26 Tasty Wedding Pie Ideas You'll Want at Your Big Day

Take Pi-Day to the next level.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated Mar 06, 2023

It doesn't matter if you want to completely opt out of having a traditional cake or have another delicious treat on your dessert table, a wedding pie is a great option since it's one of the most seasonal foods around. You can go the sweet or savory route and don't have to worry about anyone being unsatisfied. And for couples getting married on Pi Day, March 14th, serving pie on this mathematical holiday is the perfect way to celebrate. Get inspired by one of the 26 ways real couples have added a little golden-brown goodness to their wedding day.

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How Many Pies Do You Need for a Wedding Based on Guest Count?

You should plan for about 70% to 75% of your guests (since most likely not every guest will eat a piece) to have one slice of wedding pie during the reception. An average size pie typically has eight slices, so multiply your guest count times 70% to 75% and divide that number by eight––this will give you an estimate of how many pies you'll need. For mini individual-sized pies, one per guest works. The number of wedding pies you'll need will depend on if you're offering multiple flavors and if you're serving other desserts, so speak with your baker before making your final order to ensure you get the right amount for your event.

How to Display Pies at a Wedding

There's no need to stress about your wedding pie display. You can present your pies just like you would for any other dessert. Dessert tables or bars are popular among couples who plan on having numerous flavors of one or multiple sweets. Place individual pies or slices at each guest's place setting as a welcome favor. The options are endless––check out some ways you can serve and display your delicious wedding pies below.

Mini Wedding Pie Ideas

Smaller portions mean guests can try as many flavors as their hearts desire. Consider serving one of these mini treats at your reception.

1. Small Cherry Pies

    At this romantic Southern wedding, the happy couple had cherry pies as one of their many desserts. We love how each pie looks different and has a tasty cherry filling dripping out of it for a charming homemade feel.

    2. Mini Shepherd's Pies

      Just because it's a pie doesn't mean it has to be sweet. Offer savory flavors like shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie or spanakopita.

      3. Tiny Heart Apple Pies

        Neither the bride nor the groom loved the idea of having a wedding cake, so they asked the bride's grandmother to make mini apple pies for their celebration. Our favorite part of this dessert are the hearts made of dough on each pie.

        4. Individual Mason Jar Peach Pies

        Mini mason jars full of deconstructed peach pies.
        Photography: AveryHouse
        Catering: Fig Catering

          Planning a rustic-themed wedding? Then serve mason jar pies at your reception. Just don't forget to add small utensils for your guests to eat with––we love the wooden spoons this couple used.

          Fun Wedding Pie Ideas

          Be creative with your wedding pie, as you should for all aspects of your wedding. Check out these six ways real couples thought outside the box for their special day.

          5. New York-Themed Wedding Pie

            Use your wedding pie to highlight your hometown or your honeymoon destination. You can even ask your baker to make the pie filling fit with the location, like an apple for the Big Apple.

            6. Whoopie Pies

            Tray of chocolate whoopie pies on a dessert table.
            Photography: Lindsey Flanagan Photography

              Treat your guests to a childhood classic at your wedding. We've seen couples serve tiramisu, red velvet and peanut butter whoopie pies, so don't be afraid of being creative.

              7. Moon Pie Wedding Favors

                The groom's nickname for the bride was "Moonbeam," which inspired the wedding's celestial theme. Each wedding favor bag had "Over the Moon" written on it and a tasty vanilla moon pie inside.

                8. Boozy Assorted Wedding Pies

                Dessert table featuring boozy pies and cakes.
                Photography: Amalie Orrange Photography
                Catering: Stevie's Got Cakes

                  The adults at your wedding will love it if you have alcohol-infused pies at your dessert table. Just ensure the pies are labeled so no one who doesn't want alcohol or kids accidentally gets a slice.

                  9. Homemade Pocket Pies

                    The couple's parents made a variety of homemade pocket pies to replace a traditional wedding cake. The paper wrapped around each pie has a handwritten note that reads, "Love is Sweet."

                    10. Pie Pop Wedding Favor

                      You've probably seen every dessert made into a small lollipop size, so why not do the same to your wedding pie? Since the bride and groom were married on Pi Day, they gave each guest a peach or apple pie pop wedding favor.

                      Wedding Pies With Cute Toppers

                      Every wedding sweet deserves the topper treatment. Look at these cute wedding pie toppers couples used to personalize their confection.

                      11. Key Lime Pie With Beach Chair Pie Toppers

                        At this beach wedding, the bride and groom had multiple key lime pies to feed the masses. To make their sweetheart wedding pie special, they added mini beach chairs with small "Mr." and "Mrs." signs.

                        12. Wedding Pie With Paper-Cut "Just Married" Topper

                          The happy couple commissioned a custom paper-cut wedding pie topper. We love how the floral design on the topper that complements the natural garden wedding theme.

                          13. Raccoon and Beaver Wedding Pie Toppers

                            Are you an animal lover and want a quirky wedding pie topper? Then consider having your favorite animal(s) on the top of your dessert. We think this beaver bride and bow tie-wearing raccoon are absolutely adorable.

                            14. Wedding Pie With "Happily Ever After" Topper

                              Wedding pie instead of cake was the way to go for this couple. They chose apple pie because it was a favorite of the bride and her grandfather, who cut the pie with the bride and groom to honor his 70th wedding anniversary.

                              Unique Wedding Pie Ideas

                              For couples who want to surprise their guests with a nontraditional wedding dessert while making it unique at the same time, this list is for you. We guarantee you'll love these special but mouthwatering pies.

                              15. Wedding Pie With Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

                                Have your heart set on pies, but love the look of a tall cake? Stack 'em and have a tiered wedding pie. You may need to get creative with cutting and serving, but for something this extraordinary, it's worth it.

                                16. Key Lime Pie Shooters

                                  An easy-to-eat shooter means guests can nosh and get their groove on at the same time. We're all about guests having as much fun as possible during the reception.

                                  17. Wedding Pie Welcome Favor

                                    Who says pie can't be as elegant as its cake counterpart? Packed in a quaint to-go box, this favor is just as beautiful as a fondant-adorned personal pastry. You definitely won't have any guests leaving these favors behind.

                                    18. Gluten-Free Wedding Pie

                                    Gluten free pie featuring a romantic cake topper.
                                    Photography: Alisha Marie Photography
                                    Catering: Main Street Cafe

                                      The bride was gluten intolerant so instead of cake, they had a gluten-free wedding pie. Even if you and your partner don't have a food allergy, we suggest having one or two allergen-free dessert options so everyone can enjoy a tasty treat.

                                      19. Pecan Pie With A Couple's Initials

                                      Pecan pie featuring couples' initials.
                                      Photography: Sarah Bradshaw Photography,
                                      Catering: Pie Sisters

                                        We love discovering new ways couples are personalizing their wedding. This pecan pie with sugary pie crust shaped into the couple's initials on top is truly precious.

                                        20. Savory Quiche at Minimony

                                          The happy couple eloped at home and had a few foods to snack on, which included a homemade quiche. If you're having a small celebration like a minimony, don't hesitate to make some of your food if you love cooking and have the time.

                                          21. Wedding Pie With Floral Decorations

                                            If you love the flowers you might often see adorning wedding cakes, incorporate your favorite blooms onto your wedding pie. The white roses and other flowers make this pie look elegant and delicate.

                                            Wedding Pie Table Ideas

                                            Instead of one tiered cake, a display of multiple pies works just as well. By opting for separate pies, you can pick numerous flavors that don't have to live together in one confection, and guests can select their favorites.

                                            22. Wedding Pies on a White Rustic Table

                                            Stylish dessert table at a rustic wedding celebration.
                                            Photography: Emma Freeman Photography,Catering: Salty Tart

                                              For couples having a rustic wedding, try to find a vintage-looking table, as this couple did. We love how the wooden pie stands fit with the wedding theme too.

                                              23. Preppy-Themed Wedding Pie Table

                                                At this preppy wedding, the couple offered individual wedding pies at the reception. The pie dishes were the bride's favorite colors, and the tablecloth had a playful leaf motif printed on it.

                                                24. Bohemian Wedding Pie Table

                                                Bohemian dessert table featuring pies, cakes, and more.
                                                Photography: Lucky Malone Photography,
                                                Catering: The Yellow Carrot

                                                  Held in the scenic Colorado mountains, the couple perfectly executed the bohemian-rustic vibe they wanted for their wedding. Instead of cake, they had a wedding pie table decorated with wood stands and mismatched blooms.

                                                  25. Nature-Themed Wedding Pie Table

                                                  Outdoor dessert table featuring pies and floral bouquets.
                                                  Photography: Nemus Photography
                                                  Catering: Levi's Pies

                                                    To adhere to the nature theme, the couple had their wedding pie table decorated with rocks, flowers, pinecones, moss and wood. They had four different types of pie: turtle, lemon, Dutch apple and berry.

                                                    26. Vintage Style Wedding Pie Table

                                                      The bride and groom incorporated charming vintage touches into their spring wedding. Wooden crates, old food tins and antique scales were used as stands for their wedding pies, freshly baked by the bride and her family.

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