5 Cash Wedding Registries for Different Types of Couples

We've created five different couple personas and given examples of what they might register for. Which one are you?
Cash wedding registry couple
Tiffany Moran
by Tiffany Moran
Updated May 29, 2019

If you're struggling to get your personality to shine through using a traditional registry, you're not alone. Kitchen items and bedding? Sometimes, they're just a snooze! But a cash wedding registry—like The Knot Cash Funds—that you can tailor to exactly what you want? Now that might be right up your alley. If you already have all the home supplies you need, grab your love and get ready to think outside the box. And if you need a little inspiration, don't worry. We rounded up five kinds of couples who were made for cash wedding registries. Scroll to see which is right for you.

The Adventurous Couple

Who they are: Even after the wedding, this couple are ready to go, go, go! Odds are they've gotten multiple passport stamps together and have a crazy proposal story that includes jumping out of or off something. This duo's cash registry reflects its adventurous lifestyle, cherishing experiences together that turn into stories they can look back on.

This sound like you? Things you might put on your cash wedding registry: ziplining, a helicopter ride, scuba diving and certification, festival tickets, surfing lessons, a road trip, skydiving, plane tickets, Airbnb credit.

The Fresh-Faced Couple

Who they are: Whether they're straight out of college or about to move out of their parents' house, this couple are new to the game. They don't own too much together but want to enhance a more traditional registry with cash funds they can customize themselves. This duo is excited for a new chapter of their life and plans to save for some big purchases.

This sound like you? Things you might put on your cash wedding registry: honeymoon, student loans, a down payment for a house, a car fund, an interior designer consultation, big-budget home appliances (think a new washer-dryer combo).

The Foodie Couple

Who they are: Everybody eats, but for this couple, food is life.Their kitchen is always stocked, they have an ever-growing list of restaurants they need to try, and their ideal night in involves sipping on wine while watching the Food Network. Although they may make a traditional registry for various kitchen supplies, they know you can't eat a cast-iron skillet. This pair's cash registry will prove the best way to their hearts is through their stomachs.

This sound like you? Things you might put on your cash wedding registry: food subscription box, wine tour, literally any meal (for example, breakfast in bed, lunch picnic, romantic dinner), cooking lessons, starting a home garden, groceries, a kitchen renovation.

The Active Couple

Who they are: Now life and workout partners, this couple live a healthy lifestyle with their shared love of fitness. They go on running dates, have matching Fitbits and would rather go to a kickboxing class than get a new tea kettle. Their shared passion for exercise is shown through their cash wedding registry, which speaks to both their fitness and #RelationshipGoals.

This sound like you? Things you might put on your cash wedding registry: gym membership, signing up for marathons, dance lessons, a bike tour, a National Parks Annual Pass, backpacking gear, yoga classes.

The Moved-In Couple

Who they are: With their friends having put bets on when they'd finally get married, this couple have been together (and lived together) for a substantial amount of time. They've had the toaster oven and the bed set for a while, but that doesn't mean they can't have a registry. Their cash registry shows their focus on each other and building on the things—and the solid foundation—they already have.

This sound like you? Things you might put on your cash wedding registry: House upgrades, puppy fund, movie night, couple's massage, donation to charity, museum fund, house cleaning.

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