding anniversary
Photo: Elsaliitlehouse

Finding a funny anniversary gift for your wife is an excellent way to mark the occasion and show appreciation for her killer sense of humor. If she's indecisive (or you both are), this wooden dice set is a playful way to call out her worst habit and help you save time when making everyday choices. You can pick from a variety of customization options for cuisine types, movie genres and date activities to suit your combined interests.

40. Anniversary License Plate

personalized wall art for your wife's wedding anniversary
Photo: SignsForJoey

Whether she loves classic cars or rustic decor, this personalized anniversary gift ticks all the right boxes. This handmade sign is made with numbers cut from different license plates arranged on a stained wooden board to reflect your wedding date. It's a cool piece of art that your wife can display on a shelf, nightstand or mantle.

FAQ: Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

Instead of asking your wife what to give her for your anniversary, ask us! Along with our list of the best anniversary gifts for wives above, we're also answering your questions about the occasion below.

What should you get your wife for your wedding anniversary?

Great anniversary gifts for your wife should be one of two things: Personal to her interests or reflective of your unique relationship. After all, this is a time to show your wife how much you love her, so you'll want to put a considered effort into your choice. Classically romantic gifts like anniversary flowers or jewelry like anniversary rings are excellent ideas for big milestones, especially if she values meaningful gestures or has a sentimental side.

Your wedding anniversary is also a great time to reconnect with experience gifts like a vacation for two, a mixology class or a fun date night that deepens your understanding of each other. There's nothing wrong with practical presents either, if that's more her style. Try to go for high-quality options if you're taking this route, like luxurious nightwear or a stylish handbag that's also user-friendly to make the gift feel more special.

What are the best anniversary gifts for your wife by year?

Every year of marriage is associated with traditional and modern materials, a flower, a gemstone and a color— each of which symbolizes a different aspect of your unique love story. With this in mind, shopping for anniversary gifts by year is a thoughtful way to surprise your wife with a meaningful present.

For instance, the first wedding anniversary correlates with the traditional material of paper which symbolizes the fragility of a young marriage—though with the proper care, paper can last a lifetime! Giving paper anniversary gifts, like a custom book about your love story, is a sweet and memorable gesture for your wife. As the years go on, the related anniversary symbols get stronger and more durable. For your fifth year together, you can shop for wood anniversary gifts, before progressing to other milestone materials, like bronze, silver and even gold.

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