The 30 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

These gifts will make him feel lucky in love.
Four anniversary gifts for husbands: a framed painting, a coffee subscription, a mug, and a record player
Photos, clockwise: Uncommon Goods, Atlas Coffee Club, MantaMakesLtd, Victrola
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Updated Aug 11, 2023
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Your husband is so lucky to be married to you. You're thoughtful—look at you remembering your wedding anniversary date—and you're generous—an anniversary gift for your husband is such a good idea. But wait, what do you get your husband that lets him know you also feel lucky to have him? Good thing you're also really resourceful and used The Knot to find the best gifts for your husband. From personalized artwork, to sleek cuff links (or conversely cozy loungewear), to practical kitchen goods and more, we've scoured the web for happy anniversary gifts for your husband that'll make him feel extra loved on your special day.

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Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Wondering what to get your husband for your anniversary? We've got the answer below! No matter what year you're celebrating, these anniversary gifts for him will show how much you love your hubby and the life you've built together.

1. Cartographic Mountain Art

Framed mountain art
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Commemorate all of your adventures as a married couple with this unique artwork. Simply provide up to 15 addresses—like your first date spot, wedding venue and first home—then artists John and Rachel Stewart will turn each location's map into mountain peaks. The cartography can be further personalized with a custom message, your names and anniversary date before being printed directly on wood. He can hang it in your home as a reminder of where you've been or where you still hope to explore.

2. The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge Couples' Edition book
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Not all adventures have to take you around the world. Find fun in your hometown with The Adventures Challenge Couple's Edition. The best-selling book has 50 scratch-off date ideas to help you and your spouse make new memories together. Think: pie baking while one of you is blindfolded or painting with your bodies. And if you're feeling extra spicy, add on the …In Bed edition to move adventures into the bedroom.

3. Reclaimed Wood Ring

Reclaimed guitar wood anniversary ring for husband
Photo: Original Grain

Have you heard of Original Grain? They make incredible watches and jewelry made from reclaimed wood. Just choose your husband's interest, like whiskey or music, to turn into a special anniversary ring. This particular band is made with steel tungsten and ebony guitar wood.

4. Personalized Apple Watch Band

Engraved leather smartwatch band anniversary gift for husband
Photo: miragewatchband / Etsy

If your husband's only accessory is his smartwatch, give it an upgrade this anniversary. Swap the band with this leather one, which can have any engraving you'd like, such as his initials, your very-special wedding date or a custom message. It can even be in your own handwriting.

5. Personalized Leather Watch Box

Personalized watch box anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Personalization Mall

You're going to want to copy this quote word for word: "Spending time with you is my happiness." (Aww!) This vegan-leather watch box with a felt-lined interior is a good anniversary gift for your husband if he's already well-stocked on timepieces. And it still celebrates the amount of time you've spent in love! Have the glass lid personalized with your names and an additional message.

6. Soft and Stylish Sweatpants

Navy sweatpants anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Mack Weldon

This year of marriage is all about feeling even more comfortable with your partner and that starts with cozy loungewear. For your husband, gift him this pair of highly-rated sweatpants from Mack Weldon. They're not just ultra-soft (the French terry cloth fabric is *chef's kiss*), they're also stylish, thanks to their contemporary tailored fit. They're the perfect pants for lounging on the weekends or running errands.

7. Monthly Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscription from Atlas Coffee Club
Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

Make the most of the next 12 months together with an annual subscription gift for your husband. Each month, Atlas Coffee Club will send him a bag of freshly roasted whole or ground coffee beans from around the world. He'll also get tasting notes and coffee history cards, so he can learn as he sips.

8. Funny Mug

Mug saying "world's best husband"
Photo: MantaMakesLtd

If his preferred love language is words of affirmation, this mug will really spell out your feelings for him. It says: "This mug belongs to the world's best husband" with confetti for emphasis. We expect he'll use it every day—good thing it's dishwasher safe.

9. The New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Custom New York Times anniversary book
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Does your husband start every morning with a cup of joe and the morning paper? Give him some new news to read with The New York Times' anniversary book. The cover is customized with your names and wedding date, while the inside is filled with the front page from every anniversary since "I do." Pro tip: Add a magnifying glass at check-out. The pages are not standard newspaper dimensions, so the type is shrunk to fit the book-sized trim.

10. MasterClass Subscription

Couple on a couch watching MasterClass anniversary gift for husband
Photo: MasterClass

An annual membership to MasterClass is just the anniversary gift for your husband if he enjoys learning new things. He'll have access to hundreds of classes led by the world's top experts—like music lessons from Timbaland, cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsay and tennis lessons from Serena Williams—so he can pick up a new hobby in no time. You'll benefit too—he'll need a taste-tester and a doubles partner.

11. Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Ooni wood-fired pizza oven anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Ooni

He doesn't need to be a pro chef to whip up a mouthwatering pizza—he just needs an Ooni pizza oven. The portable oven can be fueled by wood, charcoal or gas for convenient and authentic home cooking. In just one minute, you'll both be chowing down on delicious wood-fired pizzas. He'll love showing off this anniversary gift to friends and family.

12. Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting board anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Personalization Mall

Things that are superior: your husband's burgers and bamboo cutting boards. Bamboo is not only a dense wood, but it also absorbs little moisture, which protects against bacteria buildup. Nice! We suggest gifting this particular bamboo slab, which is personalized with your husband's name and title like "Head Chef."

13. Heavy-Duty Cooking Apron

Heavy duty cooking apron from Hedley & Bennett
Photo: Hedley & Bennett

Any "Head Chef" (even those who are self-titled) needs a trusted apron. Insert: Hedley & Bennett. Their smocks are trusted by top chefs around the world for their industrial-grade quality (read: stain resistant) and streamlined aesthetic. This one has a crossback to take pressure off the neck, so it can be worn more comfortably. Just make sure to give this wedding anniversary gift for your husband before he starts cooking your romantic dinner.

14. Wedding Song Wall Art

Retro wall art of first dance song anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Lime & Lou

This retro-inspired wall art isn't just aesthetic home decor, it's also a sentimental keepsake. Have the lyrics to your first dance song printed on the record with your names and wedding date underneath. The art can come on canvas, metal or acrylic and framed so it's display ready.

15. Nostalgic Bluetooth Record Player

Victrola record player anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Victrola

This would look so good in his man cave! If your husband is a bit old school, he'll appreciate this wooden turntable to play all of his favorite records—after all, music sounds better this way! Of course, this particular version can also stream his favorite CD, cassette tape or radio station and can connect to an aux cord or Bluetooth device. So, he has lots of options to put on a romantic tune and spin you around the house to say "Thanks!"

16. Personalized Wooden Scrabble

Customized wooden Scrabble set
Photo: L.L. Bean

The best nights together are spent at home, drinking wine, playing games and trying to suppress your competitiveness. If your S.O.'s favorite game is Scrabble, check out this unique anniversary gift for your husband. This Scrabble board is as professional as it gets. It's made from solid wood with a raised grid to keep tiles in place and a lazy Susan so it can rotate to face each player. Better still, it can be personalized with a nameplate.

17. Custom Reel Viewer

Custom reel viewer anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

It seems we're on a bit of a nostalgic streak, so we might as well keep it going with one of our favorite personalized gifts for husbands for an anniversary. This custom reel viewer is the cutest way to show off all your favorite memories together after years and years of wedded bliss. Just select the color viewer you like, then use the included redemption code to make a reel (or two). He'll be flipping through this for hours.

18. At-Home Weight Gym

At-home weights anniversary gift for husband
Photo: lifepro

If you're not sure ​​what to get your husband for your anniversary, it's okay to pick something practical instead of romantic. If he's been struggling to find time to go to the gym, bring the gym to him. This three-in-one weight system can switch between a barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell in seconds and goes up to 43 pounds. Talk about a great gift for your swole-mate.

19. Handheld Massage Gun

Therabody massage gun anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Therabody

Alright, back to cool gadgets that make good anniversary gifts for your husband. Therabody massage guns use simplified smart percussive therapy to soothe muscle tightness and tension. Whether he's sore from hitting the gym or playing with kids, he'll recover faster with this handy device. Fingers crossed he'll let you use it, too!

20. Wrinkle-Free Button-Down

Wrinkle-free button-down shirt from UNTUCKit
Photo: UNTUCKit

If your husband has been wearing the same button-down every time you go on a date, give him a little outfit refresh this wedding anniversary. UNTUCKkit—notice the emphasis—makes untucked shirts for men that still look polished. They're even wrinkle-resistant! We're pretty sure blue gingham looks good on everyone, but you can also shop dozens of styles that'll make your guy feel sharp and stylish.

21. Mother-of-Pearl Engravable Cuff Links

Mother-of-pearl engraveable cuff links from

We personally love cuff links as an anniversary present for your husband. They'll instantly add a sophisticated and personal touch to his formalwear. These stainless steel cuff links are embellished with Mother-of-Pearl along the side and can be engraved.

22. Innovative Duffel Bag

Convertible garment bag and duffel anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Halfday Travel

It's a duffel bag. No, it's a garment bag. Actually, it's both! Make sure your husband has the best luggage for your weekend getaway with Halfday Travel's Garment Duffel. The innovative carry-on fits a full suit as well as three days' worth of clothes and shoes, thanks to its foldable design. Everything will be well-organized, even if he's an over-packer.

23. Unplugged Cabin Rental

Cabin rental from Getaway House
Photo: Getaway House

Located just outside several major cities in the US, Getaway House offers couples an opportunity to unplug and enjoy each other's company. A perfect way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, if you ask us! Each cabin is located in a lush forest and comes complete with a queen-sized bed, kitchenette, private bathroom (with a shower) and—our favorite—a campfire.

24. Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket

Huckberry waxed trucker jacket anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Huckberry

Your husband is going to look great in this jacket, trust us. The waxed canvas exterior is weather-resistant and insulating, while the flannel lining is soft and warm. It'll quickly be his favorite item of clothing.

25. Cashmere Hat

Gray cashmere hat from Quince
Photo: Quince

Winter anniversary? Make sure your husband is prepared for a romantic ice-skating date or walk through holiday lights with some winter accessories. This cashmere beanie will keep his ears warm and his outfit sleek. Pick from eight colorways to match his winter coat.

26. Portable Fire Pit

Solo Stove smokeless bonfire on deck anniversary gift for husband
Photo: Solo Stove

Summer gadget alert: This low-smoke fire pit will instantly upgrade his backyard or next camping trip. Solo Stove's Campfire is designed for quick and easy startup and is lightweight, thus completely portable. Set it up in secret, then arrange a s'mores plate for a yummy, surprise anniversary gift for your husband.

27. Soft-Sided Cooler

YETI soft cooler anniversary gift for husband
Photo: YETI

Whether he's packing for a camping trip or a picnic in the park with his one-and-only (aka you—or the dog), this cooler will come in handy. Even with the soft sides, it's leakproof, puncture-resistant and insulating. It can hold 24 cans and keep them cold for hours, so he can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about ice melting and beer warming.

28. Craft Beer Club

Craft beer club subscription from Craft Beer Club
Photo: Craft Beer Club

Love is ale you and your husband need for your wedding anniversary—but an anniversary gift, especially one that can be enjoyed for months, doesn't hurt. If your husband is a zythophile, he'll really appreciate a subscription to Craft Beer Club. Each month, they'll send him 12 to 24 bottles of beer from breweries around the US. He'll quickly find new favorites.

29. Custom Night Sky Glassware

Custom night sky glasses from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Go back to the night when you said "I do" with these charming glasses. Choose two pints, two stemless wine glasses or one of each, depending on your individual drink preferences. Each will be precision-engraved with the stars seen in the night sky from that special evening as well as your names and the date in question. What a special way to toast to your love story!

30. Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelet with name beads anniversary gift for husband
Photo: MYKA

If you're looking for a romantic anniversary gift for your husband, it doesn't get much sweeter than this bracelet. The leather band is looped through personalized charms decorated with the names of his loved ones. Think: you (obviously), kids, parents, siblings or even pets. Now he'll really be wearing his heart on his sleeve—er, wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still wondering what to give your husband for your anniversary, we've got more advice below.

Should you buy your husband an anniversary gift?

Yes, you should buy your husband an anniversary gift. (Sorry, being married to you actually isn't enough.) Unless the two of you agreed not to give individual gifts this year (perhaps you're going on a trip instead), you should pick up something for him to reaffirm your love and commitment. It doesn't have to be big, it could even be a DIY anniversary gift, like a coupon book, as long as it comes from the heart. After all, everyone wants to feel special, especially your life partner, and a meaningful gift is a great way to make them feel all the feels.

What are some good anniversary gifts for husbands?

Anything your husband will like makes a good anniversary gift. Wait, what? My anniversary gift for my husband doesn't have to be sentimental or romantic? Think of it this way: Your anniversary is a chance to reemphasize to your husband how much you love and care for him, and that starts by knowing his gifting preferences. For instance, if he's a big beer drinker, wine glasses probably won't go over as well as pint glasses. So, if you adore his sense of humor (and he yours), a funny anniversary gift is just the thing. And if he appreciates one-of-kind items, find a personalized anniversary gift. It's also okay to pick an anniversary present for your husband that's practical, but is something that he really wants because it shows you've been listening. If you're still stumped, some of our favorite husband anniversary gifts are experiences, like a mixology class or sports game that presents an opportunity for you to spend quality time together. Bonus points if the experience shows your interest in his hobby.

Are there any traditional husband anniversary gifts?

Each year of marriage is associated with a traditional and modern material as well as a color, flower and gemstone, so you can use all of these anniversary gifts by year to find a unique gift for your husband. For example, many people give a paper anniversary gift for the first year of marriage, a cotton anniversary gift for the second year and a leather anniversary gift for the third. Notice: The longer you're together, the stronger the material becomes. By the time you reach your 30th anniversary, you'll be shopping for pearls and on the 60th you'll be browsing diamonds.

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