Rice Krispies Treats, Polaroids and 12 More Awesome Throwback Reception Ideas

Everyone will be hashtagging #TBT.
by Maggie Seaver

Remember the good old days when all you had to worry about was how to get your crush Nick Carter or Kelly Kapowski to marry you at a wedding filled with nothing but candyice cream and more candy? Use your wedding reception details to celebrate those amazing memories from childhood and beyond. Here are 14 nostalgic ideas to bring out everyone's inner kid and throw it way back to simpler times.

  1. 1. Shake It Like a Polaroid

    nostalgic ideas for your wedding
    Katherine Salvatori

    Ask your guests to snap and leave a Polaroid, along with their well wishes and words of wisdom.

    From: A Romantic Garden Wedding at Cantigny Golf in Wheaton, Illinois

  2. 2. Love Stories Past and Present

    nostalgic ideas for your wedding
    Courtney Dox

    Display family photos and heirlooms for your friends and family to reminisce over. Awkward, embarrassing and hilarious photos are encouraged!

    From: A Rustic-Chic DIY Celebration at Grace Haven Baptist Fellowship in Youngsville, North Carolina

  3. 3. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    nostalgic food ideas for your wedding
    Rachel Red

    Remember the feeling of opening your lunch-box to find a Rice Krispie treat packed for you? This couple dedicated their entire cake to their favorite marshmallow snack.

    From: Gathering Place in Candler, North Carolina

  4. 4. Oh, Lollipop

    Nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Simply Green

    This is the sweetest bouquet we’ve ever seen.

    From: A Waterfront Wedding at Boathouse at Sunday Park in Midlothian, Virginia

  5. 5. Memory Lane

    nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Katie Lindgren

    This couple married almost exactly two years after the first moment they met. Display your significant moments too with a chalkboard sign.

    From: A Vintage-Inspired Barn Wedding on a Family Farm in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

  6. 6. Connect Four

    nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Olivia D. Wenger

    If you’ve never played Connect Four, you’re probably too young to be attending a wedding anyway.

    From: A Casual, Elegant Wedding at Quailcrest Farm in Wooster, Ohio

  7. 7. North, South, East and West

    Nostalgic decor and gift ideas for your wedding
    Shea Christine

    This adventure-loving couple took “find your seats” pretty literally. Guests were gifted with brass compass favors and escort cards.

    From: A Whimsical Spring Wedding at Bonnet House Museum and Gardens in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  8. 8. Vintage Inspiration

    nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Rachel Olsen

    Set up a card drop-off box in a vintage suitcase.

    From: A Casual Outdoor Wedding in Avon, Colorado

  9. 9. Escort Cards

    nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Nikki Mills

    Your guests will have a blast seeing everyone’s faces on a Polaroid. 

    From: A Playful DIY Wedding in Markham, Ontario

  10. 10. Vintage Photo Shelf

    nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Leigh Miller

    Displaying family wedding photos is a sweet, fun way to honor your family members—and it’ll be an awesome conversation starter for your friends.

    From: A Gilded Wedding in Kansas City, Missouri

  11. 11. Geek Out

    Nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Sarah Marie Studios

    Go for a Tetris block guest book and unleash your inner gamer.

    From: A Geeky DIY Wedding at Odiorne State Park in Rye, New Hampshire

  12. 12. Frosted Animal Crackers

    Everyone remembers how addicting these were. You’re guests will be obsessed!

    From: An 'Alice in Wonderland'-Themed Wedding at Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado

  13. 13. Nod to the Classics

    Nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    KB Digital Designs

    Incorporate quotes and signs from those classic movies you stayed up all night watching as kids.This bride chose the classic Alice in Wonderland quote, “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.”

    From: An 'Alice in Wonderland'-Themed Wedding at Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado

  14. 14. Retro Typewriter

    Nostalgic decor ideas for your wedding
    Mary Wyar

    Ask your guests to write a message on a typewriter. Your grandparents may be pros, but your college roommates might hold up the line a bit. Either way, it’ll be fun for everyone, and such a unique touch.

    From: A Retro, Glamorous Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio

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