20 Self-Care Gifts for Couples to Help Them Unwind and Destress

From practical to pampering, these self-care gifts will be well loved by any couple.
Self care for couples products
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Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Nov 28, 2023
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Sometimes, it feels like life never slows down. With endless to-do lists and errands, self-care sometimes becomes deprioritized. But no one can run on an empty tank, and self-care doesn't have to be solitary—it's something couples can enjoy together. Self-care gifts for couples are practical, useful and downright luxurious (aka they have a trifecta of prime present properties).

From pampering spa experiences to goodies that promote much-needed muscle recovery, enjoying self-care is a great way for couples to unwind and enjoy a little bonding time. The gift of R&R will always go far. Of course, shopping for gifts for couples can feel difficult. Buying for two is a lot harder than buying for one. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the best self-care products that couples can enjoy together. Let the stress relief begin.

1. Body Care Gift Set

Self care lotion gift set
Photo: Fresh

Give the gift of luxurious scents and a relaxing evening routine. A bundle with body care products like lotion, shower gel and hand cream can easily be shared by the couple to always feel fresh and pampered. This set's key ingredients help soothe, comfort and strengthen the skin.

2. Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases for the best self care gifts
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

Self-care while sleeping sounds like a great bang for a buck. Silk pillowcases help with skin hydration and radiance as well as hair health. Plus, they just look and feel luxurious. Buy two to make a set that's perfect for any couple in your life.

3. Tea for Two

Tea gift set for the best self care
Photo: Sips by

After a long day, a hot cup of tea hits the spot. With this set of four self-care-themed tea varieties, your favorite couple can unwind and relax together on the couch and try out some new tea flavors. Tea lovers will enjoy this gift so much, they'll be excited to get the par-tea started. Pair the set with THE CUTEST couples kissing mugs and you're golden.

4. Weighted Blanket

best self care gift is a weighted blanket
Photo: Brooklinen

Many find that the heavy comfort of a weighted blanket soothes anxiety and calms the mind. At twelve pounds, this weighted blanket is heavy enough to provide that cozy feeling, but light enough to carry around the house. Lightweight cotton helps the blanket feel breathable, so the pair can get cozy without overheating. We're sure many couples would love to curl up together under this blanket on any cold or stressful night.

5. Shower Steamers

cozy shower steamers from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Long, hot showers get leveled up with these shower steamers. Once placed on the shower floor, the shower steamer will fill the room with a soothing and refreshing scent—be it lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass or grapefruit. With options to choose between a set of five or a set of 12, the spa vibes will go on for days.

6. Massage Candle

Cozy candle self care gift
Photo: Sephora

Massage candles are candles with a low melting temperature that dissolve into a silky, sexy body oil. They can be poured on the skin to add a little something special to a couples massage. The pair will enjoy this intimate and relaxing opportunity to unwind together and, as a bonus, they leave skin feeling soft and moisturized.

7. Journal For Two

Do one thing together every day with the journal gift
Photo: Amazon

As couples, it's easy to fall into the same routine every day. The Do One Thing Every Day Together journal for two includes a journaling prompt for the couple to complete together every day of the year. These prompts can help the couple get deep, reflect on their days together and spark fun and unique conversations on a regular basis. Especially if the duo is suffering from the postwedding blues, this couples stress relief gift will give them a fun activity to look forward to every day.

8. Flower Subscription

floral arrangement subscription for the best self care gift
Photo: BloomsyBox

With this subscription service, fresh blooms are delivered to their doorstep every month. Flowers can brighten anyone's mood with their bright colors and fresh scents, and many find having a little piece of nature around is an instant mood brightener. Pick how long you want the subscription to be and let the joy come monthly.

9. Massage Gun

Give the gift of a massage this holiday season
Photo: Therabody

Percussive massage guns hit muscles with repeating beats to help work out knots and relieve tension. Help the couples in your life unwind and recover from workouts or stress with one of these handy gadgets. They can use it together to tackle hard-to-reach areas and spend quality time discussing their days together each night.

10. Evening Self-Care Gift Set

Evening Self-Care Gift Set
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Lavender scents help everyone unwind at night and prepare for sleep, which is essential for mental health and wellbeing. This set comes with lavender-scented soap, shower steamers and therapy dough (like a squishy stress ball) for the ultimate evening self-care routine. It also includes daily affirmation cards to help bolster confidence. Each night, the couple can share these products and practice affirmations together.

11. Couples Painting Class

Couples painting class for the best self care gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Self-care can also come in the form of a relaxing and fun experience together. Help them enjoy quality time and make happy memories with a painting class. They'll paint each other's portraits in this virtual, instructor-led live session. Everything they need for materials can be shipped in advance, all they need to do is log on.

12. Workout Recovery Set

Working out gifts for the best self care
Photo: Amazon

Maybe you're shopping for a very active couple, be it because they work on their feet or because they're always hitting the gym. Either way, recovery is essential. Foam rollers, massage balls and stretching straps can all help release tight muscles and increase flexibility, and this gift set brings them all together for the ultimate muscle recovery experience.

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser self care gift
Photo: Alo Yoga

Aromatherapy boasts many proven benefits, from using lavender scents to promote sleep to using citrus notes to wake up and energize. A diffuser fills the home with whatever scent is needed that day. Gift your couple a transformed space and clear minds with this cool relaxation gift for couples and, to level up your present, include a few essential oils, too.

14. Streaming Service Gift Card

Streaming Service Gift Card
Photo: Target

After a stressful day, sometimes the only form of self-care that hits the spot is vegging out on the couch with a favorite comfort show. Gift cards to streaming services make easy gifts for couples, especially since many can be sent as digital gift cards. If you're gifting from afar, you can be confident any couple will love this option.

15. Mindfulness Card Set

Mindfullness cards for the best self care gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Practicing mindfulness helps clear away unwanted thoughts and helps folks stay present. A good couples activity might be picking cards together each day and spending a few minutes meditating on the pulled affirmation and practicing mindfulness together. This set of cards includes mindfulness prompts in four categories: rest and balance; curiosity and joy; insight and awareness; and kindness. No matter what their minds are buzzing with, they can reset together with these cards.

16. Happy Light

happy light for the best self care gift
Photo: Amazon

When the days get shorter, seasonal depression can trickle in. It's natural to feel a bit down when it's dark. Light therapy boosts moods the same way sunshine does, making it a perfect gift during the cold winter months. The couple can keep this small happy light in a shared space and, with one touch, soak up some LED rays to recharge and feel a little bit more, well, light!

17. Meals Taken Off Their Plate

Daily Harvest for the best self care gift
Photo: Daily Harvest

Self-care is more than just spa nights and unwinding at home. It can also mean nourishing one's body with good-for-you ingredients. A gift card for a monthly subscription to healthy foods, from smoothies to soups, can help the couple feel energized and less pressed for time (because prepping three meals a day is a lot of work). They can pick out the dishes that sound best to them and receive monthly boxes with this online gift card.

18. Relationship Journal

Relationship journal self care gift
Photo: BestSelf Co.

This 13-week journal comes structured with prompts for the couple to complete every seven days to help them reflect on their past, dig deeper into their relationship, set goals together and more. Complete with an online companion course, couples can truly transform their relationship and better themselves together. A fragrant candle, hot tea and this relationship journal all together make the perfect self-care present for couples.

19. Set of Water Bottles

set of YETI water bottles for the best self care
Photo: The Knot

Nothing says self-care like hydration. After all, water is the elixir of life. Remembering to drink water throughout the day isn't easy, but a portable water bottle can help motivate even the most dehydrated people to take a quick sip. A set of two water bottles from beloved brand YETI is an easy gift any couple can get plenty of use out of.

20. Sunshine in a Box

a box of sunshine self care gift
Photo: Unboxme

A little sunshine can brighten anyone's day. While you can't actually put golden rays in a box, you can send this gift set. All of the stress relief products in this set are curated to bring a little brightness and quality self-care into your giftees' lives. The couple can share the bananas foster chocolate, brew cups of tea and each use one of the honey face masks for a relaxing spa gift for couples.

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