These 30 Mother-of-the-Bride Pictures Left Us in a Puddle of Tears

You'll cherish photos with mom from the big day.
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Updated May 09, 2023

Although a wedding photographer may be expensive, it's worth the cost to capture the special moments from your big day, especially those heartwarming mother-of-the-bride pictures. To make the most of your wedding photographer, you should do your research, view their previous work ahead of time and schedule a consultation with them to gather more information. The Knot Marketplace is a great resource that can be used to find a wedding photographer in your area and within your budget.

We recommend making and giving a photo checklist and schedule to your expert photographer ahead of time so they can plan and make your dream shots a reality. To help this process along, we've compiled the best mother-of-the-bride picture ideas to add to your checklist. Continue reading to discover some of our favorite shots and make sure to keep them handy to show your wedding photographer.

Mother Sharing Drinks With Her Daughter

Sharing a drink or two with your mother before you head down the aisle? Just enjoy your drinks and time together and instruct your photographer to capture any cute or funny moments for you to cherish later.

Mother of the Bride Receiving Gift From Daughter

Some of the best photos of the mother of the bride are candid ones. If you plan on giving a gift to your mother while getting ready, utilize the time to have a couple of candid photos taken—you can thank us later.

Posed Photo of the Mother of the Bride Zipping Up The Bride's Dress

A photo of your mother helping you zip up your wedding dress is a classic shot. Position both of yourselves so you're looking at each other and finish out the photo with some soft smiles.

Candid Shot of the Mother of the Bride Zipping Up The Bride's Dress

If you want a more natural-looking photo while having your dress zipped up, a candid shot will do the trick. Even though you may not be looking at the camera, your emotions will shine through and so will your mother's.

Mother Helping Daughter With Her Wedding Dress

Invite your wedding photographer to the spot where you plan on getting ready. They'll likely capture some great shots of your mother (and a few of your bridesmaids) making sure you look your best on your special day. Although we love the posed look of this photo, it wouldn't hurt to have some candids taken, too.

Mother Helping Daughter Put On Family Heirloom Necklace

If a family heirloom necklace is part of your wedding day attire, ask your mom to help you put it on. And, don't forget to ask your photographer to take a photo of this important moment.

Candid Shot of Mother Helping Daughter With Wedding Veil

If your wedding photographer is invited to where you're getting ready, have them pay special attention to when you plan on putting on your veil, especially if your mother will be the one helping you to put it on. A candid shot of your mom helping you with the final touches of your wedding day attire will be appreciated later.

Posed Photo of Mother Helping Daughter With Her Veil

There are plenty of ways you can take a posed shot with your veil and your mother. We like the look of having your mother spread out the veil as it adds some dimension. Whether you choose to look away or at the camera is up to you and both are equally beautiful.

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Mother Helping Daughter With Necklace

Mother Helping Daughter With Necklace
Photo: Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Make a note for your photographer to capture any heartfelt moments like this on your special day. Whether it be helping you with your necklace or with the buckle on your shoe, these will serve as a reminder as to who was there to help you before you walked down the aisle.

Candid Hugging Mother-of-the-Bride Wedding Photo

Although you may be giving your mom plenty of hugs throughout the day, you should try to make sure your photographer captures at least one. You'll be glad to have one of these warm embraces in a photograph to look back on.

Posed Hugging Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride Picture

Make sure to take some time out of your special day to grab your mother for a posed hugging shot. A photo like this will look great when framed and keep positive energy in your home for years to come.

Emotional Real-Life Mother-of-the-Bride Photo

Emotions are only natural for a mother on their daughter's wedding day, especially during the moments right before she is about to make her way down the aisle. Plan to have your photographer with you during those intimate moments with your mother to snap a few close-up shots.

First Look With Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids

If you're planning a first look with your bridesmaids, invite your mother to join in the magic of this special moment. Her reaction to seeing you all ready to walk down the aisle will be a precious keepsake you can keep in your heart and by your side (once you have the photo printed) and hers, forever.

Mother Walking Daughter Down The Aisle

If you're having both parents walk you down the aisle, make sure to have your wedding photographer snap a photo of you and your mother as you make your way toward your partner. You'll be delighted to have had this special moment captured—trust us. You can also take another photo of you two next to each other standing in the aisle if you're wanting a more posed photograph.

Cute Bumping Noses Wedding Photo With Mother of the Bride

There's just something so sweet about bumping noses with your mother that makes for a great wedding photo. Not only will this likely make for a super emotional moment with your mother, but it will translate into adorable photos.

Kiss On The Cheek Mother-of-the-Bride Picture at Wedding

Kiss On The Cheek Mother-of-the-Bride Picture at Wedding
Photo: Jenny Haas Photography

You'll likely be receiving lots of love and affection from your mother on your wedding day. It's okay (and probably more meaningful) if the camera isn't out to capture every moment, but we think posing for even just one photo of a simple kiss on the cheek will go a long way.

Mother Officiating Daughter's Wedding

If your mom has opted to serve as the officiant for your wedding, snapping a couple of photos is always a good idea. We recommend a candid photo like this one in which all of your facial expressions are present in the frame.

Warm Mother of the Bride Embrace With Flowers

Looking for an adorable posed photo idea? Hold your bouquet while your mother hugs you from the back and places her nose softly on your cheek. You'll be grateful to have had this moment recorded.

Mother Adoring Daughter Wedding Photo

It doesn't get much cuter than a photo of a bride's mother adoring her on her wedding day. Pose so you're smiling at the camera and your mother is smiling while looking up at you—having her hand placed on your stomach is optional and up to you.

Mirror Wedding Photo of Mother and Daughter Getting Ready

Take a photo with your mother while you're getting ready in front of a mirror. It's a fun shot if you're looking to get creative and still have that heartfelt emotion present.

Mother of the Bride Before Heading Down The Aisle

Take advantage of the time you have with those who mean the most to you before you make your way down the aisle. A photo with your mom (and father) and/or any other loved one right before you're about to take some of the biggest steps of your life is something you'll be glad to have. You'll be looking back on these moments for a lifetime.

Funny Mother and Bride Photo at Wedding

Not all of your wedding photos have to be sentimental and serious. Don't be afraid to let loose, share a laugh with your mom and let both of your personalities shine through. These photos will be the ones you look back on together and laugh about.

Traditional Crowning Mother Wedding Photo

If you are incorporating a mezinke tanz (a Jewish ceremony) into your wedding festivities, make sure your wedding photographer is around to snag photos of your mother when the crown of flowers is placed on her head. You certainly won't regret having these photos in your wedding scrapbook or digital album.

Mother of the Bride Giving Wedding Speech

A mother's speech to her daughter on their wedding day is usually a very emotional event worth remembering. Make sure your photographer knows to be available when this is going on to grab a photo or two of your mother speaking from the heart. It would be a nice touch if your reaction could be seen in the photo, too.

Groom Giving the Mother of the Bride a Bouquet

Groom Giving the Mother of the Bride a Bouquet
Photo: Oeil Photography

If you're having a traditional Japanese wedding and will be participating in the ritual where the bride gives a bouquet to the mother of the bride, add a couple of shots to your wedding photo checklist. These will be nice for you to have and we think your mother will appreciate them, too.

Mother-Daughter Dance

A mother-daughter dance is a great opportunity for wonderful mother of the bride photos, especially those candid ones. Whether you're dancing to a slow or more upbeat song, this is the time to get those real and lively photos of you both having fun on your special day.

Mother Gazing Into Her Daughter's Eyes

Mother Gazing Into Her Daughter's Eyes
Photo: Seneca Epley Photography

We know you might spend a lot of your wedding day holding your mother's hand, especially while you're getting ready and before you head down the aisle. Take a couple of minutes of your day to take some adorable posed photos where you're holding both hands and looking into each other's eyes—they'll turn out beautiful.

Side Hug Mother-of-the-Bride Wedding Photo

Lean on your mother (literally) for some cute photos. Have her wrap her arm around you to create a side hug look and don't forget those smiles.

Lifted High Wedding Photo With Mother of the Bride

If the mother of the bride happens to be lifted on a chair during your reception, make sure your photographer is around to capture this moment. She'll thank you later.

Close-Up Dancing Shot With Mother of the Bride

Have your photographer take a close-up shot of you and your mother hitting the dance floor. Regardless of how you choose to move, the focus of the picture should be on you two.

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