A New Orleans Traditional Wedding With a Second Line!

Aliisa hails from the Big Easy, and made sure her Jazz Age-themed wedding had tons of New Orleans inspired details.
by Nicole Piquant
Couple marching in a traditional New Orleans second line
Dennis Kwan Weddings
  1. If you've never had the pleasure of joining in on a second line in New Orleans, you really should get to it. It's this amazing brass band musical parade where everyone is encouraged twirl parasols and little white handkerchiefs as they dance down the street. Aliisa is from New Orleans and knows all about it. So when it came to her wedding, she and Sam decided to play up the city in a big way. They went with a Jazz Age-themed reception and the day unfolded with all of the traditional NOLA elements. To get guests involved with the retro theme, Sam and Aliisa asked their friends and family to don their favorite Roaring '20s garb. "They really stepped it up -- I was so impressed with the beautiful feathers and beads and hats our guests showed up in!" says Aliisa. Add to that, the couple's venue, a 1920s-style restaurant called Antoine's, was once a hot spot for bootleggers during the Prohibition Era. Not only that, it also happens to have been Aliisa's grandfather's favorite restaurant. "It was also where my father and I went for daddy/daughter dinners." Unique Weddings in New Orleans, the couple's event planners, were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly and the talented Dennis Kwan Weddings snapped all the beautiful pictures. For even more gorgeous shots, take a look at their wedding album!

  2. The Second Line

    In traditional NOLA style, Aliisa and Sam had a Second Line after their wedding ceremony. All the guests, the bridal party and the newlyweds walked down Bourbon Street waving black-and-white handkerchiefs. Even though it was January, the temperature 65 degrees that day.

  3. The Vintage Table Centerpieces

    Antoine's Restaurant, has very bright, distinctive period decor, so Aliisa and Sam decided on fairly subdued wedding palette of black, ivory and metallics. Aliisa added a glam twist to her centerpieces with feathery white palm fronds.

  4. The Lacy Three-Tier Wedding Cake

    Aliisa and Sam's beautiful three-tiered wedding cake was decked out with lots of sugar-made 1920s-inspired accents like fans and lace.

  5. The Palm and Tarot Card Table

    Aliisa and Sam hired a palm and tarot card reader for their reception. How fun is that?!

  6. The Wedding Cake Pulling Tradition

    Women pulling charms from a wedding cake

    One wedding cake tradition that's strong in the South is the wedding cake pull tradition. Each of the charms has a meaning, and supposedly bestows good luck upon the puller. During the reception, Aliisa's friends gathered around the wedding cake and pulled little beaded strings with charms on them out from the bottom of the cake.

  7. Aliisa's Art Deco Headpiece

    Aliisa opted for a pretty crystal headband to fit her 1920s jazz-age theme. The delicate band was filled with sparkly Art Deco details!

  8. The Groom's Cake

    The groom's cake paid homage to Sam's love of extreme sports.

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