This Is How Many Couples Who Met on Dating Apps Are Getting Married

Here’s how many people have swiped for Mr. or Mrs. Right.
by Catherine Jessee
woman on her phone

With 26 million matches made every day, dating apps and services like Tinder are changing the game. It’s easy to put yourself out there—and to connect with someone who shares your values and interests—when they’re just a swipe away.

According to a new survey conducted by messaging service SimpleTexting and shared exclusively with Bustle, 15 percent of couples who’ve met on a dating service have been seeing each other for over a year, and 13.6 percent are already engaged or married—and it doesn’t look like that number is going down anytime soon.

Over 44 percent of women and 38.4 percent of men are looking for serious, long-term relationships when using a dating service—that’s a huge difference from only 22.6 percent of men and 14.8 percent of women who are looking for something more casual. One thing is for sure: There are many more sweet stories of couples who met through a dating app to come.

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