Suave Boutonniere Styles for Dapper Grooms

Show off your personal style with a bout that stands out.
by Andrea Fowler

One of the easiest ways to personalize the groom's look is with a unique boutonniere—florals aren't your only option. Channel a rustic vibe with twine or cotton elements, succulents will lend an organic style to a lapel, or add a couple handsomely marked feathers for a fashion-forward look. Take the look a step further with a coordinating bowtie or pocket square for a very dapper wedding day style.

  1. Matching Feather Accessories

    Cool wedding boutonniere look, matching feather bowtie
    Bamber Photography
  2. Shotgun Shell Casing

    Shotgun shell casing for a unique boutonniere look
    Votive Photography
  3. Seasonal Florals

    Fall wedding boutonniere style
    Kristen Weaver Photography
  4. Succulents

    Sophisticaed succulent boutonniere style
    This Love of Yours Photography
  5. Simple Grape Hyacinth

    Simple wedding boutonniere look with blue grape hyacinth
    Liz Banfield Photography
  6. Rustic Style With Cotton

    Rustic wedding boutonniere style with cotton
    j.woodberry photography
  7. Beach Chic

    Cool wedding boutonniere look
  8. Simple Hellebore

    Simple hellebore wedding boutonniere
    Chudleigh Weddings
  9. Paper Boutonniere

    DIY preppy paper boutonniere
    Agape House Studio
  10. Unique Lego Figures

    Unique wedding boutonniere idea with Legos
    NBarrett Photography
  11. Non-Floral Look With Silver Brunia

    Chic wedding boutonniere with silver brunia
    Vienna Glenn Photography
  12. Mismatched Colors

    Bright mismatched wedding boutonnieres
    Jen Lynne Photography
  13. Sprigs of Greenery

    Chic boutonniere look with a calla lily and greenery
    Revival Photography
  14. Textured Globe Thistle

    Unique wedding boutonniere with globe thisle
    J. Renee Studios
  15. Small Ranunculus and Pocket Squre

    Chic boutonniere with a ranunculus and pocket square
    Pharris Photography
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