DIY Wedding Ideas: 7 Sweet Wedding Signs

  1. Handwritten Wedding Sign

    Perfect for outdoor weddings, a rustic, handwritten wedding sign is a super-simple DIY project for even the least crafty bride.
  2. Vintage Word Play Wedding Sign

    The vintage lettering on this photo booth sign gives a subtle nod to a bygone era and fits perfectly with the black-and-white photo theme.
  3. Carved Wooden Wedding Sign

    A hand-carved wooden sign is undone without looking messy -- especially when done in a flowing cursive script!
  4. Letter Banner Wedding Sign

    Reminiscent of the “Happy Birthday” signs your mom made you as a kid, letter banner signs receive a grown-up treatment with vintage patterns and 3-D details.
  5. Favor Wedding Signs

    Wedding signs can be used for more than simply pointing the way. Follow this couple's lead and use a sign to complete your favor display -- guests will appreciate the friendly reminder!
  6. Welcome Wedding Sign

    Welcome guests to your reception with a bold, oversize sign. Fun textures and bright pops of color can also help your sign stand out.
  7. Photo by Susan Gaetz

    Creatively Shaped Wedding Signs

    Let your wedding venue shine by incorporating signage that fits the locale. Create signs on wagon wheels for a barn wedding, large shovels for a garden wedding, or embrace a waterfront wedding with a kitschy fish sign.